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Duple IPTV not Free


How to subscribe to Duplex IPTV?

Duplex IPTV Subscription for your Smart TVs

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After the successful lunch of Duplex IPTV on the Smart TV and Android Devices such as Firestick, NVIDIA Shield and Android TVs. The duplex IPTV was found to be more popular with users due to easy to use interface. Also, the app was very popular at first when it was for free. Even Youtube Video shows that the app was made when the app was free.

Duple IPTV not Free

After the first initial release, Duple IPTV becomes so popular that the developers become overwhelmed with questions and enhancement to make to the app. It made more sense to have the app paid for so the developers would leave their other project and support the ongoing cost of the ad of the server allow the developers to focus on making constant changes to the application.


duplex iptv pricing

Duplex IPTV posted the message

Unfortunately, due to the continous increase of the cost required to support new customers we have to switch Duplex IPTV to be paid with a very small fee

Duplex IPTV is free to try for 7 days. After this period you are welcome to pay a small amount to support the app

  • Six months subscription cost only $0.99

  • One year subscription cost only $1.99

The message was clear, the app now needs to be paid for to support users, however, this brought in a lot of problems that the developers were not preparing for. Duplex IPTV was a free app but when it become paid, they clearly were not ready to be paid. This is why they were forced to use Playstore and Windows payment system instead of a credit card or PayPal which is what other Paid IPTV Apps.

The process seems to be more completeltd and the next steps will give you more of an idea of how to purchase a subscription.

How to subscribe to Duplex IPTV?

The payments can be done using one of the following apps from Windows or Android

  • Windows – Duplex IPTV App on the Official Microsoft Windows Store
  • AndroidDuplex IPTV App on the Official Google Play Store

Please note that: Duplex IPTV app on Microsoft Store or Google store can be used to pay for any device including Smart TVs.

Duplex IPTV Subscription for your Smart TVs

renew for another device
  • Download either
    • Download Duplex IPTV on any windows PC or XBOX one from the official Microsoft Windows Store
    • Or alternatively Download Duplex IPTV on any android device from the official Google Play Store
  • Open the downloaded Duplex IPTV App on Windows or Android device
  • On home screen open [Subscription]
  • Choose [Renew for other devices]
  • Type devise ID and device Key of your TV
  • Choose a subscription type and then confirm purchase
  • Restart Duplex IPTV on your TV

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  • Accessibility


  • Usability


  • HD Quality streaming


  • Application support


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