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One of the best ways to download TV shows—both current and old—is to use direct download sites.

Unlike torrents, your web traffic will not standout to an ISP or government authority, thus considerably reducing the risks associated with using the services.

But which are the best direct download sites for TV shows? Keep reading to learn more.

1. TVShows Club

20220817084103 62fca99fbaaf020220817084103 62fca99fbaaf0TVShows Club has an extensive library of free TV shows for you to download. The site is a breeze to use, with different layouts, artwork, and episode titles, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Make sure you also check out the TV Channels link at the top of the page; it lists many of the most popular UK and US networks. Click on the thumbnail, and you’ll see a list of the series produced by the respective network. The feature is super useful for anyone who loves content from a particular channel or broadcaster.

All the downloads on TVShows Club are hosted on either Keep2Share, Publish2, or Tezfiles.

2. PSARips

PSARips is not as professionally styled as TVShows Club, but the amount of TV shows available for download on the site is just as impressive.

However, the real defining feature of PSARips is the tiny file sizes. They use the x265 codec on all their downloads, meaning entire seasons of your favorite TV shows can be download for just a couple of gigabytes.

Be aware that PSARips might be geo-blocked in your country. If that’s the case, you’ll need to use a VPN to access it. Free VPNs aren’t recommended. If you insist on using one, make sure you only use it for watching videos and nothing more.

3. Grab the Beast

grab the beastgrab the beastGrab the Beast is another slick site for downloading TV shows. It displays content in a Netflix-like way, with scrolling album artwork and lists of recent and popular shows for you to explore.

Some of the TV shows you can download on Grab the Beast include Homeland, Ozark, Bosch, and Killing Eve.

4. TVseriesPage

We love TVseriesPage for the way it breaks down the content by country. American shows, British TV shows, Canadian shows, and Australian TV shows all have their own category.

The results under each country automatically sort themselves into alphabetical order, with the number of videos available displayed in brackets alongside each show or network’s entry.

Some of the shows available for download include The Walking Dead, Star Trek Picard, American Housewife, and SWAT.

5. Release BB

release bbrelease bbRelease BB is another that’s not particularly user-friendly, but which harbors a large amount of TV series if you can navigate through the endless categories. The videos are hosted on UploadGig, NitroFlare, and RapidGator.

In addition to TV series, you can also use Release BB to find direct download links for premium apps and games. Use the sidebar to navigate to the type of content you’re looking for.

6. TodayTVSeries

TodayTVSeries offers direct download links for TV shows and movies. Very few episodes of the biggest shows are unavailable, and there’s also a large amount of content from older and niche series.

Unfortunately, many of the videos on TodayTVSeries are only available in 480p. It’s watchable, of course, but if you enjoy watching HD TV series in all their glory, try one of the other sites on the list.

7. GDriveDL

gdrivedlgdrivedlWe discussed GDriveDL when we rounded up some of the best direct download sites for movies, but the site makes our list of best sites for downloading TV shows too.

Navigation is not as easy as on some other sites. You are going to have to rely on the search feature to find the series you’re looking for—there aren’t “top lists” or any other features to help you discover new content.

8. SceneP2P

SceneP2P is one of the sites with the largest selection of non-video content to download for free. You’ll find everything from Adobe products to Xbox games.

The site’s selection of TV series is smaller than the collection of movies, but there is still plenty of content to download. You’ll be able to grab downloads of the latest WWE, old British comedies, Tosh.o, This Is Us, and more.

Other Ways to Download TV Series

If you can’t find the show you’re looking for on these eight direct download sites, you could try the best torrent sites for downloading TV.

You can also try and pair a Usenet indexer with a Usenet provider; you can use them to download both TV shows and movies.

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