How to fix IPTV Lag and freezing – Ultimate Guide

Lagging and freezing is a commonly known issue faced by IPTV users. Most Premium IPTV Services do not usually lag or buffer on their streams. But some poorly configured or buggy programming could cause some services badly buffering. But those who are known and verified as Reliable service tends to use powerful streaming engine and high end technology with caching servers.

Things to do when you are facing unusual Lags and Buffers

Any IPTV users can apply this techniques to fix lag issues.

1. Restart the Wi-Fi

Sometimes the Wi-Fi for sending too much data in and out and for serving too many devices at once, can cause the HD streams lag for the TV. Restarting Wi-Fi helps the device refresh it’s settings and cool down.

2. Restart the TV/Firestick/Box

The set top box whether it’s a Shield Pro or Firestick or any android or Mag device, has background apps running and also has processing and depends on RAM. If it’s used for a long time or getting a load from background apps, can cause the CPU and GPU overheat, resulting the IPTV App perform slower. Restarting the device helps it clear the useless processes. You can also Close Background apps by other means.

3. Check the Internet Speed

You can Test your Internet Speed with a few apps that are available on Firestick App store and also Play Store. If your speed is lower than 40MBps your IPTV can lag on HD channels.
Most Popular Speed testing apps are:

  • Internet Speed Test App
  • Analiti
  • (From any browser such as Firefox)
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Reset / Reboot your Account from Provider
In some rare cases your account with your IPTV Service Provider can get out of sync or sloppy, technology has it’s hiccups. You might wanna get re-activated or re-set by your IPTV provider by contacting them.

Uninstall or Close Background Apps
You might wanna check if your Firestick or the Set-Top-Box you are using if it’s running too many background apps those can consume larger Data from Internet. These days no app is static and constantly sending and receiving data from internet.
Most Popular Background Process Management app:

  • Background Apps & Proccess List
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4. Use a Premium VPN

Using a VPN helps your Streaming Speed Stabilize and Enhance along with protecting your privacy. Most Internet Service Provider are with Cable and VOD service so they wouldn’t want their customers streaming from outside their network, yet they have less resource to fill the demand gap. So they throttle speed and it’s mostly done manually or with a algorithm which detects your usage. Using a Premium VPN, will mask your connection id and provide you a Freedom to browse and stream.

Most Popular and well known VPN

  • ExpressVPN (Most Recommended)
  • Nord VPN
  • Surf Shark
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In this video I share 5 great tips on how to stop iptv services from buffering. From checking your devices at home to discussing rather or not if you need to be using a VPN while streaming. Hope you all enjoy the video.

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