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Welcome to the PC Apps Guide, If you are looking to Install Xmeye for PC Windows or MAC. Then you are in the right place to download and Install XMEye for PC Windows 10/7/8/XP and MAC.

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      A Personal Computer is a multi-functional and purposeful computer. The dimensions, capacities, and expenses made it practicable for individual use. Personal Computers are deliberated to be controlled personally for a user, rather than a specialist or skilled person. It’s not used with a highly costly desk-side computer, processor, time dividing by most of the people at simultaneously.

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Some organizations and collective computer possessors are to maintain their programs to do any needful work with the machines. For this advantage, users can improve their own appeal. It’s open-source software. It has electrically connected and provided some binary program and form. The software for personal computers is representatively developed and dispensed individually from the hardware or work out system fabricates. There is no longer a need to work down their own programs to make any need for a personal computer.

The software is often available through a producer-carried channel. But the end-user applications are disheartened with a lack of carrying to the manufacturer. Personal Computer is an electronic device, which is designed to use one person at a time. It consists of a central processing unit that holds computation, logic, and control protection on an integrated circuit. PC has two types of memory, such as RAM(Random Access Memory) and ROM(Read Only Memory).

It usually consists of the computer case, power supply, motherboard, hard disk, CD/DVD drivers, and Various external devices. Users can make use of accounting, business processes. It has mostly used for interactive multimedia entertainment, relaxing PC games, access to the internet and etc. 

Table of Contents

About XMEye

      XMEye is an abbreviation of the “Xiongmai eye.” It’s a free video, which means free Video, that’s a detector tool for IPC and DVR with a cloud computing technology that is helpful for video monitoring. At present, XMEye is obtainable for iOS, Android devices of smartphones, and tablets. The users can use an Android emulator or app player instead of run XMEye on computers or portable computers.

It’s free software, and it works as a remote video observation. The users have more security at home and at the same time in the office. It’s a remote monitoring device with the use of CCTV systems. It’s a CCTV application that can keep various kinds of videos in different sizes, and it works on PCs. It can be viewed only using an emulator like BlueStacks.

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Features of Xmeye for PC

  • The users can utilize the support of cloud login support to enable the system.
  • It has bidirectional talk support of both the sending and receiving process, but not at the same time.
  • The next feature is to monitor the activities in the quick view. It allows us to monitor and control the systems efficiently.

  • It enables remote controlling playback of media from a webpage. 

  • The Video has been played and recorded as locally and effectively with the desire of users.

  • It has to find an option for pictures and searching screenshots also.

  • It has an essential feature of PTZ, which means pan-tilt-zoom.

  • However, It allows the users can control the movement and position of the software. 
  • There are serial number scanner, and the QR code is available in this software.

  • It has some categories of adding files, pictures, and editing them and deleting unwanted items in the system.

  • The unique feature is to contain that; it has an auto-update support to update the android apps manually.

  • It has to add a device of IP address, which is an internet protocol for communication. 

How to Download and Install Xmeye for PC Windows?

Download and Install Xmeye for PC

Step1: Download an emulator BlueStacks on your PC.

Step2: Open the BlueStacks application on your PC.

Step3: Download the XMEye application file on your PC.

Step4: Drag the XMEye app into the BlueStacks emulator.

Step5: Go along with the instructions carefully and successfully install it.

Step6: After the installation opens the XMEye app within the emulator.

Step7: Then, sign in the application with the info of Username, Name, Gender, Contact, Address, Email, and Password.

Step8: You can arrange the XMEye app with your installed IP Cameras or DVR.

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How to Download and Install Xmeye on Mac?

The steps to download and install the XMEye on Mac is almost similar to handle it on PC or laptop. The only difference is that we will need to obtain the Mac version of the emulator.

Step1: Download the BlueStacks on Mac operating system.

Step2: Install the emulator and open it.

Step3: However, We can register in the emulator for the first time.

Step4: The BlueStacks emulator has a built-in search app to download the XMEye app. So, with the use of the search option, we can download the app.

Step5: After the installation, open the XMEye app and use it in a proper way.

Final verdict

      XMEye is a cloud storage device, and it’s a free service system. It’s a tool for CCTV systems to allows remote monitoring through multiple mechanisms. It can easily work on users’ Android devices with security properties. It has the support of a massive volume of video imagery. It’s effortless to use. It also consonant with most IP security cameras.

Its systematically saved and backed up to protect all the needful things. There is a function like live Video, remote playback system, and audio speaking is more prominent for this system. Finally, it’s a free service for every user for many different CCTV systems. Also, If you are looking for other PC Apps visit

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