How to Get and Watch Peacock TV on Roku?

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Peacock TV on Roku: Roku is an amazing device to watch streaming Movies, Videos, TV Shows, by installing an app on it. Mostly, all the applications are available on the Roku channel store. Only a few new apps are not available on the Channel store. That makes it uncomfortable for the user and does not allows third-party apps on it. So, the user looks to screencast the third-party apps on Roku to watch their favorite shows.

Today we are gonna check out How to Get and Watch peacock TV on Roku. here you can get all possible methods to install Peacock on Roku.

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What is Peacock?

Peacock TV is a simple streaming application that provides all the TV shows, Movies, Originals. Actually, it is one of the parts of NBC Universal with a subsidiary of Xfinity. If you are having an Xfinity connection on your device then, you can get all the peacock TV shows on it. The peacock TV App is available on Windows, MAC, iPhone, Android, Apple TV. For Fire TV, you have to sideload Peacock TV on firestick.

Is Peacock on Roku?

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No, Peacock is not available on the Roku Channel Store. The only option is to screencast peacock tv to Roku using a screen mirroring option.

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How to Get and Watch Peacock TV on Roku?

However, Peacock TV App is not available on the Channel store. So, it is not possible to download the app on your Roku device. the only possible method is to cast Peacock TV to Roku.

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Peacock TV on RokuPeacock TV on Roku
How to Watch Peacock TV on Roku

Most of the user has a question how come the most popular streaming device does not have an app?. Actually, the app developer has to submit its application to the respective streaming device app store. otherwise, it won’t be available on the streaming device store.

How to Watch Peacock TV on Roku from Android or Windows PC?

Roku device supports Screen Mirroring from all the other devices. So, Users can download Peacock TV on Android or Windows PC and cast to Roku. Screen Mirroring is so simple and can be done in a minute. Just follow the steps below to screencast to Roku from Android or Windows PC.

Step1: Plug-in and Turn On the Roku device.

Step2: Press Home button on Roku Remote.

Step3: In the list, select Settings.

Step4: In the next tab, click on System.

Step5: There you can find option Screen Mirroring.

Step6: Select Screen Mirroring

Step7: In that Select Screen Mirroring Mode.

Step8: Click on prompt option.

Step9: Then Click on OK tab.

Now, In to the Smartphone side instruction.

Step10: Connect Smartphone & Roku to same WiFi network.

Step11: In Smartphone, Open PlayStore.

Step12: Type Peacock TV and Install it.

Step13: Then Move to the settings and click on Cast or the application you used for Casting.

Step14: Device will search for nearby devices. In that click on Roku devices.

Step15: Now, your device will connect to Roku TV.

Now, you can sign in and start watching all your favorite shows on your Roku TV. Still Now, it is the only way to Watch Peacock App on Roku. Only the application is officially available on Roku, then come back here to get the Installation Procedure. Then bookmark this page for future reference or click on the notification.

Final Words

Peacock TV has got an eye on the streaming content and it has hit millions of downloads in few minutes. NBC Universal which has made the application so simple and user-friendly. That all can easily access the content that are available in it. Just feel free to leave a comment about the Peacock TV and the procedure to watch peacock TV. For more apps, tips & tricks, do Visit


Is Peacock TV Available on Roku?

No, Peacock TV is not available on the Roku Channel Store. The only way to watch peacock on Roku is to cast from Android or PC Windows.

Can you get peacock on Roku?

Still, Peacock App is not officially launched on the Roku Channel Store. So, it is hard to Get Peacock TV on Roku. You can Screen Cast Peacock on Roku by following the above method.

Can I watch peacock TV on Roku?

Yes, It is easy to watch Peacock TV on Roku by screen Mirroring method. So, users can screen mirror Peacock TV from Android devices or PC Windows. Peacock TV has launched the App for both the device and you can screencast to TV.

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