How to Get Zoom App on Apple TV in a minute? [Updated 2022]

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Zoom App on Apple TV: Most of the users are looking for the Zoom App for their meetings, webinars, group discussion, and much more. Mostly, zoom apps are available on all devices like Roku, Firestick, MAC, PC, and more. In this Guide, we are gonna discuss “How to Get Zoom App on Apple TV in a minute 2022?”.

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About Zoom app

The zoom app is one of the best video conferencing apps. This app helps in connecting people far apart. The app helps the user to share videos, audio, photos documents, and files. It helps the user to send instant messages. The app helps the user to invite almost a hundred people to the meeting.

The app also supports HD videos, audio, screen sharing, and whiteboarding. This app is compatible with the iOS, Mac OS, iPod touch, iPad, and many other devices.

Few words on Apple TV

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Apple TV is developed by Apple, Inc. It is a digital media player. Apple TV uses HDMI support to stream videos, podcasts, and audio files. The Apple TV can download and install apps using the TV OS app store. The user can stream movies, videos from the iTunes store.

The user can also access the service of various apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc.. from the TV OS app store. Apple TV helps the user to view, edit, and share images. Airplay is the wireless screen sharing feature available for iOS devices and it can connect to Apple devices.

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How to Install Zoom app on Apple TV?

 The Zoom app can be installed and used on the Apple TV by using two different methods. One is the screen sharing method and, the other is the installation of the zoom cloud app from the app store. Screen sharing did use various methods. Two different screen-sharing methods are given below.

Zoom App on Apple TVZoom App on Apple TV
How to Install Zoom App on Apple TV

How to get Zoom app on Apple TV using Apple Store

  • The user has to the first a startup with switching on the Apple TV.
  • Make sure that you are at the same WiFi network.
  • Using the Apple TV remote the user should move to the app store.
  • The user should then search for the Zoom cloud meeting app.
  • Ones found it download and install. (There is no fee for the installation of this app).
  • The user can now open the zoom app on Android TV.
  • The user should sign in using the necessary details of the existing account. If not the user can create a new account.
  • The user can click on host meetings and enjoy the service of the zoom app on the Apple TV.

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How to get Zoom app on Apple TV using screen Mirroring?

1.Using “Airplay”( between iOS devices)

Step1: The user should connect the iOS devices to the same network along with the Apple TV.

Step2: Then open the control center.

Note: For the iPhone X or the latter and iPad with the iOS 12 and later, the user should swipe down from the upper right corner. For the iPhone 8 or earlier and the iOS 11 and earlier, the user should swipe from the bottom.

Step3: The user should then tap on the screen mirroring option.

Step4: The user can select the Apple TV to be connected from the list shown.

Step5: If the airplay passcode appears on the TV screen, the user should enter it on his/her iOS device.

Step6: To stop the screen mirroring the user can go to the control center and tap screen mirroring and select stop “screen mirroring”. And also can stop by pressing the menu button on the Apple TV remote.

2.Using “Streamer for Chromecast”

  1. Initially, the user has to install the “streamer for Chromecast” on the device that should be cast from the app store.
  2. The user should open the app on the device.
  3. On the homepage of the app, the user should click on the cast icon.
  4. On the next page that appears, it shows the devices connected on the same WiFi networks.
  5. The user should click on the Apple TV from the list.
  6. A pop-up will appear. The user should click on “connect”.
  7. On the next page that appears the user should click on “screencast”.
  8. Tap on the broadcast so that the screen mirroring will be enabled for the Apple TV.
  9. Thus the user can enjoy using a zoom meeting on the Apple TV.

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To conclude

 We know that the zoom app is widely used by many. This app is majorly used for business purpose. We are provided with the chance to make the zoom meeting experience great, by connecting it to the wide screens. Wide screens like that of the LED TVs and even Apple TV. Let’s make the zoom meeting experience more fabulous by using it on the Apple TV. For, More Apps and tricks visit

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