Box Android Formula Z8. What’s new compared to the Z7?

A smart TV, or Intelligent Television, is a multifunction television that can be directly connected to a WiFi network. This allows you to directly access the Internet without going through a TV box, unlike a simple television. As for the Formuler Z8 Android box, it is a state-of-the-art box and therefore very innovative.

Formular Z8 Android Box – Hardware Reviews


The Formuler Z8 TV box is an upgraded version of the Formuler Z7+. Both boxes have almost the same design. They display a simple geometric shape, including a simple rectangular box with an antenna.

The black color accentuates the elegance of the box and makes it more discreet. Thus, it can easily be placed in a living room or a bedroom, without disturbing the decoration.


The Formuler Z8 Android box stands out for its extended storage memory. It has 16 GB of eMMC memory and 2 GB of DDR4 SDRAM memory.

Thus, you can easily download and launch all your favorite applications, without noticing a slowdown in the process. This extended memory also allows you to save your favorite movies, series and TV shows without any bugs.

Stream content from your network-attached storage or directly from a USB drive. You have the option of recording two programs simultaneously, one via USB and the other via Timeshift.

So you can have all your favorite shows. It is therefore recommended to add memory in order to benefit from all Full HD programs.


The Formuler Z8 is a very easy to connect device. You will find at the back of the box a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port and a microSD card port. With this box, you can choose between two different ways to connect to the Internet.

You can first opt ​​for a wireless connection through a dual band WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11 ab / g / n / ac with an external antenna. You can also choose a wired connection for more stability.

For this, the box has an Ethernet LAN socket with a Gigabit 1000 M speed. In addition, the Formuler Z8 TV box has a Bluetooth 2.1 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 4.2 functionality. So you can consider connecting a mouse or keyboard without.

IPTV Box Formula Z8 1

Formular Z8 Android Box – Software Reviews


This box works with an Android 8 Oreo operating system . With the latest Android version, it provides great fluidity of navigation. This system therefore allows you a fast and bug-free connection


During the delivery of the Formuler Z8 Android box, you will notice that the box comes with a remote control, an HDMI cable, a power cable and a user manual.

Complete and very renovated, the remote control allows you to supervise the box without any difficulty. The manual will guide you in the installation and use of the box.

Formular Z8 Android Box – Performance


Operating with a Quad Core Hisilicon Chipset processor, the Formuler Z8 Tv box is responsive. During its use, you will notice that the interface is very fluid.

Similarly, during your streaming sessions, you will not notice any system lag while launching your favorite videos.

Image quality

The Formuler Z8 Android box allows very high definition image resolution. A powerful box, it even allows the playback of videos in 4K HDR 60 fps. Which makes it a very recommendable box for image quality enthusiasts.

Audio & Video

Regarding the sound and visual performance, it must be admitted that this box model is very satisfactory. Indeed, it supports all existing formats of all existing video files.

Added with excellent sound quality, the performance of the Formuler Z8 will bring you a new television experience.


In terms of gaming, it must be admitted that the Formular Z8 Android box is not really suitable. Although it can launch some of the most classic games, it is not recommended for serious video game fans. The use of the Formuler Z8 TV box is reserved for activities related to streaming and IPTV.

IPTV Box Formula Z8


After a little test of this very recent Android box, we can say that the Formuler Z8 is a box that is worth it. It is indeed a powerful and very practical box for daily use.

Compared to its predecessors, in particular the Formuler Z7 and Formuler Z7+ TV box, the Formuler Z8 model is quite renovated but the ultimate version of Formuler remains the z8 pro . This one is more powerful thanks to a better setup, including better components.

It also supports video formats in 4K UHD (60 fps), which is of great interest. Moreover, equipped with a powerful system, the Formuler Z8 box allows you smooth and bug-free use, even during your 4K streaming sessions, live or stored on a computer.

In terms of image and video quality, it must be said that the Formuler Z8 is impressive. It gives you a new experience by providing you with good image quality accompanied by excellent sound quality.

However, when it comes to gaming, this case is not suitable for the online games most popular with serious gamers.

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