Best Guide to Troubleshoot Vizio Smart TV Problems in 2021 [Updated]

Common Vizio TV Problems: Dear peeps! Nowadays, Televisions developed with tremendous technologies. Are you planning to buy a new Television for your household? You would have prepared a preference list, which contains multiple TV brands.

Whatever the brand may be, Do you think they will stay for a lifetime? Not at all. That’s why warranty cards come up with brand new TVs. That also applicable for a certain period from the date you have purchased. So, we are going to focus on common issues that occurred with Vizio TV. And also simple tricks to troubleshoot them. It helps Vizio users to tackle common errors with ease.

Vizio TV Problems

Vizio inc is the owner of Vizio TVs. All the specifications and features are well designed to attract customers. Generally, Vizio TVs are money-worthy TVs as well as the best to buy. If you searching for a trustworthy brand, we suggest adding the Vizio brand to your wishlist.

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Usually, If your TV goes through trouble, you can claim the warranty within the period. In case, your warranty expires, you have to rectify the issues with the support of technicians.

There is a two common thing we usually do. One is putting self-effort to troubleshoot them, and the other is contact to Vizio tv customer care support. Although, there is a huge chance to get software-related issues often on the TV, and less chance to face the hardware issues.

At that time, looking for technicians for a simple problem is a waste of money. So, try to recover the device with some technical tricks.

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Common problems in Vizio TV & troubleshooting tricks

Vizio TV Problems
Vizio TV Problems

Vizio TV Problems

Software reset on a Vizio smart TV

Most of the time, soft reset turns as the best solution for minor issues. Power cycling is the way to perform a soft reset of your Vizio TV.

Step 1

First of all, disconnect the power cord from the rear side of the Vizio TV.

Step 2

Press the power button of the Vizio TV and hold it for 8-10 seconds.

Step 3

And now, plug in the power cord properly to the outlet. Finally, turn on your TV.

Vizio Tv Black screen of death

Is your Vizio TV remits the black screen or turns black? Don’t be panic. It may cause, due to several fundamental reasons. But, the most common reason behind the problem is damage to power supply boards. By using the below tests, you can analyze the issue, from where it exactly lies.

Performing a sound Test on Vizio TV

  • Firstly, power on your TV. Are you able to hear the sound from the TV?
  • If you are unable to hear the voice, play something you already know will make a sound.
  • Through this, you can ensure that your TV is delivering sound or not.

Performing the Flashlight test on Vizio TV

Sometimes, the sounds are audible to hear. But, nothing is displaying on the TV screen. At this time, you can assume that the fault lies in the component which produces light. Using the flashlight test, you can, even more, confirm the problem accurately.

  • Take the flashlight and make sure that the light has bright power.
  • Now, shine up the light towards the TV with 2 inches gap.
  • If this action brings out the image on your tv screen, you can suspect that the problem is situated in the inverter board.

Picture not showing on Vizio TV

When you turn on your Vizio TV, but it displays a blank screen for you. But, you can hear the sound of the videos currently playing in it. Listen out the tricks and perform the same troubleshooting to get pictures.

  • First up, make sure that the cables and cords are securely attached to the rear side.
  • Once again, check that all the devices are associated properly.
  • Check out the picture mode on the Vizio TV.
  • Click the Menu button on the remote. And then, choose the Picture menu.
  • As you have different picture modes, toggle between them.
  • Now, there is a chance to see the picture on Vizio TV.

No sound on Vizio TV

You can see the pictures well on the Vizio TV, but you fail to get the sounds. At this moment, try out the following troubleshooting actions.

  • Unknowingly, you would have put the Vizio TV in mute mode. If so, press the mute button turns off the mode, and volume up on the Vizio TV remote.
  • Connect the external speakers and ensure the proper connection.
  • Most notably, if any headphones are connected to the TV, unplug them immediately.
  • If nothing suits you, there might be a fault in the signal of the antenna. The low strength of the antenna will remit no sound on the TV.

Still having problems!

Factory reset your Vizio TV

If any of the methods fail to rectify the issues, try to factory reset your device. If you donno to reset the Vizio TV factory reset process, do the following.


At the main, take the Vizio TV remote and press the menu button.


In the menu list, pick the System option. And then, click the Reset & Admin section.

Note: In some Vizio models, you should go to the Help section instead of using System.


Next, choose the Reset to factory settings. Wait for few minutes to accomplish the factory reset process.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, you can determine the software issues most of the time. Once you came to know that there is no need to replace the hardware components, you need not spend much on TV repairers. This article wraps up all the common issues that you may face from Vizio TV. Apply the right solution at the right time. I hope this will give the best result to resolves the TV problems in all possible ways.

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