How to Get and Watch Netflix on DirecTV? [3 Best Methods]

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Netflix on DirecTV: If you are a DirecTV user and searching for the best methods to watch Netflix on it, you are in the right place. Because Netflix on DirecTV would provide enormous features for the users. But the bad news is that Netflix is not currently available on DirecTV. I know that it won’t sound good. Don’t worry I’m here today to help you out with it. Yes, with today’s advancement in technology we have enormous ways to get what we want legally. Let’s get into the methods on how to watch Netflix on DirecTV in the following content.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix is a popular American over the top content streaming platform. It is entirely subscription-based that allows us to watch movies, TV shows using the internet but without ads. You can stream content as much as you want and also you can download them as your wish. This is best to watch movies when you run out of the internet.

The interesting thing is that it supports various devices like Android, iOS, and Windows. You can avail yourself of Netflix at three different subscription plans. Basic, standard, and premium. The basic plan costs you about $8.99, the standard $13.99, and the premium $17.88/month. It is a better alternative for your traditional cable television.


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Why have a Netflix subscription? Let’s answer that by having a look at its features.

  • Original titles
  • Parental controls
  • Huge and interesting content library
  • Seamless streaming experience
  • High-quality contents
  • Multiple devices compatibility

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Is Netflix Available on DirecTV?

Unfortunately, Netflix is not currently available for DirecTV users. Netflix has given a statement that it will be available for use in DirecTV Android set-top boxes. But it’s still in progress. You don’t need to worry. Continue reading with the following possible solutions to stream Netflix.

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How to Watch Netflix on DirecTV?

The following methods are some of the possible solutions to watch Netflix on DirecTV.

Netflix on DirecTVNetflix on DirecTV

how to Watch Netflix on DirecTV

Method1: How to Watch Netflix on DirecTV using a smart TV app

Downloading a smart TV compatible Netflix app is one of the effective methods.  As Netflix is available for download on various devices, it is possible to stream it on your smart TV by downloading it directly.

Usually, the latest version of smart TVs comes with the Netflix app pre-installed. It is advisable to check your apps section for the app. If you couldn’t find it, navigate to the app store and download the app for your smart TV.

Open the app and login with your credentials and start watching your favorite content. There is an option to sideload apps on smart TV as you do on your smartphones. But the risks are higher in the case of smart TVs. So better download the app that is available in your smart TVs app store.

Method 2: Watch Netflix on DirecTV Using a Laptop and an HDMI cable

 Do you have a PC or a laptop with an HDMI port? If yes, then there is a chance for you.

Connect your laptop and smart TV using the HDMI cable. Choose the best input source for your TV.

If everything is done correctly you can see your laptop’s screen on your smart TV’s screen. This is a mere duplication of screens.

Now navigate to the Netflix website using a browser. Log in with your credentials.

Select a movie or a TV show of your wish and start streaming Netflix on your smart TV.  If this method doesn’t suit you, then continue with the following method.

Method 3: Using a USB stick to stream Netflix contents on DirecTV

 The last method is of using a USB stick that sticks to your smart TV. Yes, this method is very simple but only a few knew this. Netflix has recently included the downloading feature in its app.

If you are a Netflix subscriber you can now download your favorite movies and TV shows for later watching. In this method, we are going to transfer and stream the download contents of Netflix on your smart TV. Continue with the following steps.


Navigate to the  Netflix app on your PC and login with your credentials.


Select a movie or a TV show.


Click on the Download option.


Once after downloading the content transfer it to the USB stick.


Now plug in the USB stick to the USB port on your smart TV.


Select the apt input source on your TV.


Find the transferred files and start playing the videos on the USB stick on your smart TV.

These are all the possible methods by how you can watch Netflix on DirecTV.

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That’s all. This is how you can watch Netflix on Direc TV. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. As Netflix and DirecTV are competitors, our expectations can’t be satisfied at present. It is not that difficult in watching Netflix on DirecTV. By using the above-given methods you can start streaming Netflix on Direc TV.


Can you get Netflix on DirecTV?

No. Unfortunately, Netflix is not currently available on Direct TV. But you can watch Netflix on DirecTV by following the above methods.

How to add apps to DirecTV?

You can add apps on DirecTV directly from the Google Play Store.

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