Amazon Prime Video Reviews, prices, catalog and free 30 days as a bonus!

Amazon is better known for its e-commerce site and its ultra-fast delivery services than for some of these other services like Amazon Prime Video. Since its creation in 1994 (and yes already more than 24 years) Amazon has released a lot of innovative and completely different services from its main sector which is the distribution of non-food products (mainly books).

Amazon has therefore diversified its offer and, for example, created the Kindle. This great reader sold at a low cost and which allows access to all the ebooks available on Amazon. But Amazon has also created a FireStick . It’s a cross between a Chromecast and an Android TV box. This TV key notably allows access to the Amazon Prime Video service . So here is my opinion on the Amazon Prime Video review and price service

Amazon Pime, what is it?

At Amazon, they are a bit like Google, they put the name of their brand in almost all their services, so it’s sometimes complicated to find your way around. To put it simply, Amazon Prime is an IPTV subscription which gives you access to all the Premium services of the Amazon site. Here’s what it includes:

  • Prime delivery: free and super fast
  • Prime Video: VOD streaming platforms
  • Prime Music: Music streaming platform (Spotify type)
  • Prime Reading: Ebook download platform
  • Amazon Photo: Unlimited cloud storage for your photos
  • Priority access to flash sales
  • Twitch Prime (equivalent to Sony’s Playstation Plus)
  • Prime Now (delivery in less than 1 hour for certain cities)

For more details, I invite you to go directly to the dedicated page of the Amazon site. There is a free 30-day trial offer at Prime Video and all without obligation!

What is Prime Video?

Amazon therefore offers a subscription for all its customers of the e-commerce site. This subscription, called Amazon Prime, allows you to have discounts , privilege offers , access to promotions before the others, and above all to have a 24- hour delivery of the products ordered!

In itself, if you often order on Amazon, the service is already interesting. But Amazon has added THE extra thing . With the advantages that I have already mentioned, Amazon provides access to a streaming service. This IPTV service offers movies, TV series and documentaries in its catalog. This add-on, included in Prime, is simply called Prime Video . (yes they did not trample on the name

Amazon Prime Video: Catalog

Available since 2006, this service has only been really interesting for one or two years. Indeed, the quantity and quality of the programs offered has made a huge leap forward in recent months (years?). Like Netflix, Amazon has also started producing its own shows. These are obviously exclusively available to Prime Video subscribers.

I take the example of one of the series that is a hit on Prime Video, it is The Boys. This series exclusive to Amazon Prime perfectly shows Amazon’s desire to provide original programs that are above all less “smooth” than those of the competition. I love this series and I put the trailer to make your mouth water. Be careful, there’s spoilers, blood, gore and many other cool things

Still like Netflix, the US catalog is more quickly updated and a little more extensive. To access all the benefits of the US catalog, you will need to activate your IPTV VPN . Amazon does not block any VPNs , so everything is available!

Important note: everything is available in French , VO, VOST,… more than twenty languages ​​are available.

The Amazon Prime video catalog has become quite substantial. Amazon does not yet have as many series as Netflix, but Amazon now has almost as many original series as its competitor. The big difference comes mainly from the fact that Netflix buys old series to complete its catalog.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV?

In order to enjoy Prime Video, just use your Amazon Prime credentials . It is exactly the same as those in the Amazon shopping area. If you are not yet a Prime customer, I invite you to create your Prime account by clicking on the button just above. This allows you to create your Prime and Prime Video IDs all at once and you’ll get 30 days free with no time commitment!

Prime Video is multi-media. That is to say that it is possible to watch his subscription on different types of devices. Of course, you can watch on your computer directly from the internet. But it is so much easier and more convenient to install the subscription on an Android box, also called an iptv box !

Premium video on android.

The Amazon Prime Video application is directly available on the Playstore. Simply download it, then enter its email address and password corresponding to your Amazon account. It works on any Android device (mobile, tablet and box)

Amazon Prime Video Reviews

Some time ago, Amazon’s application was not suitable for our dear android boxes. The navigation was studied for touch screens and it was sometimes infuriating. For example, you could scroll through movies and series with the remote control, but you couldn’t “enter” into the detail of the series by pressing the OK button on the zapette. But that was before!   Amazon has since understood that Android boxes are taking an important place in the market for devices connected to TV. The application has therefore been updated specifically for our favorite boxes and everything is working perfectly.. We can now simply choose our program, navigate the menus, speed up the videos, pause, all this in a natural and simple way with the original remote control of our android tv boxes.

Equally interesting is that Amazon is picking up what made Netflix so successful . The buttons that allow you to skip the trailers, the summary, put the subtitles… In short, everything becomes present and well thought out.

Amazon also has a super cool feature I think is the X-Ray . At any time during the video, whether it is a film or a series, all you have to do is touch the screen, or press the OK key, to bring up a contextual menu. This menu, in addition to the traditional pause, forward, backward, displays the title of the music being played and the actors present in the scene being broadcast. All this in real time. So if an actor disappears from the screen, its info disappears from the context menu. It ‘s absolutely awesome !

Installation on your android TV device:

You will need:

  • an Amazon Prime subscription
  • an android device (an android box for me)
  • an Internet connection

If you are on android box, I advise you (but not obligatory) to get a mini touchpad keyboard .

