How to Install, Activate & Watch Amazon Prime Video on LG Smart TV? [Updated]

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Dear Amazon admirers! Are you ready to engage yourself with Amazon prime? There are incredible shows, movies, originals, and many more programs stuffed in the Amazon Prime application. How will you explore everything? Only one membership of Amazon  Prime is enough to obtain multiple benefits. Wow! You will get a life experience when you decide to watch exclusive movies on your Smart TV screen. Don’t you know how to stream the Amazon Prime video on your LG smart TV? All of your queries will get clear after reading this post. Swoop down to this article.

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The gist of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the well-known streaming platforms that serve all over the globe. As it famous worldwide, the users of Amazon are rapidly increasing day-by-day. Once you start digging into Amazon Prime, you can collect massive collections of exclusive movies, original latest films, documentaries, talk shows, comedy shows, Tv programs, and much more. Moreover, Amazon stands as an OTT platform to receive streaming movies and web series. Hopefully, it broadcasts all the Amazon Originals to entertain the Prime members.

What does Amazon Prime offer?

You can explore the root of Amazon using two major platforms. One is the web version, and the other one is the application version. Along with that, it offers a native Smart TV application for dedicated Televisions. Most importantly, all the latest Smart TV application stores deliver the in-built app of Amazon Prime. It includes Samsung, LG, Sony, and more. Luckily, the LG brand is one of them.

How to install Amazon Prime on LG TV?

Amazon Prime on LG Smart TVAmazon Prime on LG Smart TV
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How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on LG Smart TV

For the latest LG users,

As per the current scenario, the Premade Amazon app is available on almost all the recently launched LG smart TVs. Thankfully, you can open it and start to configure your amazon account on the LG TV. Too easy. Right?

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For the existing LG users,


First of all, power on your LG TV and connect to the network access.


Then, take the LG TV remote and press the Home button (Home icon) to reach the Home screen.


On this screen, Find the More apps tab and hit it. Obviously, you will redirect to the LG content store.


Inside the store, land on the search bar, and search for Amazon Prime Video.


Click the Get/add/install button to start the downloading process. Now, you and your LG TV are pretty ready to launch the Amazon Prime application.

Great! But, this is not enough for watching streaming videos. Few more steps to activate your account on LG TV. Scroll down and read the remaining.

How to activate Amazon Prime on the LG TV?

Merely, launching the streaming app is not let you watch Prime videos. In addition to that, you need to finish up the activation process.


Once you open the Amazon app, you will receive an activation code. Make a note of the code.


Meanwhile, unlock your smartphone. Or else, go to the web browser available on your computer. Next, visit this page


Here, give the proper email address and password to begin the sign-in process.


On the next page, you have to enter the activation code, which you have noted already. Give the code in the appropriate field.


In the end, you will dive onto the Amazo Prime app page.

Boom! Take a glance at all the available movies. Then, pick the desired one to watch on the larger LG TV screen.


Is Amazon Prime compatible with LG smart TV?

Yes. The LG Web OS supports Amazon Prime. It has the Smart TV app on the LG content store. Most importantly, you can find the native app of Amazon Prime on all the latest versions of  LG TV. But, you can able to access it further, only if you have an Amazon Prime account. Most of the older versions of TVs does not compatible with the app. In such cases,  you can install the application on compact devices to start mirroring the content on the TV.

Why didn’t Amazon Prime not working on my LG TV?

Sometimes, the technical issues might go unnoticed. Following are the possibilities to redeem the fault to act normal. So, let us try them.

  • If your LG TV runs under outdated OS, you may fail to get the app. Therefore, you have to update the TV to the newest version.
  • Furthermore, Make sure that the router is working properly.
  • Disconnect the modem from the router as well as in the TV.
  • Connect it back after a minute. Now, check that either the app is loading or not.
  • If nothing works out well, do the factory reset of the LG smart TV.
  • One more thing, always use the upgraded version of the Amazon Prime app.


All set! Well, you can spend as much time watching the exclusive movies. Enjoy streaming all the blockbuster cinemas exclusively. Always keep an eye on your Internet access. The more you use high-speed internet, the more you can stream without any trouble. However, you will never miss watching web series on time. On the whole,  start to access the limitless content of Amazon Prime on your LG smart TV.

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