How to Get DirecTV on LG smart TV?

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Hello people, Nowadays Stream our favorite content is one of the best Entertainment. For that, we have a lot of options like Streaming channels, Apps, and so on. This article helps you to get DirecTV on LG smart TV.

Nowadays a lot of streaming apps are available on your smart TVs default. But, sometimes you have to follow some instructions to install some streaming apps. Likewise, DirecTV is a streaming app and you have to download it on your LG smart TV from LG content Store.

Let’s follow our step-by-step procedure to install and access DirecTV on your smart TV simply.

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What is DirecTV?

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DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite. It is also known as AT&T. It provides Live TV and on-demand videos. Also, you can stream all your favorite shows, Series, Latest Movies, etc.

Additionally, you can stream videos HD and 4K resolution on LG smart TV. The latest version of LG TV allows you to access Full High-Display DVR content without any extra external accessories.

Especially, all new latest version of LG smart TV supports DirecTV Ready and DirecTV 4K Ready. To access DirecTV 4K, you will need a 4K Smart TV.

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Features of DirecTV

  • You can watch Sports content by using Genie HD DVR.
  • Supports High Definition resolution.
  • You can record your favorite content.
  • Watch multiple events at the time.
  • Allow accessing third-party applications.

How to Install DirecTV on LG smart TV?

You can download any app from LG Content Store. But, sadly we cannot install the DirecTV app on your LG smart TV. DirecTV does not available on LG TV.

Fortunately, you can stream all DirecTV on your LG smart TV by using the casting method. LG Smart TV is compatible with screen mirroring features. So, we are going to mirror our mobile or PC to LG TV.

To mirror your mobile, kindly check the below steps carefully,

  • Initially, you have to download the DirecTV app from Google PlayStore on your Android Device.
  • After the installation, make sure that your mobile connects with an uninterrupted Internet connection.
  • Then, connect tour Mobile and LG smart TV with the same wifi connection.

Cast DirecTV to LG smart TV

LG Smart TV supports the Screencasting option. So, let’s follow the below steps to cast your mobile easily,

DirecTV on LG smart TVDirecTV on LG smart TV

How to Get DirecTV on LG smart TV?

Step 1:

Power On your LG smart TV and go to Home Page.

Step 2:

Now select the Screen sharing option.

Step 3:

Then, scroll down the notification panel and select the screencasting option.

Step 4:

Allow to search the available list of devices and select your cast device from the list.

Step 5:

After the selection, you will get a notification to confirm your connection status.

Step 6:

Now, your mobile connects with LG smart TV and you can see the mobile display on your TV screen.

Step 7:

Finally, go to the DirecTV app and select your favorite content and stream it on your smart TV.


How do I watch my DirecTV app on my TV?

On your mobile, open the DirecTV app and choose the content which you want to cast to your TV. Then select the cast button on your mobile and choose the cast device from the availability list. Finally, you can stream your favorite content to the TV screen.

How many TVs can watch DirecTV at the time?

At the same time, you can stream DirecTV up to 20 devices that are connected with your home network.

How do I watch the DirecTV app on LG smart TV from iOS?

After the installation process of DirecTV, select the video and click on the Airplay button to cast your iOS device to LG TV.


That’s all about the DirecTV app on your LG TV. Use the screencasting method which is posed above to watch your desired content of DirecTV on your TV screen. Hope this article gives you all information that you want. Thank you for visiting our page.

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