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If you are this content, it means you have bought the Roku streaming player, right? Definitely, you may have doubts about the methods of activating the Roku device. This article will give you the best methods to activate and troubleshoot your Roku device with simple methods.

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Chiefly, Roku is one of the popular online streaming devices at this point. With which you can stream many online channels that are streamed through the internet. To enjoy all these benefits, all you need to do is to activate your Roku device by connecting to your smart TV.

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In simple words, you have to connect the Roku streaming stick or player to the HDMI port of your smart TV. After that, you will need a Roku account and an activation code to activate your streaming device. Are you ready to stream a lot of free content, movies, and TV shows using your Roku device? If yes, continue reading the following article for the methods to activate your Roku device with our simple methods. 

How to Activate the Roku device?

Table of Contents

How to Activate Roku Streaming Device?

Chiefly, there are two types of streaming devices in Roku. That is Roku player and Roku stick. For example, the Roku player will be in the appearance of a set-top box. Whereas, the Roku streaming stick will look like a pen drive with an HDMI input.

In the case of a Roku streaming player, you have to connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable. On the other hand, you can directly connect the Roku streaming stick to the HDMI port of your smart TV. Once you are done with that continue with the following steps to start activating your Roku device. 

Step 1:

Initially, connect your Roku device cable to the power source and Turn on it.

Step 2:

You may use your Roku remote to turn on the device.

Step 3:

On first boot up, it will ask you to select your Language as every portable electronic gadget does.

Step 4:

Once you have chosen your language, it will ask you to connect the device to an internet connection. (It could be WIFI or Ethernet).

NOTE: If you are opting for a wired connection, make sure you connect the Ethernet cable to the Roku device before getting into the process. Some Roku devices may not have an Ethernet port to connect the internet cable. In that case, you have to connect your Roku streaming device to a wireless connection.

Step 5:

Once your Roku device is connected to the internet, it will check for the availability of the latest software updates. If it finds any such, the device will install the necessary updates and reboots automatically. 

Step 6:

In the next section, you will be allowed to choose the Display type and its resolution to get a better streaming experience. 

Step 7:

Additionally, you can also set up your Roku voice remote for more convenience. Yes, your Roku remote has a built-in microphone by which you can control minor functions like power and volume adjustment. For that initially, you have to register your voice with your personal Roku device. 

Step 8:

The next step is to activate the Roku device with a Roku account. If you have an existing Roku account, use that to get the activation code. 

Step 9:

In case you are a new user, tap on the Create Account button and enter your mail address to get a free Roku account. 

Step 10:

Now copy the Activation Code displayed on the screen.

Step 11:

Simultaneously, open a browser on your PC or laptop and navigate to the site to activate your Roku device.

Step 12:

Now, enter the Activation Code on the specified box and click on the Submit button.

Step 13:

Make sure that you get a confirmation message and a mail from Roku on successfully activating your device.  

Step 14:

That’s it. You are done with the methods of activating your Roku device. Additionally, you can customize your device by changing your theme pack and screensaver. 

How to Troubleshoot Roku device Linking issues?

I heard that many users are facing problems with activating their Roku devices. Of course, it may happen. You may encounter several issues while entering the link code or at the time of activating your Roku device.

Problems may occur in several ways, but it is hard o find them on the screen. Following are some of the problems and the ways to resolve them easily by yourself. 

1. Error – While entering the Activation Code

This error may be due to the mistake in the link code that you have entered. Simply, you may have mistyped a letter or number. In this case, you can try entering the code again. If the current link code fails, try getting a new code by again booting your Roku device.

2. Error – The Link code may be fixed

It happens sometimes. Because it takes some time to complete the activation process and move on to the next screen. If you are seeing the Activation process happening for a long time do the following remedy. 

  • Make sure that whether your Roku device has got activated already
  • If you are seeing the error code 001 – it means your Roku device is not connected to the internet.
  • So, connect your device to the internet and try again.

3. Error – Browser displaying Blank page

Sometimes the activation link may not open on your browser. It might be due to some background error with your browser. You can resolve it by clearing the browser cache and disable all the browser extensions that are in usage and try reloading the link. 


1. Why Roku is not sending activation emails?

Definitely, you will receive the mail on successfully activating your Roku device. Wait some time or try checking your SPAM mails section. 

2. How to activate the Roku device without a remote?

Well, in such situations, you can make use of the Roku smart app to control your Roku device. You can install the app from both Google Play Store and the Apple app store.


Well, this is all about the methods of activating and troubleshooting Roku devices. As a new Roku user, you must have a Roku account to activate your device. Anyone can create a Roku account with their mail ID as it is a free process.

Both the methods to activate and resolve the issues while the activation process has been given above. Make use of the article to activate and enjoy the latest movies on a large screen. 

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