Comcast to release X1-powered Sky Stream box in UK – IPTV Live Streaming

(Image courtesy Comcast Corporation/Sky Group Plc., Graphic by The Desk)

Comcast will release a standalone Sky Stream device for pay television customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland later this year, The Desk confirmed this week.

The device, which runs a modified version of Comcast’s X1 operating system, will allow Sky customers to stream live television and on-demand content from any television set with an HDMI port.

A variant of the Sky Stream device has been available to Sky customers as a separate purchase when they buy Comcast’s smart television set Sky Glass. Like the Sky Stream, Sky Glass runs Comcast’s X1 platform with apps geared toward Sky customers and allows customers to watch the Sky television service without a satellite dish.

The standalone Sky Stream box comes bundled with a voice remote control and support for dozens of popular video apps, including Netflix, Pluto TV, Xumo and others.

Pricing and further technology specifications for the Sky Stream device were not immediately available.

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