How to Get and Watch Disney Plus on LG Smart TV? [Detailed Guide 2022]

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Hi Folks, I hope all are safe and fine. Today I come with a topic for entertainment. Due to this Lockdown, no one can able to go out unless it is essential. So, all must stay home without an option. In the 20th century, people started using color TV for essential and entertainment purposes. Now we started using smart TV for getting various options like HDMI port, inbuilt ora like Android, RAM, and ROM for application storage. There are many smart TV available on the market, but the best of them is LG smart TV. Various options are available like a screencast, mirror screen, and many. Let’s see about Disney plus on LG smart TV.

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What is Disney +?

Disney + (Disney plus for pronunciation) is owned by The Walt Disney company. Disney plus is operated by (Direct to Customer and International) DTCI. It is a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service. This service primarily distributes television series and films produced by Walt Disney Television and Walt Disney Studios with the advertisement content of National Geographic, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar.

Television films and original series are distributed in November 2019 in Disney plus with the content of ten films and seven series. Simultaneously Disney plus stream contents like Hulu for general programming and ESPN+ for sports. After November 2019 Disney plus was debuted on the United States, Canada, and Netherland. Later it expanded to New Zealand, Australia, and European countries.

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Features of Disney +

  • Disney Plus is a video streaming service mainly focuses on marvel production series.
  • Other video streaming services like HBO Now, Netflix, and Apple TV Plus are the competitors for Disney plus.
  • It is a paid subscription service.
  • The main difference from other streaming devices is Disney plus is Add free service.
  • Ad-free services make Disney plus to make more users.
  • It gives access to users for the vast library of Fox’s Legacy and Disney’s content.
  • Disney plus also stream Movies, TV shows, shorts, and Documentaries.
  • Disney plus is now streaming on Hotstar with its content.
  • Compatible for IOS, Android, and Windows.
  • It gives you unlimited entertainment.
  • Gives Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic in one place.

 Subscription for Disney Plus

To subscribe to the Disney plus on your account, it gives two options for both monthly and annually. To Get ad-free content and best of all to subscribe follow below,

  1. For monthly – $6.99
  2. For annually – $69.99

Method on how to get Disney plus on LG smart TV?

  • From app store
  • Using a storage device
  • From Smartphone
  • Using a PC or Laptop

Before doing the above steps you have to switch on the Wi-Fi connection in your LG smart TV. Let’s see how?

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How to Switch on Wi-Fi on LG TV?

Step1: Switch on your TV and in the LG remote press “Smart button”.

Step2: Select the “Settings” option and click ok.

Step3: Go to “Network” followed by the “Wi-Fi connections” option.

Step4: It will connect to your home network.

How to get Disney plus on LG smart TV from the app store?

Step1: At first switch on your LG smart TV by using the TV remote and connect with your home Wi-Fi.

Step2: In your LG smart TV’s home screen access the LG content store.

Step3: Type “Disney +” in the search box on the home screen.

Step4: Click “search” and it navigates to the Disney plus page.

Step5: Click “Install” using the TV remote and it will be installed on your LG smart TV.

Step6: You can open the Disney plus on your TV and enjoy your favorite shows.

How to get Disney plus on LG smart TV using Storage device?

Step1: Take your PC and switch on it.

Step2: Go to the Google chrome page and search for “Disney +”.

Step3: Download the Disney + app in APK format.

Step4: Plug in your storage device like pen drive to your PC.

Step5: Copy the apk format Disney + app and paste it to the Pendrive.

Step6: Eject the pen drive and plugin it to your LG smart TV.

Step7: Open the apk file on your TV and click “install”.

Step8: It will install on your TV.

Step9: Now you access the Disney + app in your LG smart TV and watch movies and shows as per your wish.

How to get Disney + on LG smart TV from Smartphone?

Step1: Open Play Store on your Smartphone.

Step2: Search for Disney plus using the search tab.

Step3: Install the Disney plus app on your smartphone. Make sure that mobile TV is connected to the same network.

Step4: In your LG smart TV magic remote press the home button and it navigates to the apps section.

Step5: Select the “Device connector” option followed by smartphones.

Step6: Inside the smartphone option-click the “Screen share” option

Step7: Then click Miracast.

Step8: Go to settings on your mobile and turn on the Miracast or cast screen option.

Step9: It shows available networks and you select your LG smart TV network.

Step10: Now your mobile screen is now visible on LG smart TV. Open the Disney + on your mobile and enjoy it on the big screen.

How to get Disney + on LG smart TV using PC?

Step1: Open Google chrome on your PC and search for Disney +.

Step2: Click to install Disney + on your PC.

Step3: Make sure that your PC and LG smart TV are connected to the same network.

Step4: In the Desktop, the page makes a right-click and click “Display settings”.

Step5: Scroll down and click on “Connect to Wireless display”.

Step6: It shows the list of available networks and selects your TV network.

Step7: Then it asks to accept your connection, click “accept”.

Step8: Once you did the screen mirroring will starts. Now log in to the Disney + on your PC and watch the content on LG smart TV.

Sums UP

LG smart TV is the best and cheaply available in LG stores and online. Disney + gives you the streaming content which makes you entertained. Follow the above steps to get Disney + on your LG smart TV to watch your favorite movies and shows. If you have any issues in trying the above steps, let me know in the comment section below. Also, If you’re looking for the other application for Smart TV Visit

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