Best Android TV Boxes You Can Control With Alexa

Best Android TV Boxes You Can Control With Alexa

Are you looking for an Android TV box you can control with your Alexa speaker? If so, you鈥檝e come to the right place.

Since Amazon Alexa was launched in late 2014, it鈥檚 revolutionized how we control our smart homes. At first, it was just fun to control lights and heating with Alexa voice command and add things to our shopping list. But now it鈥檚 an essential part of many of our lives, and we can鈥檛 imagine doing these things without Alexa鈥檚 help.

If this sounds like you, then obviously you鈥檒l want your TV box to integrate with Alexa, so you can control your viewing with the smart speaker. But to do this, you need a TV box that is compatible.

While the majority of new Android TV boxes will work with Google Now voice control, there are actually only a small number of Android boxes that are compatible with Alexa. Naturally, any Amazon Fire TV device will integrate with Alexa in a native way, and then there are a couple that will work with an Alexa speaker.

In today鈥檚 article, I鈥檓 going to take a look at the best of these boxes, so if you are a fan of Alexa, you can find the right TV box for you. While the choices are limited, there is something for everyone, whether you already have an Alexa speaker or need one, and whether you want to go high-end or budget.

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Product Quick Links

  1. Fire TV Cube With Alexa Built-In 鈥?Best With Alexa Built-In
  2. Fire TV Stick 4K 鈥?Best Stick With Alexa Built-In
  3. NVIDIA Shield Android TV Pro 4K 鈥?Best Premium Box
  4. Roku Ultra 4K 鈥?Best Affordable Box

Best Alexa Control Android TV Boxes

If you are looking for the best Android TV boxes independent of Alexa, read 25 Best Android TV Boxes.

1. Fire TV Cube With Alexa Built-In 鈥?Best With Alexa Built-In

Fire TV Cube With Alexa - Best For AlexaIf you are investing in an Android TV Box and you don鈥檛 already have an Alexa speaker, and would quite like one, then get the Fire TV Cube. It comes with Alexa built-in, which means you can use Alexa to control your device. But, you can also use your Cube as an Alexa speaker independent of your TV.

This makes the Cube one of the cheapest ways to get both an Alexa speaker and an Android TV Box, as you get them both for just $100.

The Cube is also a pretty good quality TV box on its own, though it doesn鈥檛 rival any of the premium TV boxes on the market.

It uses a sophisticated S922 processor and hexa-core CPU, but only has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. Arguably, it doesn鈥檛 need a heftier 4 GB of RAM as the Fire OS is better at controlling background activity than the Android OS alone. And the Cube is up to date with both of its operating systems, running Android 9.0 Pie and Fire OS 7.

It is powerful enough that it can deliver 4K Ultra HD at 60 fps, and it does this without a lot of bandwidth thanks to H.265 decoding. This is good as it only offers 100 Mbps over ethernet rather than the gigabit you see with premium boxes.

But when it comes to what matters, the Cube delivers. Not only does it deliver 4K, but it is Widevine certified, so it also unlocks 4K and Ultra HD content on the likes of Netflix and, of course, Amazon Prime TV.

Plus, it is just amazing that you can use the Cube not only to control your TV but as a fully-fledged Alexa speaker for your entire home.

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2. Fire TV Stick 4K 鈥?Best Stick With Alexa Built-In

Fire TV Stick 4K 鈥?Best TV Stick For Android (Runner-Up)If you are keen on Alexa as native, but you are looking to spend a lot less, check out the Fire TV Stick 4K. This little device, which costs only $35.00, delivers a lot. Get up to 4K and Widevine certification to unlock the most popular 4K content.

So, why would you pick the more expensive Cube? Two reasons. First, the stick just isn鈥檛 as powerful. It only has a quad-core and 1.5 GB of RAM. Plus, if you want to use ethernet, you need to buy an additional dongle. It also operates only on Android 7.0 and Fire OS 6.

