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Since 2016, Netflix has allowed users to download content to watch offline. The feature is commonly used by commuters who don’t want to use their mobile data to stream video, as well as travellers preparing for flights and other journeys where they won’t have internet access. But is there a limit to how much you can download?

Unfortunately, Netflix does impose a limit on your downloads. You can have up to 100 active downloaded titles per device at any time, on as many devices that are included in your membership plan. 

When you attempt to download your 101st title, you’ll get the following error message: “You have downloads on too many devices. Please remove downloads from another device.”

Downloads also expire after a period of time, and some titles can only be downloaded a maximum number of times per year. Netflix encourages users to delete downloads from their devices once they’ve finished watching in order to free up space for more titles.

You may also be limited by the amount of storage on your device. Videos have large file sizes and, if you have a mobile phone or tablet with just a small amount of storage, you may not be able to download the maximum of 100 titles Netflix permits. If this is the case, you’ll see an error from Netflix asking you to delete previous downloads to free up space.

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