How to Cancel NOW TV? [Cancel NOW TV Pass/ Trial/ Subscription]

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Most of the user is looking and has a doubt that “Is it possible to cancel Now TV?”. Yes Absolutely, it is possible to cancel passes or subscription on NOW TV. But requires some steps to follow and you can get here in detailed descriptions.

Follow the steps below and all the queries regarding the NOW TV cancellation will be available below.

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How to Cancel NOW TV?

NOW TV has a cancellation process so simple with few steps and can be easily done in a minute. Just follow the steps below to cancel passes.

cancel NOW TV pass

1. Open NOW TV

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Open the NOW TV website on your browser.

2. Click on MY Account

On the Top right corner of the website, you can find MY Account option. Just click on it.

3. Login to Your Account

Enter your Username and password to enter into your Account of NOW TV.

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4. Select Passes & Vouchers

Under the My Account option, you can find Passes & Vouchers. Click on it to Open.

5. Click on Cancel

You can choose the passes which subscribed on your account. You can see cancel pass below every passes. Just tap on the Cancel pass to cancel.

6. Select a Reason to Cancel

On the next screen, it will ask you select a reason for cancelling the pass. So, click on the appropriate reason for cancellation. and click on Cancel.

7. Click on Still want to Cancel

On the next Screen Now TV will show some offer to make your stay with them. Below it, you can find ” I Still want to cancel”. It will remove the passes on your account.

To cancel all your Passes, you have to do the same procedure one by one cancel the NOW TV Passes.

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How to Cancel NOW TV Subscription?

Cancelling your NOW TV Subscription does not has any separate procedure. It is same as cancelling the NOW TV pass and you have to follow the same procedure to cancel all your passes.

Once you have cancelled all your passes and it means you have cancel the Now TV Subscription.

Also, you can restart the canceled NOW TV pass whenever you want by opening your account and click on restart.

How to Restart Now TV Pass?

Follow the procedure to restart your passes

  1. Open NOW TV Account
  2. Move on to MY account.
  3. Select MY Passes & Vouchers
  4. In that, you can see your passes which have been canceled before.
  5. Below each passes, you can find Restart Option.
  6. Click on Restart.
  7. It will ask you to Pay for the subscription.

That’s it. You have restart the NOW TV Passes on your account.

How to Cancel NOW TV Free Trial?

Most of the user will not require the passes after researching the shows in it. Or their favorite shows would have completed in a week. So, they want to cancel their free trial pass. For them, just follow the steps below.

  1. Open your NOW TV Account
  2. Move on to MY Account.
  3. Select the Passes option
  4. In that, you can find the passes you have in order.
  5. Click on the pass to cancel your free trial.
  6. Below the pass, you can find the Cancel pass option.
  7. Click on Cancel pass.

That’s it. you have cancelled your NOW TV free trial.

How to Delete NOW TV Account?

Delete Now TV account???. There is no option for deleting your Now TV account. The only way to delete the account permanently is contacting the support team.

You can contact the support team either via Email or Live Chat. Still, have no idea whether they will delete the account or not.

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Final Words

Hope that you have got your doubts cleared by this simple guide. Still, got any doubts regarding canceling the NOW TV passes. Just leave a comment below and will reach you shortly. For more support for NOW TV, you can contact NOW TV on their Live Chat.

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