Free Disney Plus: it’s possible! Here’s how.

Disney Plus is certainly one of the best streaming video platforms on the market. Anyway, it’s my favorite. And although the service is already one of the cheapest available (twice as expensive as Netflix for the same options!), there is still a way to get Disney+ for free. I’m not going to talk to you about a pirate iptv box, but a subscription to install on your TV decoder, computer, mobile etc… Here’s how.

Disney Plus crack apps

I prefer to start this article right away by telling you about these websites that promise you mountains and wonders for free if you simply click a button to download the application. You can try, but you will regret it. These Disney Plus crack apps don’t work and you’ll just end up wasting your time or worse, getting a virus. Exactly as I explain for the NordVPN Crack app , it doesn’t work and it’s mostly risky. Far be it from me to make you download a cracked and illegal application that would only bring you a lot of trouble. Instead, I’ll tell you how to do it with a real Disney Plus account, but totally free!

Important reminders about the Disney+ subscription

I’m not going to give you a speech on what the Disney+ service is, but I think it’s important and necessary to remind you of some interesting features in order to better understand the rest of this article.

In a Disney+ subscription, simultaneous connection for 4 devices is included. In other words, you can watch, at the same time, on 4 different devices, in 4 different locations, and 4 different contents.

Also in the price of the Disney plus subscription , the possibility of creating 7 user profiles is included. Profiles allow you to manage your use of the platform on an individual basis. The most useful function being especially the follow-up of the episodes viewed in the seasons of your series. A profile is therefore a bit like a session on your computer, everyone can have their own in order to have a personalized experience and not influence the session of other users.

These two important points therefore allow, contractually, to use a single subscription for several people. These people must be from the same household.

A 100% free Disney Plus account

Disney Plus, unlike Netflix, offers to test its streaming service 100% free of charge. Exactly like Amazon does with its Prime video subscription . To benefit from this advantage, the procedure is extremely simple. I recommend doing it from a computer (or tablet) for more comfort in entering information and “juggling” between confirmation emails and returns to data entry. But it remains the same on all media.

  • Go to the DisneyPlus website
  • Click the big “Start your trial” button
  • Enter your email address (a real one)
  • Choose a password (6 characters including a number or a special character)
  • You should immediately arrive on the “Start your 7-day free trial” screen.
  • Then choose either a monthly or annual subscription. You will not be charged.
  • Enter a payment method and confirm.

You will then receive emails from DisneyPlus. Your free Disney+ account is active and fully operational.

This account is free for 7 days. During this period, you have access to exactly the same functionalities, qualities, catalogue, etc. as a paying subscriber user. This is therefore an opportunity to discover the platform and its content in depth.

Arrived at the 7th day of your trial period, if you wish to continue to benefit from the subscription then there is nothing to do. This will be automatically renewed the following day and the sample will therefore be taken on the 8th day.

Conversely, if you wish to stop the trial period, you can do so at any time by simply clicking on ‘cancel subscription’ in your Disney Plus account. You will not be charged, these 7 days will then have cost you nothing.

Disney Plus subscription

Update of 06/19/2020: Disney+ has ended the trial period offer. On the other hand, it is always possible to take advantage of special offers. Here is the link to check the existing promotions on Disney+ subscriptions

What techniques to have more than 7 free days?

I see you coming from afar: you immediately say to yourself: “easy, just cancel the Disney Plus subscription before the 7 days, then create a new one! “. Yes it is, it will work. You will be able to create a new 7-day free Disney+ account with new credentials. You will then need to use a new email address and a new payment method. This solution is therefore technically viable but has two major drawbacks.

The first is the limit on the number of payment methods you can provide: don’t expect to use a fake Paypal account, it doesn’t work, only Verified Paypal accounts work. Second black point, when you create a new account, you lose the history of your viewings. Which, for me who devours a lot of series, is really annoying to remember where we are in each episode…

The chaining of free Disney Plus accounts is therefore not a lasting solution and is not at all optimal in the use of your subscription. So there remains a well-known solution, I named Disney+ subscription sharing.

Disney+ included in the Canal Plus Packs

There are quite a few different subscriptions at Canal+. And often, it is possible to choose different options for each pack (package). Among all Canal+ offers, there are a few that include Disney+ in the price. This is the case with the Ciné-Series+, Famille+ and Intégrale+ packs.

When you subscribe to a Canal+ offer, if you choose one of these packs, you can then take advantage of the Disney+ subscription included in the Canal+ offer for free. The site explains in detail how to benefit from Disney+ and Netflix with Canal+. To put it simply, once the Canal subscription is taken out, you just need to create identifiers for Disney and that’s it. You will then have a Disney+ subscription offered with your Canal pack.

Account sharing, is it allowed by Disney?

As explained above, you can, with a single Disney Plus subscription , create up to 7 profiles and use 4 devices simultaneously. This therefore opens the door wide to allow you to share your account with friends or family. All you have to do is give your identifiers (email address and password) to the interested parties and create a unique profile for them. They will then be able to benefit from Disney+ completely free of charge. But what about Disney?

Competitors to Disney (Netflix in the first place) see the shortfall in this story and do not contractually authorize account sharing. You must use your account for members of your household only (same name, same address..) If for the moment Netflix has not yet put too many means in place to fight against this phenomenon, it seems that it will be the case for this year. Netflix seems to want to implement a geographical restriction such as Spotify does. If for the moment, Netflix has not taken action, it makes it known in numerous press releases that it will not be long.

What about Disney Plus? 

Disney takes a slightly different stance on account sharing. And if there are a lot of articles on the internet telling a little nonsense about this subject, I find that some, on the contrary, are rather clear-sighted and explain the situation well. 

In summary, Disney trusts its users and does not currently focus on this aspect. Disney has also announced: “  We have created technology internally, continues Michael Paull, which we will use to understand user behavior. If we see behavior that does not make sense, we will put mechanisms in place to address the situation ”  (source: lejournaldugeek) .

Clearly, for the moment, it is not their priority and do not worry too much about it. At the same time, Disney Plus offers a cheap subscription. Suddenly, a bit like Amazon Prime subscriptions that no one shares, Disney Plus accounts should also be less shared, in particular thanks to this price. 

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