How to Insert a Hyperlink in Gmail? – IPTV Guide

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Do you want to Insert a Hyperlink in Gmail? Read this article completely. You will get an idea to insert hyperlinks for both text and image. To avoid very long and too spaced URLs, you can use Hyperlinks. Let’s know about hyperlinks and how to insert them in Gmail.

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What is a Hyperlink?

In computing, Hyperlinks call as simple links. It is a reference to data, the user can access it by clicking the link. In case, the document containing a hyperlink, it is known as its Source document. 

How to Insert a Hyperlink in Gmail?

If you want to insert any links in Gmail, You can Copy and paste them. But that is not looking good. So we can use Hyperlinks. Hyperlinking is a way of inserting clickable links out of text and images. Fortunately, Gmail supports hyperlinks and makes it easy to add them.

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You can add hyperlink text in Gmail. Follow the below-given steps to insert it easily.

How to Insert a Hyperlink to Gmail?

Step 1:

Open your Gmail Account and Log in.

Step 2:

Now, Compose a new mail.

Step 3:

Add your text and highlight the part that you want to hyperlink.

Step 4:

Now, type Ctrl+K on your Keyboard or Select the Insert link icon at the bottom of the email.

Step 5:

Type or paste the URL you want to hyperlink to the URL box and select OK.

Step 6: 

The text you have highlighted is now displaying blue and underlined. When you click on the link, the URL will be displayed, it shows the option to Change or Remove the link.

How to Hyperlink Image in Gmail?

Follow the below steps to know how to insert hyperlink Image in Gmail easily,

Step 1:

Go to Gmail and sign in to your account.

Step 2:

Compose a new email.

Step 3:

Select the Insert Photo icon to the right of send icon. Also, you can drag and drop an image from your device.

Step 4:

Click on the image to which you want to insert a hyperlink.

Step 5:

Now click the image and then select a change in the toolbar.

Step 6:

Then, type or paste the URL that you want to hyperlink to in the URL box and click OK.

Step 7:

Check the image in your email and look over the right URL that appears in the text box when you click on the image. When you click the link the URL will be displayed with an option to Change or Remove the link.

Additionally, you can insert the GIFs into Gmail using hyperlinks. Click the Add GIF button on the top of the compose window and follow the same process as image adding.


How do I embed a hyperlink into an email?

  • In a message, you can add a link anywhere in the message body.
  • On the Message tab, select Hyperlink.
  • On the Link box, type or paste the link.
  • In the Text box, type the text that you want to convey in your message.

How do I make a clickable link?

Click Ctrl+K. You can right-click the image or text and select the link on the shortcut menu. In the Insert Hyperlink box, type or paste your link in the Address box. In case you can’t see the Address box, check the Existing File or Web page is selected under the link to.

What are the three types of hyperlinks?

  • Text hyperlink – Use a text or phrase to take visitors to another page, file, or document.
  • Image hyperlink – Use images to take visitors to the next page, document or file.
  • Bookmark hyperlink – Use images or text to take visitors to another part of the website.


You can send text or image URLs without unnecessary space by using hyperlinks. Gmail allows you to insert hyperlinks into text, images, and also GIFs easily. If you insert links in Gmail, make double-check the link before you send that. I hope this article provides all details that you search for.

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