How to Browse Internet on Smart TV? [Updated]

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Nowadays, television manufacturer has taken their device to the next level by downloading the app on the TV. Users can install apps on the smart tv and start watching their favorite shows, movies, sports, and much more. Even though some users wanted to browse the Internet on Smart TV to download files to smart tv. For that user, we have made a short descriptive guide to know How to browse Internet on Smart TV.

There are many TV brands available and different methods to browse the internet. Below, you can find different brands with a procedure to Browse Web.

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How to Browse Internet on Smart TV

Browsing is a common one for all users and it all depends on the terms of your browsing. Some of the terms require a small device to browse but something like having a bigger screen. If you want to browse a video and you can watch it on a bigger screen.

Internet on Smart TVInternet on Smart TV
How to Browse Internet on Smart TV?

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Nowadays, Smart TV is becoming so smarter by building in-built browsers. But the user has a doubt on How to browse the Internet on Smart TV. So, we have made a small descriptive guide for some of the smart TV below.

Can you browse the internet on a smart tv?

Yes, it is possible to browse the Internet on Smart TV. However, there are many possibilities to browse the internet by using any browser. All you have to do is to install a web browser or use the hidden browser in the Smart TV.

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How to Browse Internet on Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV is an advanced level of television that provides all the features inbuilt within it. Actually, Samsung TV has an inbuilt Web browser and the user can make use of it. So, just follow the steps below to browse the Internet on Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Connect the Internet to your Samsung TV.
  2. Press Smart HUB on your remote.
  3. Smart HUB will open on your Samsung TV.
  4. In that look for the Web browser.
  5. Select the Web Browser and Press enter key to Open.
  6. Now, the Browser opens on your screen.
  7. In that, just select the URL bar and type the words you want to Browse.

That’s it. It is so simple to Browse the Internet on Samsung TV and done in a minute without any trouble.

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How to Browse Internet on LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TV also provides all the features in it like downloading and installing apps. And also allows browsing the Internet on it without any issues.

  1. Connect your LG Smart TV to an active internet connection
  2. On the Home Screen of your LG Smart TV you can find a Menu list at the bottom.
  3. In there you can find Internet option on the below screen.
  4. Tap on it to open.
  5. Now, Select URL bar and start browsing on your TV.

How to Browse Internet on TCL Smart TV?

TCL Smart TV is a simple television network that comes up with lots of features and is user-friendly. However, it allows downloading Third-party apps on it. It is a rare case scenario of smart tv to allow Thrid-party apps.

  1. Connect TCL smart TV to an Internet connection
  2. In TCL Android TV, open play Store.
  3. In-play store, select Search.
  4. Type Google Chrome.
  5. Click on install.
  6. It will begin installing chrome on your TCL smart TV.
  7. Click on Open.
  8. Now, type the word to browse on the Search bar.
  9. Click on the Ok button on your remote to start a search.

However, it has an inbuilt browser but it is not that effective. It is best to use Google Chrome on your TCL Smart TV.

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How to Browse Internet on Vizio Smart TV?

Vizio Smart TV does not have any web browser or is not able to download any third-party apps on the Vizio smart TV. All you have to use is the Chromecast Web browser and use it on your Vizio Smart TV.

Mostly, Google chrome has a chrome cast built-in, and also Vizio smart TV has a built-in Chromecast feature. So, you can cast Browser to Vizio Smart TV and start browsing on your TV.


  1. Connect Vizio Smart TV and Android Mobile device to the same WiFi network.
  2. Download Smart Cast App from the Play Store.
  3. Open Smartcast App on your mobile.
  4. Tap on the left side screen and select setup new device.
  5. In the new window click on Get Started button.
  6. Asks you to select the language. Select your language.
  7. Then, it will show the Vizio TV device on your screen.
  8. Tap on the device name and it will connect to your TV.

That’s it. Now, you can browse the Internet on Vizio smart TV by the Smart casting method. Also, you can get to know How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV.

Final Words

Browsing has become most common for all Smart TV users. Why people are browsing on smart tv rather than using smartphones?. Because not all images, videos display clearly on smartphones that you will be in need of a bigger screen. It is like watching movies in a theater will be awesome compared to Smartphones. So, people are looking to browse the Internet on Smart TV and we made a short guide on it.

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