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Crackle Plus announced today that it will launch five FAST channels on TCL’s free streaming platform for viewers in the U.S. Crackle Plus FAST channels include Crackle, Crackle Classics, the newly launched Chicken Soup for the Soul FAST channel, Popcornflix for action titles, and the faith and family streaming service Truli.

TCL viewers will have access to the Crackle Plus library, featuring original and exclusive programming. Highlights include the series Taboo and the feature film The Mercy; Crackle Classics’ film and TV series such as Laurel and Hardy and Little Rascals libraries; adventure and action-packed shows from Popcornflix such as the feature Godzilla: King of the Monsters (1956) and the two-part limited series Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island; an extensive collection of female-led shows from Chicken Soup for the Soul including Smart Home Nation and Mothers and Daughters; and family-friendly and faith-based content from Truli such as the critically acclaimed Bible series The Chosen

“We’re thrilled to bring our constantly evolving library of content to TCL viewers since across all five of these different services; there is sure to be something to satisfy everyone,” said the president of Crackle Plus, Philippe Guelton. “Enlarging our distribution with TCL also reflects our determination to provide consumers with the best free entertainment with the support of our advertising partners who will be exposed to a completely fresh audience.”

“Crackle is a respected brand in the streaming entertainment industry, and we are thrilled to be adding their five channels to TCL’s robust lineup,” said Rebecca Wan of FFalcon. “TCL is committed to the free streaming space, and we continue to provide value to our audience by partnering with stellar brands like Crackle to deliver our customers top-shelf free content.” 

Crackle Plus recently released the exclusive scripted series Les Norton, starring Alexander Bertram and Rebel Wilson; the suspense thriller BlastInside the Black Box, hosted by Joe Morton; the hit thriller series In the Vault; and the award-winning BBC series Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They also recently announced season three of the award-winning orignal series Going From Broke.

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