Cincinnati Bengals vs. LA Rams – The American Dream

Super Bowl 56 (2022)

Los Angeles Rams are the newly crowned champions of the 56th edition of the Super Bowl, 2022, held in LA, California. The much-awaited event in American sport has finally concluded.

Super Bowl is the epitome of all sporting events in the United States. What European soccer means to the rest of the world, American football means the same to the Americans.

It is an event where the whole country goes into a festive mood. People from all walks of life come together to support their own NFL teams.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams

This year’s Super Bowl clash between Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams was definitely a breath of fresh air. The game was an exciting one as the two teams were not in the minds of many people to be the finalists for the Superbowl. The fixture was played on Sunday, February 13, at 6:30 PM PT, 2022. The venue for the final was at SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California.

For the first time, a participating team hosted the Super Bowl, with the Los Angeles Rams taking that privilege. This comes under the ownership of Stan Kroenke and he will go down in their history books as the first owner under whom they hosted the final in their home stadium.

Their Journey to the Super Bowl

The Cincinnati Bengals were pushing to get their hands on the first Super Bowl championship in their history. Their journey to the 56th Super Bowl was achieved by taking a surprise win against the Kansas City Chiefs, two-time American Football Conference champions. The Bengals were trailing 21-3 in the second quarter. A touchdown by Joe Burrow cut the lead, and the Bengals defended the Chiefs to dust off the first half. In the second half, Cincinnati’s defense focussed on checking the influence of Patrick Mahomes without conceding even a score in the first two quarters.

The Los Angeles Rams had been in three Super Bowl finals prior to yesterday’s fixture and came out victorious once in the Super Bowl 34 held on January 30, 2000. This was the period when the Rams were based in St. Louis and not in Los Angeles. They only moved back to LA in 2016. This is the first time they reached the finals since shifting their base to LA.

They reached the Super Bowl final by beating their arch-rivals, The San Francisco 49ers, 20-17 in the NFL Conference Championships. With this result, they also finally ended a 6-game losing run against the 49ers.

Rams coach Sean McVay would have regretted wasting his final timeout on a failed challenge. Tartt’s dropped interception could have put the Rams in trouble late in the game.

Super Bowl 56 – As it happened

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The Bengals and Rams finally met on February 13, 2022, to face off for a chance to get their hands on the Lombardi Trophy. It was an eventful day at the SoFi stadium and also across the whole country.

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals to win the NFL title. It was their first NFL title since 1999 and their first representing Los Angeles since 1951. The Rams opened their account first and led by 10 points at the start of the second quarter but the momentum changed when Cincinnati’s Mixon threw a touchdown pass towards Higgins just before the end of the half. Matthew Stafford made a mistimed interception and that made the stadium very tense.

Bengals took their first lead of the game when Joe Burrow and Higgins combined to make a 75-yard touchdown. Kupp and Stafford showcased why they were doing what they did all season and stepped up to the occasion. Kupp made a 4-yard touchdown and Stafford also followed by a one-yard score which provided the Rams final 23-20 lead. Critical pressure was applied on Burrow by Donald which secured their lead.

Box Score – LA Rams

  • Odell Beckham Jr. made two recoveries, covered an area of 52 yards and score a touchdown.
  • Aaron Donalds made four tackles, two sacks, two tackles for loss (TFL), and an impressive three quarterback hits.
  • Cooper Kupp made eight recoveries, covered 92 yards of ground and scored another two touchdowns.
  • Cam Akers made 21 total attempts covering 21 yards of space.
  • Matthew Stafford made 26/40 dashes, covered 283 yards of the pitch, scored a marvelous sum of three touchdowns and made two interceptions.

Bengals Score Box

  • D.J. Reader made one sack, one tackles for loss (TFL), and three quarterback hits.
  • Ja’marr Chase made five recoveries and ran 89 yards.
  • Higgins made four recoveries, covered 100 yards and made an impressive two touchdowns.
  • Joe Mixen, 15 total attempts and covered 72 yards.
  • Joe Burrow hit 22/33 total dashes, covered 263 yards and made one touchdown.
  • Burrow and Ja’marr Chase couldn’t lead the Bengals to a victory over the Rams as they were getting mauled by defenders and teammates alike.

Most Valuable Player

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The Most Valuable Player (MVP) was awarded to Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp. He made the game-winning pass to give the Rams a lead of 23-20 over the Cincinnati Bengals. He even earned the triple crown during the regular season, which makes it even more fitting for Kupp to be awarded the MVP honor.

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