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Amazon slashes the price of its popular streamer – the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K are now cheaper than ever before

If you love watching all the latest content on the big screen, you’ll want a TV streamer. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K are among the most popular streaming devices you’ll find on the market. The latter supports up to 4K streaming with HDR, which means you’ll get a much sharper stream if you’ve got a 4K television to plug it into, and it also supports Dolby Atmos, provided you have the right speakers.

Buy the Fire TV Stick from Amazon

Both of Amazon’s devices are relatively inexpensive, with the regular model at £40 and the 4K variant at £50. However, during the two-day Prime Day event, both of these have had a 50% reduction in price for Prime customers. They’re available for £20 and £25, respectively – that’s the cheapest they’ve ever been.

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You might be wondering: do I need a streamer? If your TV doesn’t have any built-in smart features, you’ll be missing out on the latest shows from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney and Curzon among a few others. But what makes these streamers stand out from its competitors is Alexa. Amazon’s virtual assistant is built in to the bundled remote; you can ask Alexa for the weather, to play your favourite songs via your TV’s speakers or soundbar and even order items through your Amazon account, too.

Buy the Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon

The streamers also make it the perfect way to catch up on TV: rewatch the last episode of Love Island on the ITV Hub; keep up to date with the news via Sky News; or see the latest sports highlights on the BBC Sport app.

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The setup process for either couldn’t be simpler: you’ll need a free HDMI and USB port. The latter can be plugged into a wall socket or one of your TV’s sockets. Once plugged in, simply follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be ready to stream content to your TV.

Of course, to make use of this deal you’ll need to be a Prime customer. Sign up for a 30-day free trial below. 

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