Atlanta Hawks vs. Washington Wizards 

The upcoming game on October 29th, 2021, will be an interesting one. The competition will be stiff as the Atlanta Hawks face off once again with the Washington Wizards. The game will take place at the Wizard’s home turf, Capital One Arena, Washington, DC. 

A review of their previous matches 

The Washington Wizards played their last game on the road against the Brooklyn Nets. It was a bad day for the Wizards, losing 90-104. The 19 points scored by the Wizard’s Bradley Beal weren’t enough to secure a win. The Nets, playing on their home turf, emerged victorious, with Durant scoring 25 points.  

The Hawks, on the other hand, have a different story to tell. The Atlanta Hawks beat the Detroit Pistons with 32 points by Trae Young and 22 by John Collins. Young seemed to be in his prime, going off with an additional nine assists. The game at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, ended with a 122-104 win. The confidence and teamwork displayed by the Hawks on their home turf was undeniably a great display of talent. 

Washington needs the boost that a home-win could bring. Going up against this great adversary, the Wizards need to focus, strategize and pour out all their strength. The Hawks have an outstanding record of 24 out of 30 home wins. However, can they maintain their confidence and deliver their best? Only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s look at what happened the previous times these teams faced each other.  

A Brief History 

The Atlanta Hawks and the Washington Wizards have faced off thrice in 2021. Once in January and twice in May. So far, things are not looking good for the Wizards.   

On January 30th, 2021, the Washington Wizards played at home against the Atlanta Hawks at Capital One Arena, Washington, DC. The Washington Wizards ran out of spells, as Bradley Beal missed all of his eight attempts from 3-point range. On the other hand, Trae Young scored 41 points, securing a 116-100 win for the Atlanta Hawks.  

The two teams faced off again on May 11th, 2021. This time, victory was a much closer concept for the Wizards, as they led by 2 points during halftime. However, the Hawks soon soared through the game with a final score of 125-124. The Hawks won the game by just one point, a feat that must have been hurtful for the Wizards. 

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The most recent game between the two teams took place on May 13th. The long struggle by the Wizards came to an end as they were beaten yet again. Trae Young wowed the crowd yet again by scoring 33 points, nine assists and eight rebounds. John Collins scored 18 more points, adding to the overall victory for the Hawks. The final score was 120-116 as Atlanta celebrated yet another victory over Washington.  

The Final Showdown 

This upcoming game on October 28th will give Washington one final chance to score a win against the Hawks. Having lost to them the previous three matches, the Washington Wizards are all set for redemption. But judging by their losing momentum, victory will be difficult to earn. 

At the same time, the Hawks continue to sharpen their talons as well. Having tasted sweet victory three times over Washington, let’s just say the Hawks aren’t going to roll over either. 

Having lost their most recent match against Brooklyn, the Wizards are not really in the best of places. Morale and energy are at an all-time low as they head towards the game this coming Thursday.  

The Atlanta Hawks, on the other hand, are coming from a fresh victory over the Pistons. They are definitely in a better place mentally and are flying into the next game in full swing.   

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Will the upcoming game spell doom for the Washington Wizards? Or will they finally have revenge at the Capital one arena? Tune in to the game this Thursday night to find out. 

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