How to Install AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV? [Simple Guide]

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AMC Plus on Samsung TV: Relaxation is an essential thing for everyone. Streaming your favorite shows on the big screen is one of the perfect choices to make yourself relax. Today we are going to see one of the best streaming services where you can find all your favorite shows. You may come across a lot of streaming services, but choosing the best one is not a simple thing. 

Just kick out all those things and sit back; now you can get all your favorite content without any limitations without leaving your couch. AMC Plus is a service that provides a lot of shows from all categories. Especially, now you can access them on your Samsung Smart TV, so let’s get into the article to float on the entertainment world using AMC Plus.

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What is AMC Plus?

AMC Plus is an American subscription-based streaming service that has been controlled by AMC Networks. With AMC Plus, you can get numerous collections such as movies, Series, TV shows, and so on. Moreover, you can stream the content from BBC America, AMC, Sundance TV, IFC, AMC Plus Originals, and much more. 

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Also, AMC Plus provides thousands of on-demand content to its subscribers. Some movies from the service Silent Night, Apex, Warning, Prisoners of the Ghostland, Survive the Game, No Man of God, Archenemy, South of Heaven, and more. Exclusive series from AMC Plus, Kin, Too Close, The Walking Dead, Anna, The North Water, Spy City, Ragdoll, Firebite, The Beast Must Die, and more.

As we mentioned above, it is a subscription-based streaming service. The subscription fee of AMC Plus is pocket-friendly so that everyone can afford the service. You can subscribe to the service for a month or an annum according to your wish.

How to Install AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

Actually, AMC Plus is not compatible with Samsung Smart TV. This does not mean you cannot access the AMC Plus on your device. You can use the Chromecast option to enjoy its content on the big screen. If you want to try AMC Plus on your device, you can use the upcoming guidance. To cast AMC Plus to your Smart TV, you have to do some prerequisites. 

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AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TVAMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV

How to Install AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

  • Connect the Chromecast device to the Smart TV.
  • Connect your Smartphone and Samsung Smart TV with a stable internet connection.
  • Download the AMC Plus app on your Smartphone from the respective app. 

How to Cast AMC Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

You can easily get the AMC Plus content on your Samsung Smart TV; even it is not available in Smart Hub. It is possible with the casting option. Luckily AMC Plus is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, you can directly download it on your device and cast it on your TV. To do that, follow the below-given simple procedure without skipping.

Step 1:

Firstly, launch your Smartphone and go to the AMC Plus app.

Step 2:

Then, log in to your account using the proper credentials.

Step 3:

Now, select your favorite content from the AMC Plus app on your Smartphone.

Step 4:

Click on the Cast button at the top right corner to cast your device to the TV.

Step 5:

You will get the available devices list on your Smartphone; select the Samsung Smart TV name from the list.

Step 6:

Finally, you can stream your favorite AMC Plus content on your Samsung Smart TV.

Does AMC Plus available on Samsung Smart TV?

No. AMC Plus has no official app on Samsung Smart Hub, so installing the app is not a direct method. However, you can use the casting option, streaming services, SmartThings App to get the AMC Plus on your desirable devices.

Is AMC Plus free?

No. AMC Plus is a subscription-based streaming service, so you have to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee. You can subscribe to the service for an annum or a month as per your wish.


Usually, we use individual stream services to stream movies, sports, and series. Hereafter, there is not necessary to use the different services to get your favorites. Now, you can enjoy all your favorite content using the AMC Plus. Moreover, its subscription fee is affordable to all.

You can easily install the AMC Plus app on your Samsung Smart TV with our guidance. This article includes the Chromecast method to stream AMC Plus shows on your device. But, you can use your existing streaming service, the SmartThings app, to enjoy your favorites from AMC Plus.

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