Cheap internet box: how to pay less?

Where can I find a cheap internet plan? What are the parameters to take into account before subscribing? Reducing your expenses related to telecom subscriptions is possible! We take stock for you in this article and explain how to find a cheap Internet box.

  • The essential
  • To subscribe to a cheap Internet box, consider turning to non-binding offers.
  • Bundling your mobile and Internet plans is another way to save on your telecom bill.
  • Subscribing to cheap Internet is possible thanks to sponsorship or private sales.
  • Keep an eye on promotional periods such as sales or Christmas parties.
Box Fit
01 86 65 29 74
🌍Up to 400Mbit/s
📞Unlimited to landlines in France and to 110 destinations
At €9.99/month
SFR Box Starter
01 86 65 29 77
🌍Up to 500Mbit/s
📞Unlimited to landlines and mobiles in France and landlines to 100 destinations
📺160 TV channels
At 16€/month
01 86 65 29 78
🌍Up to 1Gbit/s⬇️ and 500Mbit/s⬆️ 📞
Unlimited to landlines in France and to 100 destinations
🎁 More speed and unlimited calls to mobiles in France and overseas departments
From 17€/month

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Cheap Internet box: take stock of your needs first

Cheap Internet box 1

Perhaps the golden rule when it comes to cheap Internet subscriptions. Today, we see more and more Triple and Quadruple Play offers. This means that box subscriptions include Internet access, fixed and mobile telephony, and television.

Inevitably, the higher the number of services included, the higher the monthly subscription rate will be. So, have you ever wondered what you really need?

Are you a fan of films and series of all kinds? Do you have sports addicts at home? Or, on the contrary, the TV is almost never on in the living room?

It is essential to take the time to consider the services that can be really useful to you.

Internet access and TV

Do you want to subscribe to a cheap Internet box and benefit from TV channels at the same time? This is possible, as some operators include TV services in their subscriptions.

  • The RED box subscription without basic commitment includes 35 TV channels and 8 hours of digital recording, for 23€/month.
  • The Sosh box package, on the other hand, does not offer access to the television automatically. However, subscribers can request to receive the Orange TV App option free of charge, i.e. 72 live or replay channels, for €19.99/month for one year.

From there, you have the option to settle for the basic box packages, or to go to the next level by personalizing your offer with paid options. You control the services to which you are entitled, and therefore your budget.

Internet box optionsSosh boxRED-Box
TV decoder5€/month29€
Additional TV package
100 channels
Mobile telephony5€/month5€/month
Home phoneIncludedIncluded

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Redeem a referral offer

Finally, why not try to be sponsored by a relative to subscribe to the Internet at a low cost? Everyone is a winner: the operator, the new subscriber, and the old one made loyal moreover by this advantageous commercial operation.

Some operators offer a month’s free subscription to the sponsor and the godson, for any new Internet subscription.

In the same spirit, private sales by operators are a good way to subscribe to a low-cost Internet box. There are two main sites on which these promotional operations take place:

  1. Private

Internet and mobile subscriptions are frequently offered at reduced prices for a limited time. You are also able to activate an alert according to the operator of your choice, to be sure not to miss any discount offer.

Cheap internet plan: stay informed of current promotions

Many Internet service providers regularly offer discounts to new subscribers. You have subscribed to an Internet box for more than six months? This is an opportunity to look at the offers available on the market. You might get a good deal.

When is the best time for cheap boxes?

Even if it is not an exact science, we can notice that the different periods of the year are punctuated by reduction offers, often for a limited time, from the operators.

If you’re looking to get a cheap Internet subscription, be on the lookout for the following events:

  • The start of the school year in September: in fact, from August, the operators set up numerous promotions for families and students.
  • The sales (winter and summer): they generally concern mobile plans more than Internet boxes, but you lose nothing by checking.
  • Promotional days like Cyber ​​Monday or Black Friday are sure to make it possible to find a cheap Internet plan.
  • The end-of-year celebrations: on the occasion of Christmas, you will see flowers everywhere offers at reduced prices for any new Internet subscription.

Finally, it is true that many operators sell Internet box subscriptions at an advantageous rate during the first six or twelve months of subscription. These are actually welcome offers intended to attract new customers.

However, if you have never been a customer of the operator you are thinking of joining, a welcome offer is to be considered to subscribe to the Internet at low prices.

Use a cashback offer

Use a cashback offer

Do not forget to regularly take a look at the ODRs, Refund offers, set up online by Internet service providers. These can be very advantageous, as they relate to a wide variety of products and services.

Thus, to find a cheap Internet subscription, you can simply consult the SFR, Orange, or even Bouygues pages dedicated to current ODRs.

For example, you can subscribe at a lower cost with most operators and benefit, depending on the current offers:

  • One month free subscription
  • Reimbursement of your termination fees for leaving your current provider
  • A reduced monthly rate for one year for any new Internet subscription

If these offers are mostly reserved for new subscribers, they represent an excellent solution to change operators and save money.

Cheap Internet box: think about non-binding offers!

Cheap Internet box 2

Yes, Internet packages that do not bind the subscriber for a fixed period are an excellent way to pay less for their connection to the web.

Many Internet service providers offer a cheap Internet box without commitment. This type of Internet subscription has many advantages. On the one hand, you are not bound by contract for a fixed period to the operator. In other words, if you are not satisfied with the services provided, or for any other reason, you are free to leave.

To help you compare them, we’ve put together a few in the table below:

REDsoshFreebox Pop
23€/month€14.99/month for 1 year
then €29.99/month
€29.99/month for 1 year
then €39.99/month

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Even if the law prescribes not being able to exceed 24 months of the commitment period, subscribing for two years remains long, especially if your box package ends up not being suitable for you or if you suffer a monthly increase in your price.

