12 Best IPTV App for Samsung Smart TV [Updated October 2022]

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Best IPTV for Samsung TV: Instead of fiber-optic cables, satellite dishes, or antennas, over the internet IPTV entails users receiving television programs. Basically, over the internet Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) streams video content. Though the delivery of the online video platform is different from the IPTV content.

The online video platform is OTT services like Netflix or Youtube share many of their inconvenience. Subsequently, watch live broadcasts and on the subscription-based model, it allows users to access video-on-demand content. IPTV stores content on its server. At will to request to view programs IPTV gives the users the freedom.

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12 Best IPTV App for Samsung Smart TV

Firstly the term IPTV is increasingly popular because most people are watching TV online. Over the internet, technology allows you to watch TV. From any device, technology takes advantage of the TCP or IP protocol to allow watching TV channels and send videos from any device connected to the internet. Here are some best IPTV app to watch internet TV from our Samsung TV and they are

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#1. Smart IPTV


#3. GSE Smart IPTV

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#4. IPTV Smarters Pro

#5. VLC


#7. Perfect Player IPTV

#8. OTT Player

#9. Elite IPTV

#10. IPTV Extreme 

#11. XCIPTV Player

#12. IPTV Pro

IPTV for Samsung Smart TVIPTV for Samsung Smart TV

12 Best IPTV for Samsung Smart TV

Smart IPTV:

On the Samsung App Store, Smart IPTV or SipTV is available and you can download it easily. It is the best and first application on the Samsung TV. On your Samsung TV Smart IPTV app helps in turn on IPTV. This app Smart IPTV does not have any channels to load. Manually you must add your M3u list. Generally, all kind of Samsung TV from F / H / J / K / M / Q series TVs supports the app. This app works light fastening on the Samsung TV.

On June 29, 2019, it has its last update and the version is 2.1.40. In the playlist discard the embedded logos while loading the playlist considers using the disabled logos if you feel the app performance is slow.


SS IPTV is the second app on the Samsung TV and it is the most popular app. On TV it is the best application. Through the internet or in the LAN for video Playback SS IPTV is free and has multi-purpose applications. Generally, with the range of services, the application is integrated.

Features of SS IPTV:

#1. To the content of partnered operators, it has simple access.

#2. The most widespread formats (pls, m3u, ASX, xspf) are using the playlists.

#3. It has parental controls.

#4. In desired time, for automatic changing channels the time markers in the TV guide.

#5. It has flexible appearance adjustment.

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Generally, for watching internet TV, one of the most prominent IPTV clients is GSE Smart IPTV. Also, it has 5 Million installations. Subsequently, it offers various customization skins, Chromecast, dynamic language switching, automatic reconnection, and subtitle support and the player supports 5 streaming formats and 45 video formats. In addition, if we are a first user it has a fairly to use interface.

Features of GSE Smart IPTV:

#1. GSE Smart IPTV player supports Chromecast.

#2. Also, it supports XTREAM-Codes API.

#3. It connects Live Streaming automatically.

#4. Subsequently, you can set up parental control.

#5. For dynamic language switching (31 languages) there is an option in it.

#6. Including the RTMP all forms of videos are supported by the player.

#7. To stream videos online supports formats like RTSP, HTTP, MMS, HSL, and M3U8.

IPTV Smarters Pro:

By the Android community, it is one of the most complete and best values IPTV clients. Using the Internet web addresses and M3U files we can play live Television using this free application. It allows establishing incorporates subtitles, parental control, supports EPG, and offers integration with other external players. It is a compatible app with mobile phones, tablets, and Android TV.

Features of IPTV Smarters Pro:

#1. It has native player support.

#2. Also, it has multiuser, Multi DNS, EPG, and Multiscreen support.

#3. It can be configured with the IPTV panel and can be customized with the LOGO.

#4. Generally, it has recording features.

#5. Also, it has parental control.

#6. It shows the movie info like Casting from the latest API Platform, Movie name,  Movie Description, and ratings.


VLC is one of the best Open-source, multimedia players, and multiplatform. Generally, the truth is for decades they have been at the bottom of the canyon. Also, Android supports the IPTV protocols for the Videolan application. To watch on the mobile select the Broadcast button and type the URL of the television channel.

Features of VLC:

#1. Creating Audio and video effects.

#2. Basically, it records your desktop.

#3. The VLC media player can convert video files.

#4. Generally, it can stream media over the Internet or Network.

#5. Then, you can safely download Youtube videos and play.

#6. No additional ripping DVD software is required.

#7. It works as a powerful podcast manager when you subscribe to Podcast.

#8. Similarly, you can on the video you can add a watermark.

#9. Also, you can take Snapchat.

#10. For your desktop, you can create a video wallpaper.


On Android devices, the Lightweight IPTV client will be in the internal memory it will not take much space. Moreover, it has no pre-installed video or playlist as of the other applications. The Player will do the rest when we add the URL of the IPTV link. This application is the best for watching YouTube videos, Live TV, movies, and much more. Also, as well as Internet radio playback LAZY IPTV supports YouTube links, HTTP / HTTPS, M3U files, and UDP. Moreover, it incorporates various customization topics and parental control modules.


#1. Directly from the internet or from the local storage you can add m3u playlists.

#2. Then, it also streams UDP streams and HTTP.

#3. Generally, for streaming, you can add VK video and Youtube links.

#4. This player allows the users to listen to the internet radio playback as it contains a built-in audio player.

#5. Generally, it stores the history you have watched.

