Chromecast Dailymotion to TV | How to Cast Dailymotion to Chromecast? – IPTV Guide

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At present everyone holds a smartphone in their hand. So that everyone will be familiar with the popular streaming platform, YouTube. But are you familiar with another streaming platform that is equal to YouTube? Yes, that is today’s topic. The methods of how to Chromecast Dailymotion to TV? Dailymotion is a French video-sharing platform. It can be termed as YouTube’s competitor. With Dailymotion, users are allowed to upload, share, and create videos with ease. Do you have an interest in making money online just by posting videos on social media sites? Then Dailymotion is the best choice for you. Come, let’s get into the content.

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What is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is a French video-sharing technology platform that brings world happenings within your hand. This platform is primarily owned by Vivendi. It is the second-largest video streaming platform other than YouTube. As I said earlier, Dailymotion is more or less like YouTube. It enables you to watch the latest updates of music, news, sports, and entertainment videos on the Dailymotion app. It is available worldwide in 25 languages and 43 localized versions. Dailymotion app is available on various platforms like Android, iOS, PCs, and also has built-in Chromecast support.


Below given are some of the significant features of the Dailymotion app. Let’s have a look at it.

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  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Can upload, share, and watch videos for entertainment
  • The best streaming platform for video lovers
  • Follow updates from your favorite people or channels
  • A download option is available to access video offline without internet
  • Daily pulse for people who value news
  • Get a personalized video experience


Make sure that you satisfy the following requirements to Chromecast Dailymotion to your TV.

  • Google Chromecast
  • Android smartphone
  • A smart TV with an HDMI port
  • Stable WiFi connection

How to Chromecast Dailymotion to the TV from Android Smartphone

This part of the content will guide you on the methods to cast Dailymotion to your smart TV using Google Chromecast. Continue with the following steps.

STEP1: Connect your Google Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV.

STEP2: Install the Dailymotion app on your smartphone from Google Play Store.

STEP3: Power on your smart TV.

STEP4: Connect your smartphone and Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

STEP5: Open the Dailymotion app on your Android smartphone.

STEP6: Choose and play any video of your wish.

STEP7: Now tap on the Cast icon at the top right corner of the video.

STEP8: From the displayed list select your Chromecast device.

STEP9: Within seconds the video being played on your smartphone will get played on the Chromecast connected smart TV.

How to Screen Mirror Dailymotion to the TV from Smartphone

You can share your entire smartphone screen to the Chromecast connected smart TVs screen. Continue with the below-given steps.

STEP1: Make sure that your Chromecast and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.

STEP2: Head over to the Settings app on your smartphone.

STEP3: Tap on Other wireless connections option.

STEP4: From the list click on the Cast or Wireless Display option.

STEP5: You will be given a list of available devices for casting.

STEP6: Select your Chromecast name to which you have to cast Dailymotion.

STEP7: Once the pairing is successful, your entire smartphone screen will get mirrored on your TV screen.

STEP8: Open Dailymotion and start watching your favorite videos on a big screen.

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How to Chromecast Dailymotion to the TV from PC/Laptop

Users can even access Dailymotion from its website directly. This enables you to access Dailymotion in condition if you don’t have your smartphone with you.

STEP1: Open Chrome browser on your PC/laptop.

STEP2: Make sure that your PC and Chromecast are connected to the same WiFi network.

STEP3: Navigate to the official site of Dailymotion.

STEP4: Tap on the three-dotted menu icon at the top right corner.

STEP5: Click on the Cast option from the list.

STEP6: Select Cast Tab option from the Sources option.

STEP7: Start playing any video of your choice on your PC.

STEP8: Upon successful casting, the video will get played on your Chromecast-connected smart TV screen.

This is how you can Chromecast Dailymotion to TV. Enjoy watching your favorite videos of Dailymotion on a big screen.


That’s all. This is all you need to know about the methods to Chromecast Dailymotion to TV. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. Dailymotion is the second largest online video streaming platform with over 300 million users. Dailymotion is entirely free to install and use. Make use of the above-given methods to install and watch Dailymotion on your smart TV.


Is Dailymotion free to use?

Actually, the Dailymotion app is free from malware. But it is always safe to use antivirus to safeguard ourselves from malware attacks.

Is Dailymotion legal?

Of course, it is legal until you don’t follow any links.


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