How to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance on iPhone? – IPTV Guide

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It is always fun and an exciting thing to receive gift cards on our birthday or on any special occasion. Have you ever gifted or received any Apple gift cards? This article will make you learn the methods to check the iTunes gift card balance using your iPhone.

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Apart from gifting, have you heard of virtual gift cards? You would have given physical gift cards or in other words, greeting cards. But Apple has brought a new trend in the gift card segment. Certainly, it will be only useful to Apple customers.

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Accordingly, if you are an Apple customer you can send virtual or physical gift cards to your friends and family members via mail. Sounds interesting, right? Come, let’s get to know more about Apple gift cards in the following article. 

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What is iTunes Gift Card?

Generally, you can use the iTunes gift card on the Apple app store, and iTunes store to purchase music, movies, Apple books, and much more. In simple words, it can be used to purchase goods and services of Apple.

Certainly, using the iTunes gift card you can purchase products in Apple stores, App Store, iTunes Store, and on At this point, iTunes gift cards are a popular gift option for those who are using iPhones, iPad, and Macbook.

Simply, both the sender and the receiver should be Apple customers.  It allows you to make digital purchases through the iTunes store. Surprisingly, you get credits by redeeming the Apple gift cards. Also, you can add the credits to your Apple ID. Using which you can purchase movies, music, books, or apps from the iTunes or App Store. 

How to Check iTunes Gift Card Balance on iPhone?

For instance, you are looking at an Apple gift card buried with the garbage and thinking of the products that you planned to buy. Definitely, as an Apple user you will be out of mind, right? But you may also have a doubt that have I used it already?

How to check that? Well, you can’t check that on a gift card. If you have already redeemed it, the balance will be automatically transferred to your Apple ID. If so, you can easily check your iTunes gift card balance easily using the iTunes store app on your iPhone. Follow the below-given instructions to check your iTunes gift card balance.

Step 1:

First, Launch the iTunes Store app on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Click on either the movies, music, or TV shows icon at the bottom of the app.

Step 3:

Then, tap on the ‘Featured’ tab on the top of the app screen near the Charts option.

Step 4:

Now, click on the Sign-in button below the Redeem option and sign in with your Apple ID and Password.

Step 5:

Once you sign in successfully, the iTunes gift card balance will be visible below your Apple ID. 

The balance includes the credit that you have redeemed using the iTunes gift card and also the credits received from the iTunes Store. If you can’t see any balance there, it indicates that you haven’t redeemed any gift cards.

Certainly, the gift card balance is integrated into your Apple ID irrespective of the device you are using. So you can check your gift card balance on any Apple device like iPhone. iPad, Macbook by signing in with your Apple ID on the respective device. 


Finally, we have seen all the possible methods to check your iTunes gift card balance and also about the Apple gift card. Surprisingly, Apple gift cards are one of the best options to consider for presenting your friends on special occasions.

The best part is you have different customizable options to select the gift card according to your taste and amount. Chiefly, the credit amount on a gift card may range from $25 to $200. Make use of the above-given methods to check your iTunes gift card balance without any hustle. 

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