To sum up, in addition to saving you money, a non-binding Internet offer is also:

  • More flexible: you can change the operator at any time.
  • No fees: since there is no minimum commitment date, you pay no cancellation fees when you leave.

Combine Internet and mobile telephony to pay less for your internet subscription

You are most certainly the owner of an Internet box, a television, and a smartphone. Have you ever thought of combining your two subscriptions to save money on your bills?

If this is not the case, be aware that more and more operators are now offering bundled offers. A beneficial solution is to subscribe to a cheap Internet box from the same supplier.

Here are some arguments in favor of bundling Internet and mobile phone subscriptions, also known as Triple Play offers.

  • Single invoicing, which means that it is also greatly simplified.
  • Single interlocutor: here again, in the event of a technical incident, you only have one supplier to contact; a considerable saving of time.

Open Orange offers

To save money on subscriptions for the whole family, the Open subscriptions of the French incumbent operator are an option of choice.

They include an Internet box, a television, a fixed line, and a mobile line.

In addition, up to four mobile plans can be grouped together as part of such a subscription, in order to achieve up to €15 in additional savings.

Offer name and priceFeatures
Open Up Fiber Limited Edition
(until 5/10/2022)
€37.99/month for 1 year
then €71.99/month
Unlimited calls from France, Europe, and DOMUnlimited SMS/MMS from France and Europe 80GB mobile Internet in France and EuropeLivebox 5 with 2Gbs/s upload and download speed
Open Max Fiber Limited Series
(until 10/5/2022)
€42.99/month for 1 year
then €76.99/month
Unlimited calls from France, Europe, and DOMUnlimited SMS/MMS from France and Europe 80GB mobile Internet in France and EuropeLivebox 6 with 2Gbs/s upload and download speed

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Take advantage of an SFR multipack to have cheap Internet

The operator in the red square, for its part, also makes it possible to save money on its mobile subscriptions.

The principle of SFR Multi-Packs is to provide a reduction on each mobile line as part of an SFR box offer.

Offer name and priceFeatures
SFR Box Starter and
80GB mobile plan

01 86 65 29 77
€28/month for 1 year
then €63/month
Fiber Internet up to 500 Mbits/s160 TV channels and services SFR Box 7: Wi-Fi 5, 4K ImageUnlimited calls to landlines in France
SFR Box Power and
80GB mobile plan

01 86 65 29 77
€35/month for 1 year
then €68/month
Fiber internet up to 1Gbit/s160 TV channels and services Wi-Fi 5, 4KUnlimited calls to landlines in France

Selection of the two best Box + mobile offers at SFR, according to their quality/price ratio. Free SEO.

If you are interested in this type of offer, know that to benefit from it, your SFR contracts must include the same surname and first name or the same address, or the same bank details.

Cheap internet at Bouygues

Where Martin Bouygues’ operator stands out from the competition is in the prices of its box + mobile subscriptions, because they do not increase after one year.

However, the monthly price of the Internet box and the coupled mobile plan increases significantly if you are already a Bouygues subscriber. For new customers, it’s a boon because the difference sometimes exceeds €15.

Offer name and priceFeatures
BBox Must and
Sensation 70GB package

01 86 65 29 74
€26.98/month for 1 year
then €66.98/month
Fiber Internet up to 1Gbit/s upstream180 TV channels and services box 4K TV decoderUnlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France
Bbox Ultym
70GB mobile plan

01 86 65 29 74
€40.98/month for 1 year
then €75.98/month
Fiber Internet up to 2Gbit/s upstream180 TV channels + Salto offered for 6 months box 4K TV decoderUnlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France

Selection of the two best Bbox + mobile offers at Bouygues, according to their quality/price ratio. Free SEO.

Compare offers to enjoy cheap internet

We cannot repeat it enough: to find the ultimate good plan, takes time. Only a careful study of the different offers available on the market will allow you to find a cheap Internet package. Operator subscriptions change prices and feature very frequently, which is why it is necessary to keep up to date as much as possible.

Does your daily routine prevent you from carefully comparing available Internet subscriptions? Remember to use the Selectra comparator which lists all the cheap Internet boxes corresponding to your criteria and your budget. Telecom comparator

If you still decide to embark on a “market study”, pay attention, among other things, to the following points before subscribing to a cheap Internet box:

  1. Content of the offer (Internet, landline and/or mobile telephony, TV);
  2. Duration of commitment and the monthly rate (as well as that after the promotional period);
  3. Assumed Performance and Internet Speeds.

Cheap Internet: group buying, a solution to save money

Have you ever heard of group purchases for Internet boxes or mobile plans? If this is not the case, be aware that a group purchase simply means a group of several consumers negotiating the price of an Internet subscription.

How to take advantage of it? Group purchases are not advertised directly on the supplier’s website. It is advisable to go through an intermediary – such as Selectra, for example – that organizes the sale at a preferential rate.

The more potential buyers there are, the more attractive the subscription price will be. Here is how the process of an Internet group purchase takes place:

  1. You register on the partner site to participate in the sale.
  2. The intermediary negotiates the concerned offer to obtain an advantageous price.
  3. An email containing information on the selected offer is sent to you.
  4. After studying the conditions, you are free to subscribe or not to the Internet subscription.

If the group purchase of an Internet box is very similar to the private sales of operators, we can note that in this specific case, the number is the strength to obtain an attractive price without losing the quality of the coveted service.

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