Common LG TV Problems and Solution to Fix the issues [Working Guide]

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LG TV Problems: Hello readers. Are you looking for the branded Televisions to enhance your watching experience? So, you suppose to search them in Google to find out the best tv for your house. Isn’t so? At this moment, you probably concentrate on the specifications and features of TVs.

Meanwhile, you have to more aware of the common issues that occurred in them. Not every electronic gadget stays long-lasting. Eventhough you have bought branded TVs, you will be stuck with some common problems. And here, we are going to discuss the LG TV problems and remedial measures.

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LG TV Problems

LG is the most repetitive brand in the television industry. The users and buyers of LG TV are increasing Day-by-day. This all due to some idealistic features stuffed inside the TV. On the other hand, the people who already using LG TVs facing several problems with their devices.

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What will you do when you to be one of them? It is preferable to troubleshoot the problems as much you can. Therefore, you will save money from the technicians. You have to contact technical support. Perhaps, you couldn’t tolerate the issues raised often on the LG TV.

But still, most of the common problems can repair with some simple tactics. Hopefully, this article compiles the necessary tricks and hand-in techniques. First of all, analyze the issue that occurred in your LG TV. And then, try to troubleshoot them with the use of this article.

Normally, we are not experts to rectify all the technical problems on our own. In case you came to know that your LG TV has a hardware problem. The LG owner or user has to contact the LG help&support.

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Common problems in LG TV & solutions

Sometimes, we can resolve the software issues by using simple troubleshooting ideas. Let see what they are.

LG TV problemsLG TV problems

Common Problem in LG TV and Solution to Fix it.

Video with lack of Sound

Sometimes, you can see the pictures and videos with good clarity. At the same time, you may not hear the sounds or lack of sounds. The voice and the media currently playing on your TV will mismatch. The timing will have lapsed.


In such conditions, do this fixing method.

  1. Firstly, disconnect the LG TV from the AC power supply unit.
  2. Next, you can see the power button on the LG Click on the power and hold it for 10-12 seconds and then release it.
  3. After 2 minutes, reconnect the LG TV with the power hub. Now, once again press the power button. After that, connect the external speakers.
  4. If you get the sound output from the external speaker, then the problems that occurred in the internal speakers.
  5. In case, the external itself not works, you can determine that the audio IC is the problem. If you replace the appropriate component, you can come out of this issue.

Vertical/horizontal lines displays on TV

Most of the time, some horizontal and vertical lines appear on the LG TV. It is one of the frequently reported issues from LG TV users. It seems to strike out the pictures with scribbling lines. It is due to a weak signal in the set-top box cable TV connection.


To fix this kind of issue, replacing the HD set-top box, instead of using the lowered strength. Usually, HD boxes deliver the higher-input signals.

Blurred image at the time of HDMI connection

Most importantly, ensure that you are using the standardized HDMI cable. If you fail to use the certified one, your LG screen starts flickering. Eventhough you are using the standard cable, you may face this issue. This is because of fixing the improper HDMI cable connection.

Solution: Most notably, the UHD LG TV version requires the high-speed HDMI cable with Version 2.0. To avoid improper connection, look at the rear side of the LG TV. Connect the HDMI cable properly.

USB connection problem

If you face any issue while connecting the USB connection, you have to choose the supportive version of the USB cable.

Solution: To overcome this problem, make sure to use the USB cable that runs under version 2.0 or higher than that.

Lack of Wifi-connection

It is to mention that the seamless internet connection merely depends on the strength of internet bandwidth. If you thought to access the internet to share something, lacking a Wifi connection will be frustrating at that time. Unless having sufficient bandwidth of Internet speed, your WIFI connection remains weak.

The screen share option not working

Sometimes, you may try to connect two different devices to share the compact screen on LG TV. At this spot, you fail to notice the WIFI access on both devices. Both should be runs under the same Internet access.


Whenever you want to share the screen of the smartphone on LG TV, pair the devices with each other under one roof.

How do I update my LG TV?

Still having an issue!

At last, check out the LG updates. It is more important to upgrade the LG Web OS periodically. In case, your TV OS working under an outdated OS, you will meet the software-related issues.

How to check the LG TV updates,

  • At main, press the Settings icon on your TV remote.
  • It will take you to the System settings section.
  • Here, you will notice that the new updates released on LG.
  • Finally, you can press the update button to explore the latest features.

Bottom Line

Usually, the people looking to buy a new TV are always surfing the pros alone. But, you have to focus on the average range of cons too. To get a better experience, your TV should not provide you trouble frequently.

However, If your warranty expired, you may start to meet the troubles on the TV. At that time, don’t contact the technicians without analyzing the issue. Don’t waste your penny to repair the spares. Before that, review this article to know the possible solutions to determine the problems.

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