How to Fix Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue? [Updated 2022]

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Dynex TV Won’t Turn On: That was a fine day when I planned to watch my favorite movie on the newly bought Dynex TV. I hope the planets were not in the correct position as I couldn’t turn on my DynexTV. Even though I have given many tries to turn on the device, the DynexTV is not working. So I have researched a lot on the web and found some helpful answers to get the device to its working state.

Before that, let’s have a few words about the Dynex TV. Seemingly, Dynex is a newcomer to the smart TV market. Currently, the respective brand is maintained by BestBuy. Indeed, it is an affordable smart TV with some helpful features. Even though the design may seem old and simple, the DynexTV can be the best monitor for your computer and gaming setup. Moreover, the respective device includes both HDMI and VGA ports.

In my personal experience, I have used the DynexTV for playing PlayStation games. Seemingly, the device gave a nice experience during the initial stages. However, in the course of time, my DynexTV started showing glitches. Furtherly I was unable to turn on the device. Concerning that, the following section will offer the possible ideas to resolve the Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue. 

How to Fix Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue?

Even though DynexTV is new to the market, the ‘Won’t Turn On’ is a common issue prevailing in smart TVs. Concerning that, this section will discuss about the common reasons causing the Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue and simple methods to fix it. Seemingly, a TV may won’t turn on when it has a hardware or software issue.

Dynex TV Won't Turn OnDynex TV Won't Turn On
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How to Fix Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue?

In such cases, it is better to check whether your TV receives an active power supply. In addition, you can try soft resetting the DynexTV. Meanwhile, if none of these methods resolves the Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue, check out the below given guide for more details. 

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Why my Dynex TV Won’t Turn On?

As I said earlier, there are various reasons that cause the Dynex TV Not Working issue. Concerning that, below mentioned are some of the common issues that are resolvable by yourself. 

1. No Power Supply to TV

Initially, a constant and consistent power supply is essential for any electronic device to turn on and work properly. In case there is no electric supply in your area, or if the TV’s adapter is corrupted, then it is impossible to turn on your DynexTV. 

2. Corrupted Power Adapter

Secondly, you have to check the proper connection of your TV adapter to the power source. Your DynexTV Won’t Turn On if the power adapter is not connected properly or if it is corrupted. 

3. Issue with Power Source

There may be instances when your house will receive an active electricity supply, but the Dynex TV may not be turning On. Indeed, the reason is that the particular power socket to which the Dynex TV is connected may not be receiving a power supply. 

4. Interference

Ensure that nothing is blocking the IR sensor on your remote and Dynex TV. In such cases, you cannot turn On your Dynex TV how hard you may try. 

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Methods to Fix Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue

Luckily, there are some simple and possible workarounds to fix the Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue. Continue reading for more details. 

#1. Use the Power Button on DynexTV

There are some instances where we cannot Turn On our DynexTV using the proprietory remote. As I said earlier, any object might be blocking the IR sensor on the TV. In such cases, you can try turning on and turning off the Dynex TV manually using the physical power button on the device.

In addition, there may be instances where we might have turned off the DynexTV directly using the power button itself and leaving the power source turned on. At that point, you have to press the power button manually again to turn on the TV. Seemingly, Dynex hasn’t changed its button placement. So you can easily find the respective power button on the right side panel. Hopefully, this might help you solve the DynexTV Won’t Turn On issue. 

#2. Soft Reset DynexTV

Secondly, you can try soft resetting the not working Dynex TV. This is nothing but the turning off and turning on your smart TV. Seemingly, this procedure will clear the technical glitches on the device. 

  • Initially, locate the Power button on the Dynex TV.
  • Press and hold the respective power button for 60 seconds.
  • Then, turn On your TV and check whether the Dynex TV Won’t Turn On issue is resolved. 

Note: Ensure that the Power Button is tactile and is in the working condition.

#3. Power Cycle your DynexTV

If the above mentioned soft reset method hasn’t helped you solve the issue, continue the process with the below given steps. Seemingly, doing a power cycle will eliminate the extra electricity and help you bring back your DynexTV to its normal state. Now, let’s check how to power cycle your DynexTV in the following steps. 

  • Initially, Turn Off your Dynex TV.
  • Unplug the power cord or adapter from the primary power socket.
  • Let the device be isolated from the power source for about 1 minute.
  • Then, reconnect the adapter to the power source and turn on your Dynex TV. 

If this method doesn’t help you to solve the issue, proceed with the following steps.

#4. Use a different Power Source

If still, you couldn’t boot up your Dynex TV, then you can surely try connecting your DynexTV to a different power source. The reason for advising connecting the device to a different power source is that the current power socket may have issues.

Indeed, the wires may have been damaged, and the respective power source may not be receiving an active power supply. Meanwhile, this may also cause the DynexTV Won’t Turn On and Dynex TV Not Working issue. So, try connecting your DynexTV to a power source that is capable of supplying active current. 

#5. Replace the Power Adapter

The final thing that you can check with is your Dynex TV’s power adapter. Seemingly, a malfunctioned or corrupted power adapter won’t allow you to turn on your DynexTV. For that, you can either contact the Dynex customer support or consider buying a universal power adapter that suits your TV. Next, unplug the exiting power adapter and connect the newly purchased adapter to the device. Furtherly, connect the power adapter to the active power source. 

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Hopefully, you have got the clearcut methods via the above article to fix the DynexTV Won’t Turn On issue. I hope you now your TV will be successfully working, and you will be streaming your favorite shows. The DynexTV may experience problems due to various hardware issues. But is effortless to solve those respective issues with our simple guide given above. 


How to Fix Dynex TV Red Light On But Won’t Turn On issue?

If the red light is on, but your DynexTV won’t turn on, then the issue relies on the corrupted remote or interference. You can overcome the respective issue by changing the batteries on the remote. In addition, check whether an object is blocking the path between the remote and the IR sensor on the TV. 

How to Turn On Dynex TV without remote?

At this point, the remote is not only the proprietary option to turn on your TV. Seemingly, the first simple and straightforward method is to use the physical power button on your DynexTV. Secondly, you can use the DynexTV remote app to turn On your TV without using the proprietary remote control. 

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