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Nowadays, Smart TVs are more important to all. Everyone needs to improve their knowledge in many ways. To know the social messages, flash news, and getting attached to the world through this smart TV. This television brings many good features to the viewers. In this session, we have the information about how to add Fox News on Vizio Smart TV. 

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Fox News

     Fox News is officially known as Fox News Channel (FNC). It’s a traditional cable television news channel all over the world. Fox news channel owned through Fox corporation and Fox news media. This news channel provides the service to 86 countries, territories worldwide. It gives international broadcast features, Fox extra segments in the time of advertisement breaks. 

     This Fox news channel launched in 1996. A picture formation is 720p HDTV. The United States is the main country of this channel. Fox channel’s Headquarters situates in New York City. The Vice channel of this Fox news is Fox Business Network, Fox Broadcasting Company. It has an available website. That is

Features of Fox News

  • You can watch Fox news channel live  24×7 without a cable box. 
  • There are many free highlights. You can get your favorite episodes, and fox news shows. 
  • In this channel, you can enjoy exclusive content which are available on the internet. You can view FREE live streaming reports of major news events. 
  • The user can search Fox news reportage of the highest stories of the day.
  • Fox news channel contains the latest US world news, Politics, Amusement, Technology, Fitness, and Scientific News. 
  • It also tells about Business, Lifestyle, and TV shows. 
  • The main feature is, this Fox news device keeps you update all the time. 

Method to Install Fox News on Vizio Smart TV

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To begin to enjoy your Fox News application, you can download and install on your Vizio Smart TV. The following session gives the steps to install the app. Here is the process to install the Fox News application with the support of some devices.

Fox News on Vizio Smart TVFox News on Vizio Smart TV

How to Install & Watch Fox News on Vizio Smart TV

Method 1: Install Fox News App On Vizio TV using App Store

Step1: First you make sure the internet connection.

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Step2: On the remote, you can click the “V” button.

Step3: Select the available storage option. It’s based on the models of the television.

Step4: Click the “OK” button to launch the app store.

Step5: Select the “Fox News” application on the screen.

Step6: Click the “OK” button to select the application. Now, click to “Install” the application.

Step7: After the installation, the app will be placed on the main screen. 

Method 2: Install Fox News App on Vizio Smart TV using SmartCast

Step1: Initially, Connect the same WiFi network to the devices.

Step2: You can install the Vizio SmartCast app in Android or iOS.

Step3: Now pair up the app to in-built Chromecast on the Vizio Smart TV.

Step4: Go ahead to the google play store on your android device or apple store.

Step5: Then, Download the ” Fox News” application of the Smartcast apps on your SmartPhone.

Step6: Open the Fox News app and click the Cast Icon.

Step7: You can select your Vizio SmartCast TV and the media will appear on the screen.

You can watch the Fox News app as per wish.

Method3: Install Fox News App on Vizio Smart TV using Browser

Step1: First, you can open the browser on your Smart TV.

Step2: Search for ” Google play store”.

Step3: Now search for ” Fox News” and find and bring it to the screen.

Step4: Click to the Green button for “Install” the application.

Step5: This page leads the user to unlock the Google accounts.

Step6: The device name appears in the window. There the user selects the device name of the Vizio Smart TV. 

Step7: Now, Click on Install the Fox News Application. Click “OK” to install it. 

Step8: Finally, when you, on the smart tv, you can view the installed Fox News App.

Method 4: Install Fox News App on Vizio Smart TV Using USB Flash Drive

Step1: It’s a place to download the APK file. So, you can download the Fox News application.

Step2: From the browser, you can download the APK file and then copy it to the USB drive. 

Step3: You can plug the USB on the USB port of Smart TV.

Step4: Now, Open the “my files app” and USB flash drive.

Step5: Find the Fox News APK file and select it. Then, Click to “Install”.

Step6: After the installation process is over, it Should be launched.

Step7: To launch the application, you can click on the “Settings” option.

Step8: After that Click to “applications”. And then select “Manage Install applications”. 

Step9: Search for the Fox News App. Now click to “Launch Application”. Now the app is launch in the Vizio Smart TV.

How to Access the Fox News Applicationon Vizio TV?

     The installation process is very easy. It has many choices. After getting your Fox News application, you will access it in a very simple way. 

  • Fox News has a lot of information and usages. You can watch all kinds of news easily. The main process is to sign in your account. 
  • After opening the app, There are many titles that include short-form content, movie trailers, episode recaps, sports highlights, Flash News, Cooking Recipes, and favorite shows of yours. You can select your admired titles and watch.
  • It also shows many invitations to view exceptional programs. You can update and activate your Fox news application with your favored time. 
  • Fox News has numerous features. You have to access this application in a simple way.

Final Words

Fox News On Vizio Smart TV provides some interesting information and valuable figures for your reference. This application poses a lot of features and functions. In the Vizio smart TV you can easily install and access this app. You can have many options to install this app. So, With the full-screen Vizio HD  tv, you can get the ultimate information with the Fox News Application.



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