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Amazon Firestick no signal error: It is a powerful media streaming device. Also, it joins the rank of home entertainment streaming technologies. Amazon Fire TV Stick plugs into the TV using the HDMI Port. Then, it gives access to favorite games, TV shows, photos, movies, music, and subscription services. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a flash drive-shaped streaming device. Generally, with the thousands of streaming video channels, it is a tiny media player that turns your TV into Smart TV.

Basically, it is easy to use and set up, and to complete the setup just plugin to the Tv and use its included remote control. Basically, Amazon sells Amazon Fire TV Stick and is the best streaming video player.

How to Fix Amazon FireStick No Signal error?

Generally, No signal arises if the HDMI cables or faulty or incompatible with HDCP. Your Firestick has damage if these two are working properly. Then, for further assistance, you can call Firestick support. Here is the solution to fix the problems

#1. Might not be an HDCP complaint

#2. Replace damaged HDMI cables

#3. Check whether TV’s resolution was inadequate

#4. Check Internet connection.

#5. Reset Firestick

1. Might not be an HDCP complaint

From being distributed illegally HDCP is an anti-piracy tool that limits digital content. These features are not available in older models. Basically, you cannot use Firestick if your TV is not HDCP compliant. Then, to use a lower resolution for non-compliant set-ups HDCP uses to allow the content, and still to take advantage of the fallback mode you can use an HDMI splitter. 

2. Replace damaged HDMI cables

The other reason is might be because of the cable damage. You can see it and fix it. Also, you can try an alternate port. Generally use the certified cable. Check the port with other devices and make sure that cables are in good condition. 

3. Check whether TV’s resolution was inadequate

Generally, with the Firestick, the resolution selected could be incompatible or incorrect. Also, for the best experience select the highest resolution or auto. On your remote together press the up and rewind buttons to change the screen resolution. In menu options for resolution will be displayed and you can select the right one. 

4. Check Internet connection

If your internet connection is unstable the “No Signal” banner may show up. Here are few steps to connect your network connection

#1. From the home menu, go to settings and select the option network from the list.

#2. Then, press the pause and play button. To reconnect the device to the internet you can use features like Wi-Fi Switch. Also, you will find an option to reboot the Firestick.

#3. To the Firestick place your router close. Generally, to your router or modem plugin the Firestick directly using a compatible Ethernet adapter.

#4. Then, reboot the router or modem.

#5. Inter change the channels if you own a dual-band router.

Alternative Method

#1. Turn off your TV and disconnect the Fire Stick from the HDMI port. Also, unplug its power sources.

#2. Then, Connect it back into its power source.

#3. Finally, turn on your TV and see whether the HDMI port is in working condition, and plug the Fire Stick.

#4. On the remote press any button.

5. Reset Firestick

A factory reset is the last hope if you have tried all the above methods. The important note is that you will lose all the settings and personal data including in-app purchases. Here are few steps to reset the Fire Stick.

#1. Firstly, switch on your Tv and Fire Stick

#2. Press and hold the right side of the navigational circle and the back button for 10 sec.

#3. Then, select to continue resetting.

#4. Finally, resetting the device will take few minutes.

Alternative Method

#1. To access the home screen on your remote, press the Home key. Then choose settings.

#2. To move around on your remote use the navigational circle.

#3. Then, after scrolling through the option select My Fire TV. This will be indicated as a system or device if you have an older version of the Fire Stick.

#4. Now, choose Reset to factory defaults. If prompted enter the PIN

#5. Select Reset and this will take few minutes.

Note: While the process is going on do not unplug the devices. Or else you have to start from the beginning.


Your Firestick may be broken or damaged if the issue persevere. Then, get in touch with the Firestick support. Also, without breaking the bank it has helped millions of people with ordinary TVs to have a smart TV experience.

Firestick is the best streaming device and you can be plugging into your TV using the HDMI port. The above article helps you to fix the problem of the Amazon FireStick no signal error.

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