How to Add Apps on Apple TV? [Step by Step Guide]

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In recent times most of them have had doubts about adding apps on AppleTV. For you, we have made a detailed guide to adding apps on Apple TV which includes 1st Generation. 2nd Generation, 3rd generation, $the Generation, Apple TV 4k).

Apple TV is the most famous streaming device which provides a lot of content and apps. Probably the Apple TV is the best streaming device comparing to Firestick, Roku. Because Apple TV never allows the third-party app to install on it and has high security. Apple TV keeps on updating the user interface and quality. Apple TV’s 4th generation is one of the best streaming devices which allows the user to add apps on the TV.

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Can you Add Apps on Apple TV 1st generation?

Actually, it is not possible to add apps on Apple TV 1st Generation. The Apple 1 does not provide any opportunity to add apps to it. However, you can use the pre-installed apps on it.

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However, the Apple TV has inbuilt channels with lots of Streaming content. Now the Apple has stopped manufacturing the Apple TV 1st generation models.

Can you Add Apps on Apple TV 2nd & 3rd generation?

No, you cannot add your own apps on your Apple 2. Still, Apple has not updated the version of the 2nd Generation. But it provides lots of streaming channels and content.

How to Add Apps on Apple TV?

Apps can be installed only on the Apple 4th generation and Apple 4K. For the remaining generation, you cannot add apps on it and you can use only the channel inside it.

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Add Apps on Apple tvAdd Apps on Apple tv

How to Add Apps on AppleTV

Apple 4th Generation comes up with the App Store and you can easily add apps from it. Let’s move on to the steps.

Step 1

On the home screen of the Apple TV. You can find lots of content.

Step 2

Scroll down a little bit and select App Store.

Step 3

On the App Store, you can find a top menu with Featured, top charts, Categories, Purchase, Search.

Step 4

Now, you can use any of the menu items to add apps on Apple TV. Just Select Featured.

Step 5

Scroll down and select Netflix.

Step 6

On the Netflix dashboard, you can find an option as Install. Click on Install.

Step 7

Once the installation completes, you can find an option as Open.

Now, you can sign in using Netflix Login details and start watching your Favorite shows. Moreover, if you didn’t find your apps on Featured or Top charts. Use Search Options to search and Add your apps on your AppleTV. Adding apps on TV 4th Generation and 4K are the same.

Final Words

Hope that you got a clear idea of How to add apps on Apple TV?. Actually, AppleTV 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation does not have any App store and cannot add any apps in it. Only you can use the app that is pre-installed in it. The AppleTV 4th generation(HD) and AppleTV 4K has an app store and user can easily add apps on it. The only option for the Apple 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation users, is to move on to the Apple 4th generation.

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