How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Vizio Smart TV? [Updated]

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Users experience the worst feeling while he/she finds the message “insufficient storage“. Often users are unable to finish up the downloads of necessary files and apps at the time of need. Can this shortage of space be rectified in smart TVs?. Can we clear space in Vizio smart TVs?. Of course, the users can make space in their devices by clearing caches and cookies. This is the same for almost all devices, including smartphones, computers, and smart TVs. The users can clear cache on Vizio smart TV to create space in it. Meantime let us see how to clear caches and cookies on Vizio smart TVs.

The users must take up some precautions before starting up. Firstly, the user should put the TV on the HDMI input or else in the TV mode. Secondly, the user should go to the TV only from outside the “apps menu” or the “smart hub”.  This is because the users will not be able to access some options like “broadcasting”.

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How to Clear Cache on Vizio Smart TVHow to Clear Cache on Vizio Smart TV

How to Clear Cache on Vizio Smart TV

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#1. The user should initially go to the “home” using the Vizio smart TV remote.

#2. Then navigate to the “settings”.

#3. The user will be able to see the “apps” option, click on it.

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#4. Now select the “system apps” option.

#5. Meanwhile, the user should select the app.

#6. Click on the “clear cache” option.

#7. Now the user should click on the “OK” button.

#8. After that the devices clear caches of the selected app.

TO NOTE: The user should do this process for each app separately. Thus this is slightly a long process. And once the process is complete the users will find the caches cleared.


The user should clear the browsing data – “the cookies” to free up space. Because this helps to free up spaces in various devices. The user can use the same process to clear cookies on any smart TV. At times the cookies alone take up more storage space. So let’s see how to clear cookies on Vizio smart TV.

Step1: Firstly, turn on the Vizio smart TV.

Step2: Then go to the “home” on the smart TV.

Step3: After that, the user should select the “settings’” using the remote.

Step4: And now the user should select the “broadcasting option”.

Step5: The user will be able to see a new menu named “broadcasting”.

Step6: Then select the “expert setting” from the given options.

Step7: And then click on the “HbbTV settings”.

Step8: Then click on the  “delete browsing data” option.

Step9: The user should now confirm by clicking “YES” to delete cookies.

Step10: Now the user can find the cookies deleted from the Vizio smart TV.


It is a similar process in almost all smart TVs. And thus it will much easier to free up space in devices. But clearing the caches takes time. Because the user has to do the process in each app individually one after the other. And at once the user will find that the device gets enough space to function properly.

Users can make use of the simplest steps given above. And they can use these steps to free up space and avoid unnecessary intermission between the downloads of files, apps, and so on. Improve the storage space of the Vizio smart TV by clearing the caches and cookies. Start now!. 

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