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Some myths have revolved around live streaming solutions in the market. Our curated list of myths will resolve the apprehensions floating around live streaming services.

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Myths Around Streaming Services

Myth: I don’t need live streaming. I can use Facebook Live & Stream effectively by using an iPad/tablet.

Fact: This may partially be correct, but, it sends across the message of being ’amateurish’. Live streaming solutions come with the added advantages of no buffering, HD sound quality and display and no lag in real-time syncing. Facebook Live does not guarantee these and this may annoy the viewers. For your live streaming session to be a success, it needs to be in HD quality for people to watch it till the end with continued interest and enthusiasm.

Your live streaming session competes against big-screen HDTVs and your session needs to standout. If you are shooting your event in portrait mode on an iPad/tablet, it doesn’t look like what people are used to watching at all, not even near it. This will make people tune out of your live streaming session. They will turn you off.

Live streaming your event is not recommended via a free software service. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are not the core businesses of the respective companies, and hence, for professional quality, real-time streaming and continuous technical support, one must choose a dedicated live stream solutions service provider.

Myth: Product promotion on live streaming is not beneficial

Fact: There are numerous researches that have been conducted to prove this myth wrong. Contrary to this myth, product promotion is highly beneficial via live streaming sessions. Live streaming sessions can be archived easily and be shared on social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for further promotion on social media.

Archived videos can be promoted on social media where they generate views, unique impressions and wide reach. Queries, shares, comments and conversations from social media also generate a great potential market for product and services.

Product promotions introduced in the live streaming session garners viewer attention and results in potential conversions. Product promotions also draw in queries and comments concerning product and services etc. on the live streaming session. Internet advertising generates huge paybacks for a brand.

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Myth: Live streaming is for large-scale businesses

Fact: In its inception time, live streaming solutions were considered to be services suitable for large-scale businesses and not small-scale businesses. Live streaming solutions offer the privilege of creating and publishing content online with the potential for a nearly unlimited audience. This does not restrict small-scale businesses from tapping on the powers of live streaming.

The web is a platform where it gives businesses of all scales and sizes the opportunity to prepare high-quality and high-definition video feed. As long as a business is producing creative and resourceful content worth sharing and initiating a conversation on, then live streaming solutions are for every type of business.

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