#6. Also, it has parental control.

#7. It allows you to export favorites and playlists into many files format.

#8. It has auto-updates the added playlists.

#9. Generally, it has the option to customize the playlist view.

#10. Overall, it has different color themes available.

Perfect Player IPTV:

It offers a large set of features that we cannot ignore. Generally, it supports local video playback and has the remote control via Perfect Cast IPTV. This app is also compatible with JTV and EPG XMLTV formats. Also, it supports local video playback.

Features of Perfect Player IPTV:

#1. Generally, Perfect Player IPTV is easy to set up.

#2. It works with IPTV providers that support EPG and playlists.

#3. Also, it supports EPG formats and multiple playlists.

#4. It supports UDP to HTTP Proxy server.

#5. Perfect Player IPTV is free to use and download.

OTT Player:

In simple words, OTT Player provides one-stop access to all your favorite online TV apps. In addition to adding online apps, the OTT Player app also lets you watch your favorite shows by adding an m3u playlist. This app also supports various protocols like HLS, RTSP, TS by UDP, RTMP. You can get this amazing IPTV on various devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TV, and even on compatible set-top boxes.

In order to get started with this app, initially, you have to get an m3u playlist from your ISP ( Internet Service Provider).

Features of OTT Player:

#1. The app is under centralized control via the website.

#2. Supports various video formats and protocols.

#3. Easily manageable user interface.

#4. No ads.

#5. Compatible on multiple devices.

#6. Entirely free to use.

Elite IPTV:

Indeed, Elite IPTV is one of the subscription-based services on our list. It is very affordable and it provides you with more than you pay for. Significantly, it is the best suitable IPTV for Samsung TV.  Seemingly, Elite IPTV is an official app that is available on multiple devices like Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and much more. Furtherly, the Elite IPTV player lets you watch live TV, VODs, live channels, and ultra HD video streaming.

The creative and interactive user interface suits all your devices. In addition, the built-in video player is efficient in the external video playing too. Ultimately, it provides you with a free trial period to get an overview of the service.

Features of Elite IPTV:

#1. 5 different and value for money subscription plans.

#2. It also includes a free subscription plan with commercials.

#3. As the app includes a built-in EPG option you can stay updated with the upcoming programs.

#4. This user-friendly app features an integrated parental control feature too.

IPTV Extreme:

IPTV Extreme is the next app that is indeed suitable for Android devices and smart TVs. So you can take it as the best IPTV for Samsung TV. Seemingly, the IPTV Extreme app does not include any content by native. So, you have to enter your own playlist to watch the content you wish.

On the other hand, the IPTV Extreme app provides you with a lot of options. And this is one of the best IPTVs for those who love to have a personalized experience. Apart from the built-in Parental control and remote controller options, this app also features integrated Chromecast functionality.

Features of IPTV Extreme:

#1. Compatible with multiple devices, including Samsung TV.

#2. Integrated video player and Chromecast facility.

#3. Backup/Restore option to safeguard your data.

#4. You can record your favorite shows and change the app’s appearance with the built-in ten themes.

#5. Multiple EPG support and auto EPG update option.

XCIPTV Player:

XCIPTV Player is one of the best IPTV and media players for most Android devices and smart TVs. The XCIPTV Player is abbreviated as Xtreme Codes Player. In ought to the previous statement, this app supports configurable m3u playlist and EPG support for compatible API. Unlike the other IPTV players, the XCIPTV Player comes with dual built-in media players with adaptive HLS streaming functionality.

But what’s common with this app is that it does not endorse any native content. Users have to feed the app with their own m3u playlist obtained from their ISP.

Features of XCIPTV Player:

#1. Built-in powerful media players.

#2. EPG support for the Xtreme Codes compatible playlists.

#3. Simple and professional app user interface.

#4. Sync your data across multiple devices.

#5. Built-in VPN option.

#6. Record your favorite shows to the internal storage or external storage like DVR.


The final selection of IPTV in our list is the IPTV Pro. It is another paid service that is available for Samsung TV. Indeed, the IPTV Pro service also includes a freemium plan that includes ads. Similar to other apps, this respective app does not own any content. Instead, the users have to insert the m3u URL to get a playlist. It is one of the fastest and most reliable IPTV players with support for both m3u and XSPF file types. In addition, the built-in EPG option allows you to access the upcoming programs.

Features of IPTV Pro:

#1. Supports M3U and XSPF playlist.

#2. Provides access to the playlist history.

#3. Built-in EPG support.

#4. Parental Control support.

#5. The built-in video player is functional both internally and externally.

Tivimate IPTV Player

Tivimate IPTV Player is one of the best choices to stream all your desired IPTV provider shows on the Samsung Smart TV. It offers tons of live as well as on-demand collections to its users without any limitations. Furthermore, you can access multiple playlists on your Samsung Smart TV at the same time hassle-free. 

You can access Tivimate IPTV Player features on your desired smart TV for no cost but with some restrictions. On the other hand, you can subscribe to the Tivimate IPTV Player by paying $4.99 for an annum. Otherwise, you can purchase Tivimate IPTV Player for a lifetime by spending $19.99.


Here is an essay regarding the application that supports IPTV on Samsung TV. You can try downloading this app and start using it. You can get various features with each app, so choose your desired one as well as which suits you to enjoy all your favorite IPTV collections on the big screen. 

We hope this article will share all the necessary information to find the best IPTV app for your Samsung Smart TV. If you want to get more interesting reports about this modern technology, keep following our website without skipping. 

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