  • on your android box, connect to the playstore (or google play).
  • in the search box, type the following terms “amazon prime video”
  • choose the first result (the one created by Amazon Mobile LLC with a rating greater than 4)
  • install the application then wait a bit
  • open the app
  • enter your Amazon credentials
  • here we go!

Watch Prime Video on Chromecast

Even if the two series and film streaming providers are competitors, they are smart enough to have understood that they benefited from being compatible. As a result, it is quite possible to take advantage of your Amazon Prime Video subscription on chromecast or any other google cast compatible device . If by chance you cannot find the cast icon in the Prime video apk application, it is simply that you must install the latest update. Indeed, Amazon and Google were angry for a few months and this casting feature had disappeared from the apk.

Other compatible devices

Here is the list of all Prime Video compatible devices

  • Mac computer and Windows 10, 8.1
  • Apple IOS and Android devices
  • Fire tablets and Fire TV
  • Samsung, Sony, LG Televisions
  • PlayStation 3 and PS4
  • Roku devices
  • AppleTV
  • XboxOne

Want to watch your Prime Video subscription on Freebox? Well it works. Just get the apk from the Amazon site and install the application on the freebox Mini.

Amazon Prime Video: Price and screen count?

Unlike Netflix’s prices , Amazon has not broken down its Video offer into several options. There is only one price and it is tiny since it is even cheaper than the Disney+ price Indeed, I remind you that Prime video is included in the overall Amazon service offer. For only 50€ per year , you will have access to everything. It’s not an option to add but included in your Amazon Prime package!

You may think that for 50€ (about 4€/month) you will only have access to certain features? Well not at all, in the Prime subscription, you will therefore have the possibility of also watching videos in SD, HD, FullHD and in 4k (if available) and it was on 3 screens simultaneously.

If we compare Prime Video vs Netflix , it looks like this:

 Amazon Prime VideoNetflix EssentialNetflixStandardNetflixPremium
HD AvailableYesxYesYes
Ultra HD AvailableYesxxYes
Simultaneous screen3124
Annual fee4.17€7.99€11.99€15.99€

Amazon Prime Video is therefore a great offer, with a catalog of series and films that is expanding quickly and regularly. For me, Prime Video alone justifies subscribing to Amazon services

Amazon Prime Video Channel

Still in its race to become a benchmark for online video services, Amazon has added a package of television channels in addition to VOD. These TV channels are accessible to any Prime video subscriber and thus further add to the advantages of the Prime subscription over its competitor Netflix. 14 channels are currently available and on almost all themes: youth, documentary, sport, and many others. This video service is on the other hand an option to subscribe in addition to the basic subscription. This adds even more TV channels to your all-channel box ! Here are the Amazon Video subscription channels and their prices.

  • Action Max – The strongest in action cinema for € 3.99 per month
  • Automoto – Live your passion to the rhythm of current events, tests, competitions for €2.99 per month
  • Canal J + Tiji – All the favorite heroes of children aged 3 to 14! for €1.99 per month
  • Crime district – Follow criminal investigations and miscellaneous events as if you were there for €1.99 per month
  • GEO Television – See the world differently for €3.99 per month
  • Gullimax – It’s the best of Gulli: 4000 videos unlimited and without advertising for 2.99 € per month
  • Hopster – Educational channel where your children learn through their favorite stories for €4.99 per month
  • Mezzo + Live – The best of classical music, jazz and dance for €3.50 per month
  • MGM – Hollywood blockbusters, cult films and series for enthusiasts for €3.99 per month
  • Mon science et vie junio – Discover science while having fun for 2.99 € per month
  • MUBI – Discover a new critically acclaimed film every day, handpicked by our experts for €9.99 per month
  • Starzplay – Hollywood Blockbusters and Original Series for €4.99 per month
  • Tfou Max – All your favorite heroes unlimited, in a 100% secure space for €3.99 per month
  • All History – Relive the great events that marked our history for €1.99 per month

Note that these channels are called “à la carte”. It is therefore quite possible to take them for only one month, for example. This new Amazon Prime Channel service is non-binding and can be canceled at any time. Which, in my opinion, makes this option super interesting for holidays, for example!


How much does Amazon Prime Video cost?

The Video subscription is included in the Amazon Prime subscription. The set costs 49€ per year. If you are a student, you can benefit from a rate of 24€ per year

How to watch Amazon Prime Video?

You can access movies and series from a computer, tablet, android box, apple, ps4, smart tv, xbox. Just download the official Prime Video app or go to the website.

How does Amazon Prime Video work?

When you subscribe to Amazon’s Prime offer, you can use your login details to access a catalog of films, series and documentaries on SVOD. Install the app or go to the website.

How many simultaneous screens for Prime Video?

With your subscription, and at no extra charge, you can connect 3 screens at the same time with a single account.

Can we share Amazon Prime Video?

The subscription is reserved for your household. So you can share your video account with members of your household.

How to Install Amazon Prime Video on TV?

Download the “Prime Video” app from your TV store. If it is not present, you will then need to use another connected device (such as an android box). You can also cast from mobile

How to cast with Amazon Prime Video?

Before you start the video, you should see an icon marked “Watch on”. Then select the compatible device on which you want to watch the video.
If the first method does not find a compatible device, you can cast the video from the mobile, then click on the cast icon. Your TV will definitely appear.

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