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Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to install Runescape on Chromebook. Are you searching for the methods to play Runescape game on your Chromebook? Then, this content is for you. Come, let’s get into the content.

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Before that let’s see how to what is Chromebook and the Runescape game on it. A Chromebook is a tablet or laptop running the Linux-based Chrome OS as an operating system. The primary task of a Chromebook is to perform a variety of tasks using the Chrome browser. It’s similar to using an Android OS on a tablet.

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Users get only limited storage space on Chromebooks. Because they use cloud storage rather than on the machine itself. 100 GB of free online storage is available for every user.

We have seen that Chromebooks are to perform simple tasks like notetaking and content writing. On the other hand, Runescape is a fantasy-based (MMORPG) massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Runescape is a point-and-click-based set in the fantasy world of Gielinor. In order to run this game on Chromebook, you require Linux based OS.

To get around the Java less environment we will have to install Linux OS. Linux is an open-source operating system. It sits between the applications and hardware and all the physical resources to do the work.

If you attempt to load the game, you will notice that your Chromebook can’t even run the Java environment in the first place. That’s because of the way Chrome OS was built.

No need to worry. I’m here to help you out with it. If you are ready let’s get into the content on the methods of installing Runescape on Chromebook. Come, let’s get into the content.

how to Install Runescape on Chromebook

Table of Contents

What Is Runescape On Chromebook?

Runescape is a fantasy-based MMORPG game. The MMORPG refers to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. As the name suggests Runescape is a multiplayer game by which you can connect with your friends in real-time. It was developed by Jagex games studio. Sometimes the game is also referred to as Runescape 3.

It is one of the most popular online games ever with over 250 million active accounts. Multiple spin-off games, a series of books, and a dedicated fanbase.

As I said earlier players can interact with other players as well as with NPCs. NPCs refer to Non-Player Characters, that is the game-controlled characters. Interesting right?

The entire game is in the hands of the player. You can control anything and everything is optional. Players can get skill training, fight with monsters, play mini-games, and much more.

Moving on to the combat section, it can be played with two combat mechanics. They are ‘Legacy’ or ‘Regular’. More commonly referred to as ‘EOC’ ( Evolution Of Combat). The Legacy mode offers you traditional gameplay. In the case of Evolution Of Combat, you get a new feel with Runescape’s standard of combat.

Practice makes everything perfect. Likewise, if you like to train your skills, Runescape offers you a very large range of skills to choose from. You have to perform a task in order to gain your new abilities. Moving on to the Questing section, you will get a different experience with this game.

Other games feature only the goal that is to attain something. But in Runescape, you get an enjoyable story throughout the game with the main focus of controlling the protagonist of the game.

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Steps To Install Runescape on Chromebook

To begin with the process, you have to set your Chromebook in Developer mode. The developer mode gives complete access to make changes and run different applications on Chromebook.

And also don’t forget to backup your data. Installing a game won’t wipe out data for sure. But taking a precautious measure is always a good deal.

You can back up data either using the inbuilt Google Drive which gives you 15 GB on free online space. Or you can backup your data using an external hard drive.

If you have all set let’s get into the process of installing Runescape on Chromebook. With Linux installed on your Chromebook continue with the following steps.


Initially press ‘Ctrl+Alt+T’ combinations to access the command terminal. This will get you a box for your code input.


Type shell and press Enter on the keyboard.


Type the following commands in the box. ‘sudo apt update’, ‘sudo apt install flatpak’, ‘sudo flatpak install flathub com.jagex.RuneScape’ (without quotations).

Now, the Runescape game will get installed on your Chromebook.


Type ‘Runescape’ and press Enter.

The game will load and you will be taken to the login screen. Congratulations, now you will be able to play the Runescape game on your Chromebook.


That’s all guys. This is how to install Runescape on your Chromebook. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. Runescape is one of the most popular online games available to download.

You can easily download the game on your Chromebook using the above-given steps. If your device freezes or stops working in between, better abort the process and restart your Chromebook. And don’t forget to backup your data on your Chromebook.


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