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If you know where to look, you can find a long list of Kodi addons that allow you to stream free movies-on-demand.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; here are the best Kodi movie addons you can use in 2020.

1. Exodus Redux

A spinoff of the hugely-popular-but-now-defunct Exodus addon, Exodus Redux uses open scrapers to search for links. You’ll find a solid mix of new releases and older classics in the library.

Although the addon itself doesn’t see regular updates anymore, the fact it now relies on open scrapers (which are updated by other people) means the addon still works flawlessly for the most part.

2. YIFY Movies HD

If you download a lot of torrents, you will already be familiar with the YIFY name. It is well-regarded as one of the best torrent sites for downloading movies.

The company’s Kodi addon is a bridge between the torrent platform and the Kodi app. It allows you to stream movies from the torrent site in real-time—i.e.; you don’t first need to download the entire torrent onto your computer.

Remember, this will still look like torrent traffic to your ISP, so it’s wise to use a VPN in conjunction in the addon if you live in a place where using torrents could land you in trouble.

3. T2K 1 Click Movie Addon

T2K 1 Click Movie Addon earns its place on the list thanks to its speed. There are very few movie addons that load videos as quick as this addon can.

The addon is also popular for its “one-click” nature. If you’re not familiar with Kodi lingo, that means you can begin playback with a single click—you do not need to hunt through a list of links for each movie you want to watch.

4. Venom

Venom is an addon that focuses on both movies and TV shows. You’ll be able to find the latest films of 2020 for free, along with all the newest episodes from the most popular TV shows of the moment.

Like T2K 1 Click Movie Addon, you won’t need to go hunting through a list of links if you don’t want to—the app has an auto-play feature that will automatically select the most high-quality video source on your behalf.

The Venom addon is not as good for people who want to watch older or niche content.

5. FEN

Another new Kodi movie addon is FEN. It’s fast, lightweight, and offers a good number of free movies for you to stream, including many of the best films from 2019 and 2020.

We also like FEN for how often new content is added. If you’ve ever used Kodi movie addons, you’ll know the list of content can become stale if the developer does not work to keep scrapers and sources up-to-date.

6. The Magic Dragon

If you’re looking for a massive library, check out The Magic Dragon. It has a huge list of movies, but you will also find TV shows, documentaries, concerts, international content, and more.

The Magic Dragon is actually a repacked version of the once-popular The Dogs Bollocks addon. Sadly, The Dogs Bollocks is less reliable today than it was 12 months ago, so we’d recommend using this fork instead.

7. IT

IT is a rebrand of another formerly popular addon, 13Clowns. It has Real-Debrid integration, Trakt integration, and a long list of movies for you to dig into.

You should definitely check out IT if you want to stream kids’ movies on Kodi—it has an extensive library of content for youngsters.

8. I am Ego

Our final pick is I am Ego. It has movies in 1080p quality, which is less common than you might think in the murky world of Kodi film addons.

720p and SD films are also available for people low on bandwidth, but they are clearly marked and easy to identify.

I am Ego also has plenty of TV shows that you can stream on Kodi.

What About Live TV on Kodi?

These eight addons should cover your needs from a movie standpoint, but what about live TV?

Fortunately for you, we’ve written about the best live TV addons for Kodi and the best IPTV services for all plaforms. Check out the articles to learn more.

If Kodi still isn’t working out for you, try one of the many Kodi alternatives before you give up.

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