Football streaming: How to see the matches and all the sport in streaming?

The Bein subscription , RMC Sport are bouquets that allow you to watch your football match live . But not only you can see all the sport in general. But there are many other methods on the internet that allow you to see football matches in free live streaming . Often we find disreputable sites full of ads. But you, you want the best free football streaming sites , without registration, without advertising and in complete safety! Let’s take an overview of the different existing tips.

The article being quite complete and therefore quite long, if what you want to know is “how do my neighbors watch football and sports live on their television? so I advise you to read my article on IPTV to watch Canal and Bein Sport for free. This method allows these users to have all the channels and all the bouquets from a simple tv box connected directly to the TV (or even simply to their mobile, tablet, ps4, etc.) IPTV is what makes it possible to use your channel subscription simply with an internet connection. All you have to do is install your TV subscription on these famous boxes to enjoy matches on television, series, film and direct sport.

The legal methods to watch a football match live

RMC Sport streaming

Of course, if you are looking for a practical and above all legal way to watch your favorite sports events, you have RMC Sport 100% Digital. SFR offers this subscription compatible with almost all devices (PC, mobile, android, tablet, etc.). The price is €19.90/month to access all RMC Sport content in super quality and without cuts! RQ: You don’t have to be an SFR subscriber to enjoy RMC Sport. This is currently the only option to enjoy a maximum of football matches (especially the Champions League)

Bein Sport streaming

Another well-known service, BEIN. Bein offers a monthly subscription at €14 (12-month commitment). But above all there is an offer for only €1 more and without obligation. So you can take the subscription just the time of the champions league for example. Bein’s video service is called Bein Sport Connect. It is compatible with all devices: pc, mobile, ps4, xbox and many more.

Molotov, long live legal IPTV

If you do not know Molotov, know that it is a legal IPTV provider that allows you to watch most French channels live. And it’s free! You even have the replay in free access and some VOD. A whole Molotov tutorial here. What you need to know with Molotov is that you can also see the sport live. Indeed, Molotov offers paid packages, including that of RMC. And they offer it at €18.99 (cheaper than at RMC Sport…) An Equidia or even NFL pack is also available.

Molotov iptv

Free to see the sport live on the internet?

Whether ! I saved you the best for the end of this series of legal offers!

The rare pearl is VimĂ©o livestream. You will have access, and free of charge, to powerlifting competitions (strength trials), chess tournaments, basketball, football, tennis and also herding events. It’s awesome ! There are tons of competitions that are live and free to access. It’s international, so we discover incredible things. But you guessed it, you won’t see the soccer world cup or the Olympic Games on vimeo. It is also difficult to find French competitions and even less football match streaming.. too bad

Illegal offers that stream football matches and sports.

The Internet is a great communication tool. But not only. The Internet allows you to do many things. And individuals have mastered the workings of this technology perfectly. These same individuals therefore use the Internet to illegally share sports broadcasts. Let’s take stock of these unscrupulous methods.

IPTV subscriptions with sports.

This technique is rather recent in France. It consists of copying the video stream of paid channels and sending it back to users directly on their android, mobile or other box. This does not go through a website, there is no advertising, it’s copying consistent with official subscriptions. These IPTV subscriptions copy all the cinema channels, sports, VOD… in short, everything they can copy, they copy. This method is gaining ground in France and is very well known abroad because it allows you to watch TV as if you had the official subscription at 100€/month, but it only costs 50€ per year…

iptv subscription 2

You understand that these illegal IPTV boxes that offer thousands of channels are attracting more and more crowds. But I repeat, this method is not authorized in France. Hadopi is actively looking into this to find a flaw in this system.

streaming sites

The best known steaming site is, I think, roja-directa. This site allows you to see all (or almost) the sport available on the internet. I’m talking about important meetings. For more “original” tournaments, vimeo-livestream!

Rojadirecta, the most famous football streaming site

This site is of course completely illegal. And above all, it presents a serious risk to your digital security. Just look at the number of ads that pop up when you try to watch a game live. You have to click on a lot of stuff, without really knowing what it is before hoping to access live streaming. Roja is one of those sites that is paid for with advertising and which, by their illegal nature, are not accountable to these users. So they don’t care about your security and certainly don’t invest in it. On the contrary, for a while, roja (and similar sites) used malware to mine bitcoins on your computer while you were watching a game (Monera to be more precise).


Streamonsport, best football streaming site in French.

Streamonsport is a totally illegal football live streaming site. This site is regularly inaccessible on the Internet. Indeed, it often changes DNS in order to stay online. The site is also free and “exchanges” the time spent watching live football matches against advertisements present throughout the website.

Other football streaming sites

Another example, the site called sports streaming and is in .tv (no desire to put a link to its dubious and illegal sites). This site announces to take over from roja directa. Same principle, same risks.

If you go to these websites, which I do not recommend, take a good look at the top of the address bar: do you see the little green padlock? NOPE ? Normal, there is none. However, it is free and anonymous to have this security certificate validated for your site. So you guess that if they don’t have the certificate, they are not secure at all!

How to protect yourself from your football match streaming sites?

There are indeed ways to protect yourself, and they are simple and effective ways. Of course, the best thing is not to go to his sites at all. But as, on the internet, you cannot know if the site is illegal before being there, you have to take the lead. These tips are therefore valid for any use of the internet, and any device, both mobile tablets and computers, Mac included!

Have an antivirus. Well yes it’s stupid, but I still see people who do not have antivirus. In free, you have Avira which is much better than Avast. By paying, I recommend Panda Antivirus. It does not install 50 unnecessary stuff and leaves your privacy alone. But believe me, Avira and the free version is enough!

Have an ad blocker. If you don’t know, you will love me. On your internet browser, do a search in google with the terms “adblockplus”. You will be able to install a free extension that removes a lot of advertising on the sites you visit. This allows you to surf more quietly and avoid viruses that pass through false ads!

Have a VPN. In the 90s, everyone (or almost) understood that having an antivirus had become mandatory (thanks to the internet). Times change and threats evolve. Before, hackers made viruses that crashed your computer, which brought them nothing. Now these hackers are instead trying to steal your information to better resell it, use it, or blackmail you (with ransomware). Antiviruses can’t do anything about it.. (even if some advertise on the fight against ransomware..)

The only effective way is therefore to encrypt your data. Thus, you are safe and protected on the internet. Software that does this is called VPN. And it has become mandatory on the internet in the same way as antivirus! I made you a whole article on the best IPTV VPNs . If you’re in a hurry, just go for NordVPN , it’s the best and one of the cheapest.

In conclusion

To the question What is the best streaming site to watch a football match live?

I would tell you, it depends on you… In order to stay legal, to have advertisements only at half-time and to be sure that it works, the Molotov option with the RMC pack seems to me the most interesting , the least expensive and the most complete.

If you decide to go to the dark side of the internet and try one of the illegal methods, I can only remind you that there are risks involved in this practice. Anyway, it is important to protect yourself properly with an antivirus AND a VPN in order to avoid many setbacks on the internet.

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