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We have noticed some questions along the lines of how to add apps to Vizio smart TV so here is a guide covering this.

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You can buy the best IPTV for your Vizio Smart TV but make sure to follow the rest of the guide below to see how to add IPTV apps and more to your Smart TV

Vizio Smart TV app store

How To Know What Version Your Vizio Smart TV Is To Add An App

First, you will want to know if you have an old or new version of the Vizio smart TV.

  • New version Vizio smart TV comes with SmartCast
  • Old Version Vizio smart TV has Vizio internet apps

How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV using SmartCast

SmartCast is on the newer version of the TV and has many built-in core apps you can install such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and hundreds more.

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How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV using SmartCast

But in this case, you will be making your own group of apps using SmartCast and not downloading any of these mainstream apps directly.

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The method you will be using as this is the only way is casting from your smartphone to the TV but remember the apps you see on your TV actually reside on your smartphone this is just a trick to get many apps working on your TV that doesn’t come loaded in the app store.

You will need to follow the below

  1. Make sure your Vizio Smart TV is connected to your Wifi and Smartphone
  2. On your smartphone go to the Google Play Store or the Apple iOS store and download a Chromecast enabled app
  3. Choose Install
  4. Now the app is installed on your Smartphone or Tablet open it
  5. You will now see the Chromecast icon at the top of the screen when your media is playing on the smartphone so press it
  6. Now the Smartphone app will connect to the Vizio Smart TV Smartcast

Now once the media is cast to your Smart TV you will be able to use your smartphone as normal while your media or app off the smartphone continues to play in the background without issues.

How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV Using VIA or VIA+

This is for the older model of Vizio smart TV that does not have SmartCast built-in but instead has Vizio Internet Apps or Apps+ or you may know this as VIA and VIA+.

How To Add Apps To Vizio Smart TV Using VIA or VIA+

To access this you can simply press the V on your TV remote control.

You also have preinstalled apps you can download and install via VIA or VIA+ such as 

  • Netflix
  • eBay
  • Youtube
  • Pandora
  • Twitter
  • Hulu


You can find many more apps in the Vizio App Store to download and some older models will even let you download and installed the Google Play Movie and TV app.

Here is how to add apps using Vizio Internet Apps or Apps+

  1. On the remote simply press the V button
  2. You can click on any of the options such as Featured, All apps to be taken to the Vizio app store
  3. Choose an app you do not currently have
  4. If your TV has VIA you need to press ok then find the app and press ok to install the app
  5. If your TV has VIA+ you will need to press and hold ok on the app to it installs then adds to the My Apps list.

How To Remove An App From The Vizio Smart TV

Deleting an app off the Smart TV is easy you just need to go to My Apps hover over the icon to the sub-menu that appears and choose the delete option.

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What Is SmartCast Anyway?

what is smartcast

SmartCast was released on Vizio Smart TVs in 2016 and is a function where you can easily fling content such as Video, Music, Photos, Apps straight from your smartphone, iPad, tablet, and iPhone.

But not only has Vizio launched SmartCast, but they have also made it compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices, Apple Airplay2, Apple HomeKit, and gaming.

Also, SmartCast works exactly how a Google Chromecast works if you have ever owned or operated one.

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