How to Cast Amazon Prime to TV from Android, PC Windows, and iPhone?

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Are you all guys waiting to watch some interesting factors in the best streaming source? And do you get bored of searching for the proper streaming service to entertain yourself? For all these questions, you can get the answer in this article.

Yes, you are going to see the basic information about the wonderful streaming feature of Amazon Prime Video in this content.

And also, you are going to know how to Cast Amazon Prime Video to the TV from Android, iPhone, and PC Windows?. Are you interested in reading the article? Let’s go without any delay.

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Amazon Prime Video

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Prime Video is from Amazon. It’s a most wanted and wonderful source in the world of internet. This is a digital distribution source in the market. It’s from 2006 and the main motive of this Amazon Prime Video is providing a lot of content and wanting to entertain the users.

The internet is very important to watch all the content in Amazon Prime Video. You can watch it on television. There are many compatible devices that are applicable to this Amazon Prime Video.

From all over the universe, you can watch your lovable contents. It offers television shows, series, and much more. You can get highly commendable sources on this platform. It’s available in the subscription-based system. You can get it in two ways that Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Subscription.

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It offers fresh content every month. So, you can get vast collections in this Amazon Prime Video. This is one of the favorites and best sources to entertain people.

Features of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video comes under tons of features. You can get all the needful and essential key factors in this source. With these features, you can get more benefits and satisfaction. Here are some interesting specifications of Amazon Prime Video.

  • It’s a subscription-based tool.
  • You can get 30 days of free trials from this source.
  • Fresh content in every new month.
  • With movies and shows, it also offers tons of music on the Amazon music channel.
  • There are more than 100 premium amazon channels available.
  • You can also get or purchase the rent videos.
  • The offline mode of watching is available. Once you can download your favorite content, you can watch it offline.
  • It will control and comprise the data.
  • Amazon Prime Video has Parental Controls to secure the children.
  • It’s a family-friendly interface.
  • This provides the X-Ray option which allows you to know the extra details about your contents.
  • The picture quality is 1080p and Ultra HD or High Dynamic in Amazon Prime Video.
  • It is applicable with the sources of Android device, Tablet, iOS, PC, Firestick, Roku, Nvidia Shield, Xbox Consoles, PlayStations, Chromecast enable Smart TVs and so on.

How to Cast Amazon Prime Video to Smart TV?

This Subject presents an important note on how to cast Amazon Prime Video to Smart TV. It has two ways. You can cast the application through the Android device and then PC. For that, you need to have some previous requirements. There are,

How to Cast Amazon Prime Video to TVHow to Cast Amazon Prime Video to TV
How to Cast Amazon Prime Video to TV
  • Android or iOS device
  • Windows or Mac PC
  • Smart TV with HDMI port
  • WiFi Connection

The most important factor is, you need to connect the WiFi connection with your Chromecast TV and the relatable devices.

Method 1: How to Cast Amazon Prime Video to Smart TV from Android, iPhone, iPad?

The first way to install your Amazon Prime Video app, you can use the Android device and then cast to your big screen or TV. Here are the steps.

Step 1

The first step is, you need to connect the Chromecast to TV through the HDMI cable.

Step 2

Phone and Television should be in the same WiFi connection. You have to Install the Amazon Prime Video app from the Google Play Store or App Store in your Android device.

Step 3

Open the app and then login the Prime account with your personal details.

Step 4

You have to play one of the videos from your app and then, select the “Cast Icon” from your mobile.

Step 5

In the same way, you have to select the TV or display it to Cast.

Step 6

That’s all. Your process is over. You can watch your Amazon Prime Video content on your TV through Chromecast.

Method 2: How to Cast Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV from PC?

It has one more option to cast your Amazon Prime Video on the Smart TV in an easy way. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1

In the same way as the above method, you need to connect the Chromecast to the HDMI port of your Smart TV.

Step 2

From your PC, you need to open the chrome web browser.

Step 3

Enter the official website of Amazon Prime Video

Step 4

Select the Sign-in option.

Step 5

You need to enter the email or mobile number and password and then sign-in.

Step 6

From the three vertical dots, you need to select the Menu icon.

Step 7

Select the Chromecast icon and then choose the available Chromecast devices in the list.

Step 8

From the list, you can choose the Cast Desktop option.

Step 9

In the end, you can view the contents of Amazon Prime Video in the big screen.

Is it possible to cast Amazon Prime Video to TV?

Of course. It’s possible to cast the Amazon Prime Video to your Smart TV in the above methods.

Final Verdict

To watch the wonderful content on Amazon Prime Video you can go through the article. It comprises all the essential elements in an elaborate method. This is going to be very useful and interesting information to the Amazon Subscribers.

You can stream all your favorite content at any time. To cast to your Smart TVs, it has two types. The types are also mentioned in the above subject clearly. So, make use of this article when you want to stream the Amazon Prime Video to Smart TV.

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