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3 Best Curated Streaming Services

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In the age of algorithms, some streaming services set themselves apart by relying on good old human curation. At agoodmovietowatch, we try to curate for other streaming services, but we also completely understand if you prefer to subscribe to an entirely handpicked platform. 

There are only three major curated streaming services: Mubi, Criterion, and Topic.  Each service offers unique benefits to its users while still maintaining a quality library of films. These are the best curated movie streaming services.

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Price: $10.99 per month

Free Trial: 30 days

Device availability: Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, LG TV, Roku, Samsung TV

Go to Mubi


Topic is owned by First Look Media, an American media organization established by eBay founder and entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar in 2013. Four years after launching, First Look launched Topic Studios, the film production and distribution service, followed by the Topic streaming service in November 2019.

Price: $5.99 per month

Free Trial: 7 days

Device availability: Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, iOS, Roku

Go to Topic

Criterion Channel

Price: $10.99 per month

Device availability: Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, iOS, Roku, Samsung TV, Xbox

Go to Criterion Channel

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The streaming services on this page were chosen by our editors. If you choose to subscribe to a streaming service we recommend as a result of our research, analysis, and curation, our work is sometimes (but not always) supported by an affiliate commission from the streaming service when you make a purchase.

That’s all from us for the 3 Best Curated Streaming Services!

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