7 Best IPTV Player for Firestick to Use in 2022 [Top Free and Paid]

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Best IPTV Player for Firestick: Move on with the trend to be happy at the end. Similarly, you have to upgrade your home with the latest streaming devices and services.

Seemingly this respective upgrade is essential to watch trending content with high quality. When it comes to online streaming, IPTVs rule over the internet. If you are wondering what is IPTV, this content is for you people. Most of us have started using smart TVs and online streaming services. But how many of you are aware of IPTVs and IPTV players? Well, IPTV players are life savers if you have many IPTV subscriptions.

Instead of providing exclusive content, IPTV players help you to manage IPTVs on your streaming device. If that sounds interesting, read the complete article to find the best IPTV player for your Firestick.

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Best IPTV Player for Firestick

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In simple words, IPTV players are nothing but any app or services that help you to play channels from your IPTV subscription. The main thing to note with these IPTV players is that these are just players and do not provide any content to stream. So, you must have an IPTV subscription with M3U URL support to sync and play with the below given IPTV players.

Best IPTV Player for FirestickBest IPTV Player for Firestick

Best IPTV Player for Firestick

With that being said, here we jump into the list of best IPTV Players to use on your Amazon Firestick.

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  • TiviMate IPTV
  • IPTV Smarters 
  • Flix IPTV
  • Kodi
  • Perfect Player IPTV
  • GSE Smart IPTV

TiviMate IPTV

For obvious reasons, the TiviMate IPTV player stands first in our IPTV player lineup. Seemingly, it gets you a vast array of features with a simplified pricing package. This app is compatible and available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, smart TV, Firestick, and much more. In addition, the TiviMate IPTV supports most media formats like M3U URL, Xtreme Codes API, and web portal login.

It also includes various features like EPG support, reminders, favorites, data backup, parental control, and much more. But the above-given features are available only with the premium subscription package of $10. With a modern user interface, TiviMate IPTV Player is one of the best apps to install on your Firestick. Use the following link to Install TiviMate Player on Firestick.

IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters is another best-in-class IPTV Player that occupies second place in this lineup. This respective app is also known as Smarters Pro. Unlike the other IPTVs, the IPTV Smarters Pro has the best built-in video player. Indeed, the built-in video streaming player works in a fabulous way that you can watch live, VOD, and much more without any interruption.

Talking about the compatible devices, the IPTV Smarters Pro app is available for Android, iOS, Firestick, and much more. Furthermore, this app allows you to use 4 different profiles simultaneously on four compatible devices. The main point to note is that the Smarters Pro does not provide any original content. Indeed, you have to sign in with your IPTV provider to access the media content.


The main reason to mention Flix IPTV is its advantage on compatibility. Yes, the Flix IPTV app is available and compatible on most popular platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and much more. Furthermore, the Flix app supports various media formats like M3U URL, API, and much more. In addition, the respective app includes multiple features like Parental Controls, Changing themes, and an amazing app with a beautiful interface.

More than the device compatibility, the built-in video player is the highlighting feature in this app. Seemingly, it provides you with various options like subtitles, video details, and much more. Coming to the subscription details, Flix offers a one-week free trial period. Once after the trial period, you can subscribe to the premium package for $9. 


Kodi is a well-known media player by the XBMC foundation. It is an open-source and free media player that is available for multiple operating systems. Furthermore, as it is built on a 10-foot user interface, you can use it on televisions and remote control devices. Seemingly you can stream online content by adding various add-ons that are legally available inside the app.

For example, you can add any IPTV subsidiary that supports M3U URL and EPG URL. In case your device does not support the IPTV players mentioned above, you can confidently try the Kodi app on your Firestick. Furthermore, you can install the Kodi app on various platforms like smartphones, smart TV, Firestick, Windows, PC, and much more.

Perfect Player IPTV

Perfect Player IPTV is another Best IPTV Player for Firestick. In simple words, it is the best choice to manage your IPTV subscriptions in a single place. Indeed, the respective app has a clean and modern user interface, making it more comfortable navigating the options. However, similar to other IPTV players, this app, too, does not have any content by built-in.

Log in with your IPTV subscription to stream the content of your wish. It supports multiple media formats like M3U URL, XSPF, EPG, JTV, and much more.  Furthermore, you can install it on various devices like Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire OS devices. In addition, you can also consider installing MX Player on Firestick.


GSE Smart IPTV is a powerful IPTV player that provides a completely refined user interface. Its powerful media player supports various media formats like M3U, JSON, and Database Playlist formats. In addition to that, this app also allows you to access local M3U playlists, remote playlists, hidden files, and much more with ease. Indeed, the playlist manager on the app lets you manage all the IPTVs in order.

Additionally, you can download your favorite playlist and add them to the Favorite Playlist section. Furtherly, GSE Smart IPTV is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Amazon Firestick. 


SS IPTV stands last in our list as it lacks in the main part. That is the user interface. Comparing to other IPTV players mentioned above, SS IPTV does not have a modern and refined user interface. But SS IPTV has another highlighting feature that you don’t need an M3U URL or playlist separately to watch the shows. Indeed, SS IPTV has partnerships with certain IPTV Providers.

As a result, most of the popular IPTVs and playlists are included with the SS IPTV application. In addition to that, the SS IPTV app supports various languages, themes, add-ons, parental controls, and much more. Furtherly, the respective IPTV Player is available on multiple devices like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, smart TV, And Fires OS devices.


Finally, here is the list of best IPTV Players for Firestick. The IPTV players mentioned above are the best in class and provide you with a quality streaming experience. However, you need an IPTV subscription to log in with the IPTV Player app. Then, you can choose the IPTV player by features, price, or anything with the help of the above-given guide.

I hope the above post will be helpful and satisfactory in choosing the best IPTV player for your Firestick. Thank you for sharing your quality time with us throughout our article. Have a pleasant day.

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