The second reason, while the stick lets you control your TV with Alexa, it is not a fully-fledged speaker, so it only works with your Fire Stick. If you want to make the rest of your home smart with Alexa, you鈥檒l need to buy a speaker separately.

But if you already have a speaker, it will seamlessly integrate, and if you don鈥檛, you can still use Alexa voice command with your TV. Considering the price tag, it is not a bad deal, especially if you remember that it comes with the Alexa remote, which usually costs $30.00 on its own.

For a more in-depth comparison of the Fire Cube and Fire Stick 4K, read our comprehensive review.

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3. NVIDIA Shield Android TV Pro 4K 鈥?Best Premium Box

NVIDIA Shield TVIf you are looking for a proper premium box that also works with Alexa, then look no further than the NVIDIA Shield. It is one of the top range boxes on the market, as reflected by its $200 price tag.

But that investment gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It starts with a Tegra X1+ chip for optimum processing, which means it can get away with just 3 GB of RAM and run off Android 8.0. The box still delivers 4K Ultra HD and is again Widevine certified to unlock 4K on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

On top of this, it has all the bells and whistles. We are talking 5.1 audio passthrough, H.265 decoding for faster speeds, OTA firmware updates, HDMI 2.0, USB 2 and 3, dual-band Wi-Fi, and Gigabit ethernet, and it even comes with the latest version of Kodi installed. Basically, tick, tick, tick on the checklist.

It actually comes with Google Now voice commands already activated, but if you prefer to use it with Alexa, it is entirely compatible; all you need is the speaker.

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4. Roku Ultra 4K 鈥?Best Affordable Box

Roku Ultra 4KIf you don鈥檛 want to fork out over $200, you can get the Roku Ultra for half the price, which is also compatible with Alexa voice control, as long as you have the speaker.

The problem with the Roku box is that it is quite locked down, and you need to work with what they give you rather than being able to customize it. But what they give you is a lot. Roku boxes tend to come 鈥渇ully loaded鈥?with access to a lot of premium channels. We are talking about Disney, HBO, and much more. It is also one of the best options if you want to watch live TV.

If both content and Alexa control are priorities, this box is definitely worth researching further.

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Smart TVs

If you already have a smart TV, they too may work with Alexa without the need for an additional box. At the moment, Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense, and a few smaller brands are making TVs that are compatible with Alexa.

Amazon currently has a page on which they list all of their Smart TVs that are compatible with Alexa voice control.

FAQs For Best Alexa-Controlled Android TV Boxes

Is There A Monthly Fee For Alexa?

There are no ongoing fees for Alexa, just the one-off charge for the hardware. After that, you will need to connect it to your home Wi-Fi for it to work effectively. Also, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can unlock premium functionality. Prime membership currently costs $12.99 per month, with discounts for an annual membership.

What Is The Difference Between Alexa And Echo?

Alexa is the virtual assistant software provided by Amazon, while the Echo is the name of the hardware of the speaker on which you can access Alexa. But you can get Alexa without the Echo speaker. For example, the Fire TV Cube also functions as an Alexa speaker.

Do You Need An Amazon Account To Use Alexa?

Yes, you need an Amazon account to use Alexa, but a free account is sufficient. You don鈥檛 need an Amazon Prime account, although this can unlock additional functionality.

The Verdict

If you are keen on Alexa and you want to integrate your TV into your Alexa-controlled smart home system, you need to choose a TV box or smart TV that is compatible with Alexa.

If you are looking at TV boxes, you probably want to go with one of Amazon鈥檚 own boxes, such as the Fire Cube or the Fire Stick. If you are looking for a premium box that also works with Alexa, then consider the NVIDIA Shield.

Several smart TVs are also already compatible with Alexa. Look for TVs made by Samsung, Sony, and LG.

Do you use Alexa to control your Android TV box or smart TV? Share your experience with the community using the comments section.

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