Hisense Smart TV Problems & Troubleshooting Guide 2021 [Working Perfectly]

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Guys! In recent times, Smart TV usages are gradually increasing. These household appliances bring technological advancement to our doorstep. Can you think your Smart TVs work fine & long-lasting without any issues? There is no guarantee. Isn’t it? That is why the retailers provide warranty cards for a limited period. Are you facing technical problems with your brand new Hisense TV? Don’t spend too much on the technicians as soon as you are stuck with TV issues. Instead, analyze the problem and try to troubleshoot them on your own. This article list outs the problems that occur frequently on your Hisense TV.

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Hisense TV

Hisense Tv is famous for its budget-friendly smart TV. Yes. It features premium technologies with 4k – HDR resolution at an affordable rate. Chinese Manufacturer company manufactures the Hisense brand. This brand offers a range from Laser TVs to Premium HD, UHDR, LE, ULED televisions. At the same time, this is not an equal competitor for some big brand televisions like LG, Samsung. However, the Hisense TV works well on one side, it will give you a host of troubles on the other side.

Common problems occur in Hisense TV

At first, you should analyze the problem, whether it is a hardware issue or a software side. Most software issues can troubleshoot easily using the following remedial measures. If your TV is damaged physically or hardware replacement, you can contact the professional repairers. Ensure that your Hisense TV is still under warranty. If you could not fix the issues, you can claim a warranty from the customer care team.

Hisense TV problemsHisense TV problems
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How to Fix Hisense TV problems?

Let us discuss some of the common issues raised on the Hisense TV, and troubleshooting methods in this section.

Hisense TV- Not turn on

Hisense TV won’t turn on is the major issue for most of the users so far. This is sometimes frustrating, but also it can be rectified easily. It may be due to a low power supply or the discharge of batteries on the TV remote.

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Troubleshooting methods

  1. First off, unplug the power cable from the power hub. Leave it for a minute. Then, plug it again. Meanwhile, ensure that the power supply cord has a powered AC outlet. When you do this, your system will completely shut down and restart the program.
  2. Next, take your remote and remove the batteries. If you have new pair of batteries, make use of it. Or else, replace the spots and try to turn on your TV using the remote.

Steps to reset the Hisense smart TV

If this method resolves your problem at the time, but the same reoccurs after a week, kindly reset your smart TV. Factory Reset is highly recommended to solve most of the minor problems.

  1. Turn on your TV and land on the Settings
  2. Find the System settings.
  3. Under that, click the Advanced system settings.
  4. Hit the Factory Reset.

 Screen flickering problems on Hisense Smart TV

Most of the time, we used to keep smartphones or any other electronic gadgets near to the TV. At that time, your smart TV starts to keep on flickering. In such cases, your Hisense TV is not an exception. Due to the electronic interferences, it causes flickering issues on your TV.

Troubleshooting methods

  • Try to avoid placing the electronic tools near the TV.
  • Turn off the appliances, and take them away from the Hisense TV.

Hisense TV screen goes black

When you turn on the Hisense TV, sometimes you cannot see the picture on it. Your Tv screen remains black in color. But, you can hear the voice of whatever is playing. At this spot, you have to check your power supplies. Switch off your TV and turn it on. Still, the picture is not visible on the screen, your TV has internal issues with the hardware of the power board, or the LED screen could be defective.

Troubleshooting methods

  • Remove the power cord of the TV.
  • Press the power button & Hold it down for 20-25 seconds.
  • Leave the unplugged TV for 5 minutes.
  • Next, Re-insert the power cord.
  • Now, switch on your TV.

If this not works well, contact the help team to fix the hardware issues.


What are the common problems that occur in Hisense smart TV?

Black screen after turning on the TV, blinking errors, flickering issues, the TV won’t turn on, picture with no sound, sound with no pictures are the most common issues that you might face on the Hisense TV. Remember that, these are some of the software issues.

There are lots of chances to get hardware problems like a crack in the LED screen, internal board damage, picture tube failure, defective remote, and much more.

What to do when my Hisense TV runs without sound?

If you want to fix this type of issue, make sure to check out these things.

  • Make sure that you haven’t set the Mute mode. Accidentally, you might have put your TV in silent or mute mode. This will lead you to watch merely pictures with no sound.
  • Check the batteries on the remote. If the battery is dead, you can’t raise volumes through the remote.

Bottom Line

If you face any of the problems on your Hisense smart TV, do follow the troubleshooting methods stated in this article. Power cycling is the foremost solution to fix many common issues. And also, simply turn ON and OFF the TV once or twice. Check out the power hub often. If you couldn’t predict the problem, there might be a hardware-related issue. At that time, you can meet the support team for your product. I hope, this write-up gives simple solutions to solve the problems.

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