How to delete iFunny Account Permanently 2022? – IPTV Guide

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How to Delete ifunny Account: We expect relaxation and ease feel during leisure. The ifunny website is a good choice for users to get rid of the entire day’s stress. And, the ifunny website provides users with funny videos, memes, and gifs. But often the annoying emails and messages make the users irritated. Here let us see how to delete ifunny account

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The ifunny account is an entertainment website that helps users with gif. Users can edit and create their own gifs. Further, users can also create memes and short videos. And, the users can also share the gif to one another.

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In addition, the users can share the gifs to the social media platforms. The users can also comment and even share the created gifs. Moreover, the users are also provided with the facility of commenting on the posted gifs, memes, and videos. Users can also make friends from the comment section. Let us check how it can be done.

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Table of Contents

How to Delete the ifunny Account Permanently?

The users can delete the ifunny account permanently by sending an email request to the ifunny team or support. For that, the users can follow the given steps.

Delete iFunny Account

Step1: Open Email Account

The users should firstly open the email in which the happier is registered.

Step2: Enter the Email Address

Then the user should compose an email to the address [email protected]

Step3: Enter the Subject

After that, the user should type the subject as the REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

Step4: Type Reason for Decision

Then the user should write the body of the mail including the reason for the decision.

Step5: Click on Send

And finally, the user should click on Send. Thus the process of deletion will be operated.

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How to Delete ifunny Account through the app?

The users can also delete the ifunny account from the app. But the users can only avail of this facility in some of the devices. Here the users are given the steps to delete the account using the app.

  • The users should initially open up the ifunny app.
  • Then the user should click on the top menu and select the “profile icon”.
  • After that, the user should tap on the “settings and privacy”.
  • The user should then tap on the “deactivate account”.
  • Then the user should read the deactivation information page and click on “deactivate”.
  • The user should enter the password when asked.
  • After that, the user should click on “yes” to confirm the deactivation.

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How to Delete ifunny Account on iPhone or Android device?

The users can delete the ifunny account on the Android or the iPhone by uninstalling the app. Because most of the devices do not support the deactivation or deletion of the account. So that the users can uninstall the app to delete the account.

How to Stop the Annoying Mails or messages from ifunny?

The users may find annoying messages to be the reason for the deletion of the ifunny account. This can be rectified by clicking the messages as spam or unsubscribing the mails.

The users of the Android and the iPhone can also turn off the notifications on their setting.

This allows the user to use the ifunny account without any inconvenience. Moreover. the user can try deleting the ifunny account to stop the spams.

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Final verdict

Thus the users can delete or deactivate the account using the above-given methods. Though the present version does not allow the deletion of ifunny account the users can follow the uninstallation method to get rid of the app. Check out how it works. For more Apps, Tips & tricks Visit



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