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If you prefer to have your own copy of movies rather than relying on streaming services, you need to know about the best download sites for movies.

In this article, we’re only going to look at direct download sites; we won’t include the best torrent sites or Usenet providers.

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1. MovieFiles

moviefilesmoviefilesOur favorite direct download site at the moment is MovieFiles. It hosts hundreds of the latest movies that you can download for free.

New releases in theaters are added quickly. At the time of writing in mid-2020, you can already download Sonic, The Grudge, All the Bright Places, and many other 2020 titles.

All the files on MovieFiles are hosted on Google Drive.

2. Hevcbay

One of the reasons a lot of people prefer to stream rather than download is due to the file sizes. It’s not uncommon to see 4K movies run to more than 60GB on some direct download sites.

Hevcbay has a solution. All the movies on the site are x265 re-encodes, meaning the sizes rarely exceed 500MB.

Plenty of recent movies are available, as are all the older classics.

3. x265Movies

x265x265If you can’t find the movie you’re looking for on Hevcbay, trying looking on x265Movies instead. As the name suggests, all the films on the platform have also been re-encoded in x265.

The movies are subdivided into 1080p Blu-ray movies, 720p Blu-ray movies, and 720p Web-DL movies.

4. HDEncode

HDEncode is one of the few movie download sites that offers UltraHD 2160p videos (though most of the content is still in 1080p).

You can use the site to download the latest movies and TV series. Make sure you use the extensive filters on the right-hand side of the page if you’re looking for something specific.

5. PSARips

psaripspsaripsAnother of the best download sites for movies is PSARips. The download process is a little convoluted (make sure you check the guide on PSARips homepage), but the website can provide free copies of many of the top films from the last few years.

PSARips is blocked in some countries. Use a VPN or a proxy if you cannot access the site.

6. RapidMoviez

RapidMoviez is fairly unique in the world of direct download sites. In addition to downloading the content you want, you can also stream movies directly on the RapidMoviez website. It is one of many noteworthy Flixtor alternatives.

It’s not uncommon to see more than 10,000 new download links posted on the site every month.


20220817084850 62fcab72aeacd20220817084850 62fcab72aeacdWe like TFPDL for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the few download sites that offers a complete selection of Japanese anime shows. Secondly, we love the section dedicated to Oscar winners. It makes it easy to watch the latest winners after every edition. And lastly, the PC games and software sections mean you can get your hands on more than just video files.

8. MegaDDL

20220817084903 62fcab7f7a42720220817084903 62fcab7f7a427MegaDDL isn’t the prettiest website you’ll see, but it gets the job done. When you navigate to the homepage, you’ll see recent movies listed for download. Click into the movie’s individual listing, and you’ll see able to see the IMDb info, watch the trailer, and download the film for free.

Most of the content on MegaDDL is hosted on Google Drive, but you’ll see links for other services where available.

Some of the recent movies available for free include Blush, Bad Boys for Life, and David vs. Goliath. TV shows are also available for download, and there’s even some free education courses for Udemy and more.

9. GDriveDL

GDriveDL only offers direct download links for movies from Google Drive.

The site is definitely easier to use than MegaDDL. In addition to artwork and plot lines, you can also see a detailed breakdown of each file, including which audio and subtitle tracks are included, bit rates, file size, video quality, and more.

We also like GDriveDL’s comments section. The messages from other users help to identify whether a movie is complete and virus-free before downloading.

10. DDLValley

ddlvalleyddlvalleyThe biggest strength of DDLValley is the site’s breakdown of all the movies on the site by the video quality.

In total, more than 15 categories available, starting from CAM and going all the way up to 2160p Bluray.

With 5,500 films, the most popular category is WEB-DL. There are 2,700 BDRips, 3,700 720p Bluray movies, and 2,000 DVD rips.

11. Snahp

Snahp doesn’t only provide free movie download links. You will also find free TV shows, subtitle files, anime, audiobooks, ebooks, and even music files.

Sometimes, Snahp might prompt you for a password when clicking on a download link. The password is snahp.it.

Learn More About Download Sites

If you cannot find the movie you’re looking for on the sites we’ve recommended, make sure you also check out the best sites for downloading movies and the best sites for downloading TV shows.

You could also try using a Kodi addon to stream movies and TV, or you could even pair a Usenet indexer with a Usenet provider.

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