How to Install and Use Peloton app on Sony Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

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Peloton App on Sony Smart TV: Have you heard of indoor exercise? Chiefly, the people who are busy with their work schedule should know about this. Because it is very important to take care of our physical health in this pandemic situation. This article provides you the methods to install the Peloton app on Sony TV.

Certainly, people who concentrate more on office work fail to think of their physical health. If you are that one person who wishes to maintain both your official work and exercise, Peloton is the best choice for you. With Peloton, you can complete your daily workout indoors in a limited time.

So, you will be concentrating on both your physical health and official work without any problem. If that sounds interesting, read the complete article to know more about Peloton and its significance at present. 

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What is Peloton?

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In simple words, Peloton is a fitness app. Certainly, it helps you to complete your daily workout irrespective of the work you may have. Peloton is a fitness equipment manufacturing company in America. In addition to the fitness equipment, they are also providing fitness classes online.

Speaking about their types of equipment, you can buy either treadmill or spin bike or both if you wish. Spin is the trademarked word of Peloton. Indeed the types of equipment, Peloton is providing a great service in this pandemic situation.

Irrespective of the prevailing situation you can maintain your fitness through their online workout sessions. Speaking about the online sessions, you can make use of both live classes and on-demand videos via the Peloton app. The features of the app may vary with the type of subscription that you are availing of.

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To speak about the Peloton subscription, you have two options to choose from. Apart from the types, Peloton is one of the best fitness services that you can avail yourself of in this pandemic situation to maintain your physical health. 

How to Install Peloton App on Sony Smart TV?How to Install Peloton App on Sony Smart TV?

How to Install Peloton App on Sony Smart TV?

Peloton app on Sony TV – Features

Peloton is one of the best services that you can make use of to get fitness programs directly from your home. Following are some significant features of the Peloton app. 

  • Top-level fitness classes directly from your home
  • 30+ World-class instructors
  • Separate mentors for each
  • Live classes and on-demand videos with the Peloton app subscription
  • Compatible with smartphones, smart TVs, and streaming devices
  • 10 different types of exercises
  • An internet-connected Peloton bike with a touch screen display

How to Install Peloton app on Sony Smart TV?

The Peloton app has extended its support on various smart devices. Sony smart TVs are one of the devices. Yes, you can install the Peloton app on your Sony smart TV that is running on the Android TV OS with the latest version.

In recent times Sony TVs have been manufactured with the Android TV OS. So you can very easily install the Peloton app from the Google Play Store.  Firstly, make sure you have a Peloton account. Chiefly, you have two subscription plans.

Certainly, the Digital membership and the All-access membership. The Digital plan costs $12.99/month and you have to pay $39/month for the All-access membership. Now, let’s look at the methods to install the Peloton app on your Sony TV. 

Step 1:

Initially, Turn on your Sony Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

Step 2:

Secondly, navigate to the Google Play Store.

Step 3:

Now, search for the Peloton app using the Finder icon.

Step 4:

Click on the Install button and wait until the app gets installed on your device. 

Step 5:

Then, open the app and log in with your account credentials.

Step 6:

Click on the Create Account option if you don’t have an existing account with Peloton.

This is how you can easily install and use the Peloton app on your Sony TV. Don’t worry if you couldn’t find the Peloton app on your device. If you are using an older version of Sony smart TV, you can get Peloton using the built-in screen mirroring feature.

Another method is by using Google’s Chromecast device. Yes, the Peloton app also comes with a built-in casting facility. So you can easily cast the Peloton app to your smart TV. 


What devices sync with the Peloton app?

Well, the Apple Watch is the only device that can sync with the Peloton app. If you are planning for an offline camp, the Apple Watch will automatically link with the app and provides you the workout metrics.

Can you sync Fitbit to the Peloton app?

Yes, now it is possible to sync your Fitbit fitness tracker to the Peloton app.

Can’t find the Peloton app on Sony TV?

No problem. You can use the built-in casting feature with the Peloton app to get the content on your Sony TV screen.


We have reached the final part of the article. I hope you will be clear with the Peloton app and the methods to install it on your Sony TV. At this point, maintaining our physical health is very important.

In that case, Peloton provides you the best service to complete your fitness program on time that too on indoors. The only thing is you should have a Peloton account subscription to access the app on your desired device. Make sure you avail that before getting into the process. 

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