Disney+ (Plus): opinion on the low-cost HD streaming subscription

Since its arrival, the Disney + platform has caused a lot of ink to flow. Comments on the price of the streaming subscription, comparisons with the number one competitor in the sector, “Netflix”, image quality ( HD or even 4K): everyone wants to share their opinion on the subject. FranceIPTV did the test for you and here is what we remember.

If the offer has been launched since March 24, 2020 in France, Internet users and consumers of TV series or films of all kinds are waiting for further information. What programs are available there? Do we find our favorite characters? Is the diversity of content there? Do you have to put your hand in your pocket for this streaming subscription?

So many questions generated by the restless Disney+ platform, to which we will try to find answers in this article.

Disney+ is already a success outside of France

On the other side of the Atlantic, success is already there, since the launch of the platform on November 12, 2019 in the United States, as well as in countries that have had the chance to take advantage of the streaming subscription and Disney+ content ( Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand) some time before France.

At the beginning of February 2020, there were already more than 28 million subscribers, divided between these 5 countries, whose opinions seem to testify to a quality service. The start of a new adventure for the creators of Mickey and Minnie? It’s hard to know the long-term answer. However, the first indications on the reception of this newcomer are spreading on the web, and the first conclusions can already be drawn.

So what should we think of Disney+? Price, image quality in HD or 4K, content, etc: here is our opinion!

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Disney+: content of the streaming subscription and its price

First, you should know that on French territory, there are two ways to watch Disney+: via the operators’ internet boxes (an agreement has already been concluded with Canal + for distribution of the offer on My Canal) or in OTT. This means that it is possible to take advantage of its streaming subscription via a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone, a game console, or even a connected television or a desktop site. A way to be present everywhere for the company, and to satisfy all types of customers.

On the content side, Disney+ has franchises allowing it to quantitatively and qualitatively enhance its platform. Indeed, the Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or even the contents of the National Geographic channel are exclusively broadcast in HD on the platform of the mouse with big ears. The proposed offer testifies to a desire to meet the expectations of early fans of Disney and its universe.

You can find all the Disney classics, from movies to cartoons. From Aladdin to Bambi, via 101 Dalmatians, and many more, Disney enthusiasts are delighted and families are totally satisfied, whether they are parents nostalgic for their childhood, or children wishing to discover the magical world of Mickey Mouse and his friends.

What will we find on the Disney+ program?

Also on the program, all the series broadcast on Disney Channel, an offer that may appeal, especially to teenagers, with series such as Hannah Montana, or High School Musical. Subscribers can also enjoy all Pixar films, as well as the entire Star Wars saga, from the most legendary to the most recent.

Some Marvel movies are also part of the streaming subscription. Of course, the offer will continue to grow as the platform develops. Negotiations are underway with many producers to further develop the available programs and satisfy as many people as possible. It is first for the brand to establish itself in the minds of consumers as a full member of the streaming market. There is obviously some catching up to do with the main competitor and market leader, Netflix .


Disney+ in HD and at a low price and a free offer

Basically, the main questions did not necessarily relate to the content of the new Disney+ streaming platform, but more to the price and the quality of the image, two priorities of streaming consumers, which are already scrutinized and compared to the competition since the launch of the offer. And for once, Disney + is not likely to be a task against the market leader that is Netflix.

Indeed, the prices displayed by Disney are significantly lower than those of the giant Netflix. 6.99 euros per month, this is the price of a streaming subscription to Disney+ content, which is almost half the price of a subscription to the American leader. Better still, if the subscription is contracted for the year, the price is €69.99, or a cost price of €5.83 per month. A way to penetrate the market quickly and efficiently, and to put pressure on competitors already in place, and on potential newcomers to the market, such as AppleTV+. In addition, it is possible for subscribers to watch Disney+ on 4 screens simultaneously, without having to pay a more expensive subscription, a huge competitive advantage in this sector.

Disney+, what ambitions for France?

The ambitions displayed by Disney are immense, with the aim of rallying 90 million people by 2024. The prices offered seem to be a means of achieving the number one objective in the short and medium term: that of gaining market share. , more than making a profit. Indeed, a loss of approximately one billion dollars is expected by the management of the Disney group during the first years of the launch of the streaming subscription platform, losses necessary to conquer this new market.

As for the image quality of the various programs, all are broadcast in HD, and some can also boast of 4K quality. Indeed, even the oldest Disney films are offered in high definition, HD being one of the priorities of consumers. 4K is therefore also available for certain programs, to the delight of fans of Marvel blockbusters. On compatible devices, the image quality can even go up to 4K HDR.

Opinion of France IPTV on the Disney+ subscription

While some technical problems were highlighted by the first subscribers, due to the youth of the streaming platform, opinions seem to be unanimous regarding the quality of Disney+ content. Indeed, the various opinions and opinions collected on the web demonstrate customer satisfaction, which underlines Disney’s desire to create a real family offer, at affordable prices. The comments observed on the Internet show that the platform seeks to provide content for everyone, regardless of age or taste. A boon for families who will no longer have to choose which film to buy or download in order to satisfy their children of different ages. With Disney+, teenagers, young children, and even adults have the opportunity to find programs that are suitable for them.

In our opinion, if the content still needs to be developed, which seems rather normal for a new offer, the Disney+ platform really has all the arguments to please. As mentioned above, the prices are significantly more advantageous than the competition, and the quality of the image allows for a high-flying visual experience. The interface is very instinctive, and everything is done to make life easier for users of the streaming subscription. The possibility of creating 7 different profiles on the same account allows family or friends to share the offer, and avoids a situation of overpopulation on the same profile, which could annoy consumers.

A difference with Netflix?

If Netflix sometimes seems to appear as a messy interface with an infinity of programs that are not necessarily well distributed, Disney+ has a clear organization, with very specific categories. The content is downloadable, and can thus be watched offline, when traveling by plane or train for example, or simply during days spent without access to Wi-Fi.

In conclusion, the opinion of our editorial staff for the new bet attempted by the big-eared mouse company is more than positive. Obviously, it will have to be completed over the long term, taking into account the development of content and the growth of the offer. In any case, in view of the opinions read and reread on the web, streaming enthusiasts seem delighted with the proposed offer, and this in the four corners of the globe. Europe, which seemed to be waiting with envy and curiosity for the launch of Disney+, and France at the top of the list, are therefore anything but disappointed. Nothing seems to stop the magic of Disney, not even streaming, which may well spread it in the years to come!

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