The Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live (Watch La Liga and Champions 2022 – 2023)

Do you want to watch free football live and direct from your mobile? Here are the best applications for Android that you can download to follow all the Spanish and Champions League football matches for free ( UEFA Champions League ), Copa del Rey, and other national and international football leagues and competitions.

Best soccer app for Android: DAZN

Without a doubt, the first of the available options that we would like to recommend to you to Watch Football for Free and Live is to resort to DAZN, which is perhaps the leading platform when it comes to sports, although in this case, to be able to use its application, we must also be subscribers. of the service and for this you must pay a fee of €9.99/month.

However, if you want to be able to watch a specific match or, for example, the final of the Copa del Rey or the Premier League (two of the football competitions that we have on DAZN, among others), you can do something very simple that will allow you to view the event for free. You just have to sign up as a subscriber, download the DAZN app on Google Play , log in with your account and watch the game. It’s that simple since DAZN has a free trial month, so you can take advantage of it and before the month ends you unsubscribe to be charged for the subscription.

Footters: Football live on demand

One of the best applications that we have available to watch football is Footers , although in this case we have to say that it is mainly an app that will help you watch second and third division matches live, as well as the Mexican Premier League, with excellent image quality.


Fubo TV is another of the Best Android Applications to Watch Soccer for Free and Live  since in it you can see all kinds of content and also, of course, sports. It’s not completely free, although it seems like it was considering the high amount of content it includes, with great image quality and all for a price of 3.99 euros/month and also with a free seven-day trial period. Regarding football, they have the channels of the two main teams in La Liga, that is, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Movistar + Football – Champions League

Among the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live  , we cannot fail to mention Movistar, taking into account, in fact, that the Movistar + platform has the rights of the Spanish Football League as well as the Champions League and that it has also channels like Eurosport where you can follow the matches of the different European teams and leagues. The app is completely free, although only if you are a subscriber or have contracted a Fusion plan with Movistar.

Orange TV

Don’t miss out on Orange TV either , which is also among the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live,   since through it you can watch the content of Orange TV, which offers its customers all kinds of content such as movies, series, documentaries and also of course, many sports among which football stands out with the broadcast of the Spanish League and also LaLiga Santander, the Champions League, the Europa League, the Europa Conference League and international leagues.

Mitele Plus

Do you know Mitele? This is the Mediaset service or platform, which also has a mobile app and is perfect for not missing any game. In fact, it also stands out among the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live since through it you can watch the matches, for example, of the Champions League. Of course, you must contract the Mitele Plus service and it has a cost of 5 euros per month.

Good Sports

Bein Sports is another of the applications that we want to recommend if you are looking for the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live, although you should know that currently this platform or sports channel that years ago was quite popular in our country, is not operational, so if you have downloaded the app and want to view its contents, it may be advisable to try it through a VPN.


The Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live  also include Jazztel , although you should know that if you download its application you will see how it will only serve you to see the daily consumption of your telephone contract. If you are a Jazztel customer and you want to watch television or, in fact, football matches, you will need to use the Orange TV app since Jazztel belongs to Orange TV .


Surely if we say the word ” Twitch “, you will know that it is one of the best streaming platforms today, but they also have their mobile app and that over time it has become another of the Best Android Applications to Watch Football Free and Live . The reason why is easy to guess since in this app you can find countless streamer channels, some of which even comment on and broadcast football matches. One of the most popular is of course, the Ibai Llano channel, which has offered important matches on occasion.

GolTV Play to watch soccer for free

Among the Best Android Applications to Watch Soccer for Free and Live , we can’t miss GolTV Play either , which is an app that belongs to the GolTV platform and that will mainly help you to watch any match of the leagues that are played in Latin America. The service, on the other hand, is paid ($9.99 per month) and of course, if you want to watch it without territory restrictions, you will need to use a VPN.

LaLiga Sports TV

La Liga Sports TV is the app dedicated exclusively to the League, which is why it is another of the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live.  In this case, you must register as a user of the LaLiga Sports platform service , which It has a free option and then download the app available on Google Play. Once you have done this you will have full access to the content about the Santander League or the SmartBank League.

RTVE Play to watch the matches of the Spanish National Team

We do not forget RTVE Play as another of the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live. This is RTVE’s free platform and app where you can watch series, documentaries and from time to time they also offer sports. What’s more, it seems that it will be here where we can see the Qatar 2022 World Cup so it will be good to keep it in mind.


OneFootball is another of the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live  to keep in mind if you don’t want to miss any match. In this case, we are talking about a service that offers all the information about the European teams but also has a section called “Matches” which is from where they offer all the matches of each day, or those that stand out the most in each league. They also have their app on Google Play so that you can download it and see how easy it is to watch free football on it.

VPN to watch football online for free from your mobile

If you want to be able to watch football online for free from your mobile, you have many Android applications like the ones we have listed above, but we cannot forget the possibility of searching between apps and international channels for which you will need to use a VPN with the that you are going to be able to hide your IP and in this way, be able to connect to foreign servers that will allow you to browse those channels.

On which channels can you watch football for free from your mobile?

From Spain we can enter Mediaset channels such as Telecinco or Cuatro from where we can easily and without paying anything, some important matches of the Copa del Rey or also the World Cup, but if what you are looking for are international channels through the use of a VPN you can choose Sky Sports, as well as ITV, or channels like the Italian RAI and the German RTL.

The best VPN apps to watch football online for free

Among the best VPNs that we have at our disposal to watch football online for free, we can mention the following:

  • ExpressVPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • IPVanish
  • cyber ghost

You just have to select the VPN that interests you, sign up as a client (the service usually costs around 3 euros per month) and use it to access the apps or channels where the game you want to watch is broadcast.


ESPN also stands out among the Best Android Applications to Watch Soccer for Free and Live . This is the app belonging to the ESPN sports network and the ESPN + platform where you can watch countless sports, although we have to remind you that from the United States, so on the one hand, everything they offer is in English and on the other, it is possible that you need a VPN to watch sports.


Fanatiz is also another of the Best Android Applications to Watch Football for Free and Live,  although you must first enter its website and register as a subscriber. The service is paid although it has an option that is free.

What football matches can you watch online from Fanatiz?

From Fanatiz you will be able to see mainly the matches of the Latin American league teams, although in the case of the free option of the app you should know that you will have access to OneFootball which, as we have already explained, offers the most important matches of the main European leagues.

DirecTV Sports

DirecTV Sports is also an app that ranks among the Best Android Apps to Watch Soccer for Free and Live . It belongs to the app of the same name and in it you can watch the League as well as the UEFA Champions League and also matches from other leagues such as the Copa Libertadores, the Premier League or the Bundesliga. The service is not free, although it has a 7-day trial period.

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